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112. Building a Magnetic Brand with Anna Lozano

The Productpreneur Podcast

How do you build a magnetic brand? What’s the secret sauce behind landing dream collaborations and scaling your product-based business?  Why is mastering your mindset the foundation for all successful businesses? You’re going to love this episode with Anna Lozano. Anna co-founded Love Powered Co., an affirmation company that brings mindfulness to families around the world. She has experienced big success (and challenges!) in product-based business, network marketing, and coaching over the last 12+ years that have made her some sort of magician when it comes to mentoring other female entrepreneurs in embodying their own success stories.  What’s your big vision? Whether it’s to start, scale, or sell the business of your wildest dreams - she is here to support you! This episode is chock full of nuggets, including: Anna’s uncommon journey into entrepreneurship How to build a magnetic brand Balancing masculine and feminine energies  The power of outsourcing  Being okay with hearing ‘no’ Partnering with Jillian Harris Tips for selling your product-based company Scaling your brand awareness Enjoy the show! Links mentioned in the show: Instagram: Www.instagram.com/_annalozano Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/lovepoweredco/ Website: https://www.lovepoweredco.com/ Connect with Nicole de Larzac Join the free Facebook Community: https://www.facebook.com/groups/theproductpreneur/ Website: https://nicoledelarzac.com/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/nicoledelarzac/ TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@nicoledelarzac Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/nicoledelarzac/ LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/nicolemarketer/ Book a discovery call: https://calendly.com/ndelarzac/30min Love the episodes?  Share this episode and give a 5-star review on Apple Podcasts.  Or if you have an Android, use this link: RateThisPodcast.com/productpreneur Thank you in advance!  It helps other amazing people like you find the show!  Like the show?  Get updates on our newsletter via our website https://nicoledelarzac.com/


8 Jul 2022

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Designed To Inspire EP 36 - Anna Lozano

Designed To Inspire

Anna Lozano is the co-founder of Love Powered Co. but more importantly is a mom and an overall inspirational woman. She is a mentor and activator to female founders who are ready to scale their powerful brand. We chat all about Anna's journey from post secondary schooling, to corporate life, to entrepreneurship. She is high vibe, high energy and a woman you simply want to keep hearing more from.  She has incredible words of wisdom and stories, such as her collaboration with Jillian Harris, and you will feel the deep impact she is leaving on this world and how she has manifested so many opportunities that have come her way. Resources Website: www.daniandmadi.com Instagram: @daniandmadi Facebook: daniandmadi


15 Jun 2022

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015 | Anna Lozano: The Frequency + Fire Of The Feminine Rise

Soul Inspired Gurl

The frequency is high this week as Dr. Laura welcomes dear friend and multi-faceted entrepreneur Anna Lozano to the podcast. Anna is the co-founder of Love Powered Co, an affirmation company that brings mindfulness to families around the world. In addition to being a successful founder, she is also a mother, angel investor, coach, and mentor to women who want to start, scale, or sell the business of their dreams. They discuss what embodiment means, the rise of the feminine, and the power of collaboration as opposed to the outdated idea of 'going at it alone'. Anna will inspire you to live a life that is not only successful and ambitious but is also balanced and filled with passion.   What You’ll Hear In This Episode: Anna talks about her journey from being a Polish immigrant to the multi-faceted entrepreneur that she is today, and always has been. Dr. Laura and Anna talk about the Human Design Personality of being a Generator and what it means to find the things that light you up. What “I Am” means to Anna and how we can reprogram the “I Am” with affirmations. Anna talks about her intentions for her company Love Powered Co. and how the process is empowering for her and her clients. A divine interruption/message from Beyonce! (you'll see - it's awesome) There has been a physical shift to realign masculine energy into balance with divine feminine energy. Feeling like we need to go at it alone when in fact there is infinite power in collaboration. How can we bring the fire that lights us up in one area to every area of our lives? Boundaries are a door, not a wall. Living in alignment with values and integrity may bring challenges and discomfort, but your intuition will always steer you. Quotes: “Sometimes we just need to talk about it and see it done to know that it's possible.” — Dr. Laura “There is a new way of being in flow with your life and none of it involves sacrificing your passion or your potential.” — Dr. Laura “This is me, hello! I am a multi-faceted entrepreneur who will continue creating for the rest of my life!” — Anna “When something lights me up it is fuel not work.” — Dr. Laura “We simply are because we are.” — Anna “Affirmations are interrupters.” — Anna “‘I Am’ are the two most powerful words because what we put after them creates our reality.” — Anna “We need the masculine energy but we need it to be in balance with the feminine.” — Anna “I no longer set goals with timelines.” — Anna “I want everybody, including myself, to get the best of me; not just my business and my clients.” - Anna “The more we can meet our edges, the more we expand.” — Anna “Let your mind be blown!” — Anna Take Dr. Laura’s Free Quiz! — What’s your Divine Feminine Sovereign Style? This quiz will help to reveal your soul-guided sovereign style so that you can harness your feminine spark with more confidence and courage than ever before. The quiz is quick but the results are epic — potent, robust, and exactly what you’ll need to harness your unique feminine style in a way you’ve never done before. Get ready to speak your truth, walk in your fire, and own your gifts like never before. 10-Week Signature Program for Women: ROOTS + The Sisterhood ROOTS will help you tap into your feminine superpowers and remember who you are, why you are here, and why it matters. This dynamic program walks through intuition, connecting with your inner knowing, healthy boundary-setting, personal core values, finding your voice, speaking your truth, expansion, self-compassion, identity, your future self, and the frequency of your rise. You were never meant to do this alone. Are you ready to do the best work of your life? Sovereignty, Self-Compassion, and Standing In Your Personal Power. It’s time to walk your path. Get on the WAITLIST here. Continue On Your Journey: Soul Inspired Gurl / Instagram / Book A Coaching Discovery Call With Me Anna Lozano/Love Powered Co.: Website | Anna Instagram | LovePoweredCo Instagram More about Anna Lozano -- Hi! I'm a mama of 2 girls hanging out in nature in the Okanagan. I’m a multifaceted entrepreneur! I co-founded Love Powered Co., an affirmation company that brings mindfulness to families around the world. I’ve experienced big success (and challenges!) in product based business, network marketing, and coaching over the last 12+ years that have made me some sort of magician when it comes to mentoring other female entrepreneurs in embodying their own success stories. What’s your big vision? Whether it’s to start, scale, or sell the business of your wildest dreams - I’m here to support you! Also Mentioned: The Science of Getting Rich

