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294 - Evergreen Course Funnels Using The Scale Method Featuring Caitlin Bacher

The Not For Lazy Marketers Podcast

In today’s episode, I’m joined by my good friend and fellow CEO, Caitlin Bacher. She helps online course creators generate consistent, scalable revenue without launching. Caitlin’s giving us an exclusive look into the five core pillars of her revolutionary Scale Method and how to leverage them to nail your evergreen course funnels. Tune in to join us as we discuss what every entrepreneur making $100K in revenue each month has in common and how to build a solid foundation for your business that creates sustainable success!


17 Jun 2021

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44. From Social Media Coach to 7 Figure Course Creator with Caitlin Bacher

Jereshia Said

Today I’m chatting with a wonderful human being who has an amazing drive and passion for what she does. Within a few years, she’s gone from selling an individual service to scaling her business to seven figures. Back when Caitlin was taking time off to be a full-time mother, she felt herself getting restless, as the ‘CEO’ inside of her was trying to come out. After helping out a friend with her business’ social media, she realized the potential and started up a service business Upon making $1,500 a month, she felt on top of the world. However, there would be many milestones to achieve and multiple lessons to be learned, as this was only the beginning. While Caitlin has accomplished things that most people could only dream of, she’s not content to rest on her laurels. Next year she’s shooting for $4 million. However, it’s not just money that motivates her. Her bigger mission is to help underrepresented individuals enhance and improve their standings. She wants to help others “claim their seat at the table”. If you’re ready to hear Caitlin’s inspiring story in her own words, then listen to the podcast on iTunes today. I also strongly urge you to subscribe so you don’t miss any of this free content that could help turn your business (and life) around. For more information, visit www.jereshiahawk.com/podcast


12 May 2019

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#18 Is Launching Hurting Your Business? with Caitlin Bacher

Business with Impact

On today's episode, I'm interviewing Caitlin Bacher from CaitlinBacher.com and the creator of The Successful Course Creator! Caitlin helps successful course creators build profitable evergreen funnels so they can stop launching...for good. Caitlin also developed The Evergreen S.C.A.L.E. Method so she could scale her business WITHOUT sacrificing time away from her young daughter and husband.


21 Jan 2019

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RCC 12: Bringing Innovation to Your Business and Programs with Caitlin Bacher

Susan Hyatt’s Rich Coach Club

My guest, Caitlin Bacher, and I discuss why it's important to bring your individual, personal experience into your business if you want to create truly resonant and innovative offerings. Caitlin also generously shares some of the best lessons about entrepreneurship she's learned so far and her ambitious plans for scaling her business even further. Get full show notes and more information here: https://shyatt.com/12


12 Nov 2018

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#191: Automated 7-Figure Webinar Funnel (in 12 Months) with Caitlin Bacher

The Art of Online Business

I’m in the same mastermind group as today’s guest, Caitlin Bacher, and by getting to know Caitlin, I just knew I had to have her on the podcast to talk about her evergreen webinar funnel and marketing strategies. Caitlin helps course creators increase their income through the power of Facebook groups and automated webinars, and she is the creator of an online course called The Fab Facebook Group System. Caitlin also hosts a popular 12-month group coaching program called Scale with Success. Caitlin has her business to a point now where she is running one automated webinar and generating revenues up to $300,000 per month, and she reveals her current ad spend and ROI in this episode. As you’ll hear today, Caitlin is an example of someone who did a lot of testing and had to go through a lot of trial and error to discover what works for her. She shares the importance of tracking your key performance indicators (KPIs) and working closely with a good ads manager, something we talk a lot about here on the podcast. I am so amazed at her business growth in a relatively short period of time, and I’m sure you will be too. On the Show Today You’ll Learn: How Caitlin differentiated herself starting out and what she noticed that helped her discover her niche Why focusing on a particular person, as opposed to a thing, was key to the growth of her business The mindset you need to use when targeting cold traffic for webinars and what made her decide that she needed to automate hers How running evergreen webinars differs from doing launches and the ways Caitlin had to change her thinking around this What her team looked like starting out and how she’s been able to grow it now in 2018 Why focusing on the wrong things can be so harmful to your business


16 May 2018

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HSH 091: Crushing a Six-Figure Challenge with Caitlin Bacher

Not Your Average Online Marketing Podcast

On this episode, I’m interviewing a student of my signature program, The 5-Figure Challenge. You’ll be hearing how Caitlin Bacher was able to craft a 5-day challenge that did over 6-figures in sales of her digital course – you don’t want to miss this one!