1hr 9mins

31 May 2022

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363. Blending Mindfulness Into Your Life with Anna Lozano of Love Powered Co.

The Product Boss Podcast

Anna Lozano is the co-founder of Love Powered Co, also known as The Affirmation Company. Tune in to hear the story of how she and Lindy, her business partner, utilized Kickstarter to bring their business into existence, and the amazing, creative ways they’ve managed to grow the brand to where it is today. Coming from a background in marketing, and also working as a business coach, Anna’s experience made her uniquely qualified to drive her company’s amazing growth, launching in Canada in 2017, and now expanding into the US!Love Powered Co. was born through a tremendous Kickstarter campaign that raised over $20k from hundreds of interested customers in 2017. We get into the unique pros and cons of crowdfunding – it can be a great way to generate buzz! We also talk about what the perfect customer looks like and how their satisfaction with your product can influence and help to find new, similar customers around them. One of Love Powered Co.’s strategies is leaning hard into collaborations, getting the word out via partnerships and influencers. We hear how Anna was able to get their product into the hands of everyone from Gabrielle Union, to Jessica Alba, to Jaime King. As Anna says, “They have one foot in woo-land and one foot in the land of Instagram”. It’s a unique and modern approach to generating organic attention and you can hear all about it, first hand, in this episode.Brought to you by the Shop 1 in 5™ Pledge! Commit to making 1 in 5 of your purchases from a small business, whether online or offline. The Shop 1 in 5™ Pledge is a way to make an impact together when (and where) it matters most. Join us and take the pledge today!Resources:Visit Love Powered Co’s WebsiteFollow Love Powered Co on InstagramIf you’re a product boss looking for the quickest path to grow your business to multiple six figures with the experience and knowledge of coaches, mentors, and a like-minded community, then make sure you join the waitlist for The Product Biz Accelerator! By joining the waitlist, you’ll be the first to know when the doors are opening again and you’ll have the opportunity to grab your spot before anyone else!Consistent content is key to getting more people to see and buy your products. If you want to create great content but you don’t know what to say, or you feel too busy, or you just don’t want to be the face of your brand, no worries – because we’ve got you covered with a year’s worth of consistent content that’s sure to resonate with your audience! If you want to see how easy this can be, visit A Year of Content.Connect:Website: theproductboss.comInstagram: @theproductbossThe Product Boss is produced and published by Crate Media.


28 Apr 2022

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Episode 11: Influencer marketing and the importance of energy and numbers in your business with Anna Lozano

Jewelry Business Academy Podcast

In today’s episode, we chat to Anna Lozano,  a multi-faceted, impact-driven entrepreneur who is the Co-Founder of Love Powered Co., an affirmation company, and has recently become a coach to founders. Anna’s entrepreneurial journey started in Network Marketing, and she shares her story with us and how she dived into entrepreneurship, and at the same time went on a deep personal development journey.  Anna shares how she moved from the corporate world into entrepreneurship, and what drove her to do so.  We talk about the importance of energy and numbers when making the decision to take your business full time, and the basics you need to be looking at before going full time.  Anna talks about masculine and feminine energy in business, and the importance of embodying these energies and enjoy the process of building your business. Anna is a big believer in energetics, and she shares how the energy you’re putting out into the world magnetizes the results driven to back towards you, and how it can impact your business at all stages of growth.  Anna shares how influencer marketing is a core marketing strategy for Love Powered Co. She has worked with a lot of influencers over the years including Jillian Harris, Jessica Alba, Sarah Nicole Laundry (also known as thebirdspapaya), Sheena Melwani, and so many more. We chat about the importance of networking and building and nurturing authentic relationships with influencers, and Anna shares her actionable tips and advice for small business owners wanting to work with both micro and macro influencers. Love Powered Co have been featured in many media outlets over the years including the Marilyn Denis Show, Today’s Parent, CTV, Breakfast Television, Thrive Global, and The Huffington Post, as well as many podcasts. Anna shares the different ways of approaching media outlets, and the importance of creating a powerful story which goes alongside your brand.  We talk about the importance of being bold in business, and overcoming perfectionism, and Anna shares some inspiring stories from their journey of building Love Powered Co.  Anna is a huge supporter of outsourcing and delegating tasks in your business and she shares her advice for small business owners looking to do the same, and the importance of creating systems in your business, and so much more. We talk about all of this and so much more! If you enjoyed this episode, take a screenshot and share it to Instagram and tag us @robynclarkcoaching and I'll share your comments and takeaways on my stories! ______ RESOURCES & LINKS MENTIONED IN THIS EPISODE: Books: The Science of Getting Rich: Attracting Financial Success through Creative Thought by Wallace D. Wattles Rise Sister Rise: A guide to Unleashing the Wise, Wild Woman Within By Rebecca Campbell Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/_annalozano/ https://www.instagram.com/lovepoweredco/ Website: www.lovepoweredco.com _____ IMPORTANT UPDATE: Want to work 1:1 with Robyn? Now accepting for 2022. Book your free consultation call here: https://calendly.com/robynclarkcoaching/grow-scale-your-jewelry-business?month=2021-12 This episode is brought to you by the Jewelry Business Academy, where we empower and support you to build and scale your jewelry business with ease and simplicity. You can learn more by visiting us on Instagram, or by sending us an email hello@jewelrybusinessacademy.co _____ JOIN ME ON INSTAGRAM Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/robynclarkcoaching/ _________


16 Mar 2022

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349: Taking Ownership Of Your Life with Anna Lozano

MUVE Forward

Anna Lozano is back on the podcast to chat about the shift she is seeing in her life - through her energy and vibration.In this episode:   How Anna and her husband looked at the pandemic as an opportunity instead of letting it drown them in fearThe importance of bringing awareness to our thoughts Closing doors on friendships that are no longer supporting the next level you are stepping intoTaking ownership of your lifeHow to support your children when they are dealing with low energy and so much more!More About Anna:Anna Lozano is the Co-Founder of affirmation company, Love Powered Co. She is a Coach to female founders, and an investor. She is raising two mindful girls in Kelowna British Columbia. Get in touch with Anna: IG: @_annalozanoGet in touch with Michelle: @themichellewolfe@themuveforwardpodcastWebsite: www.themichellewolfe.comMore about my favourite greens drink:www.muvelife.liveden.comUse code MUVE10


14 Mar 2022

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Anna Lozano: Founder, Investor, & Coach to Founders

Your Next Stop with Juliet Hahn

“To have a successful business, take a system, and apply it. Be persistent. Be consistent. Create strategies around it.” Anna Lozano is the Co-Founder of Love Powered Co., an affirmation company. She is a coach to female founders and an investor. She is raising two mindful girls in Kelowna British Columbia.  Follow Anna on Instagram. Learn more about Love Powered Co. at LovePoweredCo.com. Give them a follow on Instagram. Sponsor Today’s episode is sponsored by Together Women Rise, dedicated to ensuring that every woman and girl has the opportunity to live freely, pursue her dreams, and reach her full potential. We are a powerful community of women and allies engaged in learning, giving, and community building. Visit TogetherWomenRise.org to learn more and join us! Find Us Online! Website: iamJulietHahn.com Instagram: @iamjuliethahn Twitter: @iamjuliethahn LinkedIn: Juliet Hahn FB: @iamjuliethahn Fireside: Juliet Hahn Clubhouse: @iamjuliethahn YouTube: Juliet Hahn


14 Mar 2022

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320. The Science Behind Affirmations, How To Channel Positive Energy Into Action And The Magic In Relinquishing Control With Love Powered Co Co-Founder, Anna Lozano

Powerhouse Women

Anna Lozano is the co-founder of Love Powered Co, the affirmation company, a coach to female founders and an investor. Love Powered Co. offers unique affirmation decks for children, teens and adults. Anna shares the inspiration behind the company and breaks down what an affirmation practice really is. We talk about the science behind affirmations and the mind-body connection of raising your personal frequency. We also discuss how to channel your positive energy into action and what Anna is currently tapping into in order to grow as an entrepreneur. Listen in to hear more of our conversation about the benefits of affirmations and how to utilize the power of a positive inner dialogue.  In this episode we talk about: Anna’s introduction into the personal development world  How affirmations can be helpful when pursuing big ideas and building businesses  Reframing beliefs and thoughts  Manifesting the emotions that you want to create  Leveraging your high frequency moments into action Rebalancing feminine and masculine energies as an entrepreneur  The miracles that occur when we relinquish control  Click HERE to text the word MENTOR to (602) 536-7829 for weekly business + mindset tips delivered straight to your phone! Not part of the Girl Gang Community yet? Join HERE: Girl Gang Membership SPECIAL OFFER Enjoy 15% off any purchase from Love Powered Co. with code 'powerhousewomen' at checkout on lovepoweredco.com!  CONNECT WITH ANNA Follow Anna: @_annalozano Follow Love Powered Co.: @lovepoweredcoShop Love Powered Co.: lovepoweredco.com  CONNECT WITH POWERHOUSE WOMEN Follow Powerhouse Women: @powerhouse_women Follow Lindsey: @llindseyschwartz Follow Hannah: @hannahmwells Visit the Powerhouse Women website: www.powerhousewomen.co Join the PW Community Facebook Group: facebook.com/groups/powerhousewomencommunity EPISODE TIMELINE & DISCUSSION QUESTIONS ( 0:38 ) Welcome back to another episode of Powerhouse Women! ( 2:12 ) Anna joins the conversation.  ( 2:43 ) Anna gives some background on her company, Love Powered Co.  ( 6:27 ) Lindsey asks Anna how she got into personal development.  ( 8:22 ) Lindsey asks Anna to break down what an affirmation really is and how the practice can be used in business.  ( 11:20 ) Lindsey asks Anna how she learned about the awareness piece of positive affirmations and mindset.  ( 14:11 ) Lindsey asks Anna to explain the connection between affirmations and emotions.  ( 18:01 ) Lindsey talks about Girl Gang and how listeners can join.  ( 21:27 ) Anna shares an example of how she manifested intentional action.  ( 24:22 ) Anna says, “I truly believe we can reprogram the mind and we can recode our beliefs and our thoughts.” ( 27:34 ) Lindsey asks Anna, “Where are you at now in your growth as an entrepreneur? What mindset tools are you having to tap into?” ( 28:59 ) Anna talks about her work on rebalancing her feminine and masculine.  ( 32:00 ) Anna gives an example of how she shifts her energy if her morning starts off at a low frequency.  ( 33:55 ) Lindsey shares how she’s practicing accepting help and support.  ( 36:35 ) Anna says that she’s been working on, “basking in the magic of the miracles when we release the grip.”  ( 39:35 ) Anna says that listeners can connect with her at @_annalozano and @lovepoweredco, and shop at lovepoweredco.com.  ( 40:42 ) Anna shares a recent powerhouse moment.


3 Mar 2022

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e052 – Creating a Conscious Life & Business with Anna Lozano

The Part-Time Jungle Podcast

Are you connected to your intuition? Have you thought about the relationship between consciousness and intentionally choosing our actions? In every moment, we get the opportunity to create our reality, whether it be through our words, thoughts or affirmations. You’re going to love this episode’s guest, Anna Lozano, Co-Founder of Love Powered Co. and a coach to ambitious creators. Anna is raising 2 mindful girls in Kelowna and is passionate about all things health & wellness, and supporting women to reach their audacious goals! Listen in as we talk about: Raising kids mindfully. Anna talks about how much of a responsibility it is to have kids and why we should be having conversations about how we want to raise our kids before they’re born. Being connected to intuition. Anna shares about her connection to her intuition and how it’s been a guiding light for her in both life and business decisions. Why affirmations are important. The thoughts we have and words we speak have a profound impact on our mindset and self-talk.  Advice for female founders. Anna gives us her best tips and insight for female founders and entrepreneurs. Resources mentioned in this episode: The Everything Journal Collab with Jillian Harris Connect with Anna Instagram:  @lovepoweredco https://www.instagram.com/lovepoweredco/ @_annalozano https://www.instagram.com/_annalozano/ Facebook: @lovepoweredco https://www.facebook.com/lovepoweredco @annalozano11 https://www.facebook.com/annalozano11 Website: https://www.lovepoweredco.ca Connect with Tiana and The Part-Time Jungle: Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/parttimejungle/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/parttimejungle/ Website: https://theparttimejungle.com RAISING KIDS MINDFULLY  Anna shares her beliefs around raising kids and says that she doesn’t think many people really go deep into the conversations of ‘What is motherhood?’ And ‘What is parenthood?’ In addition, she suggests we should be having these conversations, especially if you want to raise them consciously and mindfully. We think about growing businesses and we have strategies and mentors in place but we get into motherhood and it’s a big transition without instructions. BEING CONNECTED TO INTUITION  “It’s about being connected to intuition, getting the downloads and also being quiet enough to hear the answers. That’s how I move through motherhood and business.”  All of us are intuitive beings, but with all the external noise, we don’t necessarily tune into it, listen to it or pay attention to it. Anna shares that the more that we can listen to those little nudges and the more we can take that intentional inspired action, the more our life is going to flow. She is constantly connected and guided to her intuition, and taps into this energy in both motherhood and business.  WHY AFFIRMATIONS ARE IMPORTANT  “You can start affirmations at any age. It’s a powerful, lifelong practice.”  Affirmations are so important. Mindfulness is so important. What you speak in your mind is what you will speak into existence. Anna talks about how affirmations have transformed her self-talk and ability to shift negative thoughts quickly. Having a physical tool, like an affirmation set, allows you to bring focused intention into the words that you’re speaking out loud and into the thoughts that you’re programming into your subconscious. CONSCIOUSLY MAKING CHOICES “Our subconscious mind is always working. When we are thinking our thoughts, when we are speaking our words, those are creating our reality.” Anna says that if we can consciously choose our words and thoughts, we can consciously choose our reality. Rather than having things happen on autopilot, we can catch ourselves in a negative thought and turn it into a neutral thought, and then, a positive one. This can have a transformative effect on our entire life. Wherever you are, just get started and make it a habit so that you can consciously co-create your life rather than doing it by default. ADVICE FOR FEMALE FOUNDERS The best way to get ahead is to learn from someone who has done what you want to do. As Anna shares, the only way to fast track your success is by hiring someone, working with someone, or teaming up with someone who is where you want to go. This can be a coach, mentor or partner. BEG, BORROW, & STEAL FROM ANNA Go-to meal on a busy night: Smoothies Favourite family activity: Movie night Favourite family movie: Luca Favourite book: The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace D. Wattles Favourite podcast: Earn Your Happy by Lori Harder If you could sit down with any mom: Sara Blakely MAMAS FOR MAMAS – CALGARY The Part-Time Jungle Podcast is proudly supporting the Calgary branch of the national charitable organization Mamas for Mamas with a “Buy Me a Coffee” initiative. All funds raised will go directly to Mamas for Mamas – Calgary: https://www.buymeacoffee.com/thePTJpodcast. A purchase of “one (digital) coffee” is equivalent to a $5 donation to Mamas for Mamas – Calgary. Mamas for Mamas supports mothers and caregivers in crisis by providing ongoing support to individuals and families facing various poverty-related struggles. Their mission is to change the landscape of poverty through innovative approaches to financial barriers faced by struggling families. Thank you for listening, for being a part of The Part-Time Jungle community, and for your support of Mamas for Mamas. To learn more about Mamas for Mamas, head to: https://www.mamasformamas.org Wishing you all the best with your motherhood and work juggle! ~Tiana


22 Feb 2022

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Leading By Example with Anna Lozano & Lindy Sood

RAW Podcast

On this episode of RAW Podcast, Sarah sits down with Anna and Lindy from Love Powered Co. They share their stories of becoming women entrepreneurs, Lindy shares a heartfelt story, a story that she holds close to her heart and connects her to who she is today within Love Powerd Co. and beyond, and a ripple effect for rad active women! Anna and Lindy share how they would like to own their voices and heart even more within their communities. You will walk away from this RAW Podcast feeling like you want to dive into your dreams and lead by example in all aspects of your life. Love Power Co. DetailsClick here to check out Love Powered Co. WebsiteClick here to follow on Instagram 


6 Oct 2021