27 Mar 2018

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How to Profit From Your Facebook Group with Caitlin Bacher


Caitlin Bacher is the creator of The Fab Facebook Group System, an approach that can help you grow your business in and through your Facebook community. Caitlin started her journey as a social media consultant in 2015 where she specialized in Instagram. Creating a Facebook group was one of the strategies she used to promote her services to find out later on that this approach would turn her business around. In this episode, Caitlin joins me to share the game-changers that can turn your Facebook community from quiet to engaged. She also shares the three-step framework she crafted to encourage your Facebook community to connect with you and with one another. She also explains how you can form that connection and increase your revenue by genuinely caring for and helping the people in your Facebook community. “The Facebook group should be a place where you are stirring desire, illuminating points, and shedding light on knowledge gaps.” - Caitlin Bacher In This Episode of The Sigrun Show: Benefits of having a Facebook group When to close your Facebook group The value in sharing stories over sharing tips Three basic types of content How to stir desire to your program The different roles of people in your group Why you should tally the content of your Facebook group How to build KLT (Know-Like-Trust) Why it’s important to want to help people Key Takeaways: The Facebook group is a place where you get people excited about a specific topic that you’re an expert in. Instead of tips and tricks, start sharing stories and things that are relatable. Slow down to speed up. Connect with Caitlin Bacher: CaitlinBacher.com Caitlin’s Facebook Group Please share, subscribe and review on iTunes Thank you for joining me on this episode of the Sigrun Show. If you enjoyed this episode, please share, subscribe and review on iTunes or Google Play Music so more people can enjoy the show. Don’t forget to follow and connect with me on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram! Get Your Free Training Through my own entrepreneurial journey and by training thousands of online entrepreneurs I’ve identified 7 STAGES of a Profitable Online Business. Get free access to the 7 Stages training videos and take your online business to the next stage.


22 Oct 2017

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TBL – Entrepreneur Spotlight #1: Caitlin Bacher

Evolved Finance

In our first ever Entrepreneur Spotlight interview, we’re joined by Caitlin Bacher. Caitlin is the expert when it comes to creating profitable Facebook groups and has built a thriving six figure business (soon to be seven figures) teaching other entrepreneurs how to get the most out of their Facebook groups. She shares the critical phases her business has gone through to get to where she is today, how she balances being a mom/wife while running an online business, how her mindset around money has changed, and so much more. You can learn more about Caitlin’s business at caitlinbacher.com.


15 Aug 2017

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20: How to Build a Profitable Blog FAST, with Caitlin Bacher


Ready to expand your reach? Click here to download the Action Guide for this episode. Caitlin Bacher is the founder of Fab Facebook Groups where she teaches infopreneurs how to host profitable Facebook Groups. She also runs her blog at caitlinbacher.com. Turning your blog from passion to profit as quickly as possible is a goal many bloggers have. But most of us are stuck wondering how to make that happen and we spin our wheels with new ideas and directions trying to make it work. Caitlin Bacher took a more strategic approach and was able to monetize her blog (to the tune of multiple 6 figures) in under 18 months. In this conversation, Caitlin shares why you shouldn’t be the one to choose what subject to be an expert in, her professional thoughts about how involved you should be in social media, and exactly how to build a profitable blog, fast.


17 Oct 2016

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How to Host a Profitable Facebook Group with Caitlin Bacher

The Mariah Coz Show

Welcome to our podcast! Tune in to learn everything you need to know about creating, launching, and selling your own online courses. On this episode of the podcast we’re joined by social media mogul Caitlin Bacher. After working as a freelance social media marketer and consultant, Caitlin took a chance and launched her own online courses. She is now the owner and CEO of a 6-figure business! We discuss why you should create your own Facebook Group, the importance of trusting your intuition and taking chances, and how to maximize your profits while working five hours a day. This is a hugely valuable episode if you want to make a living selling courses!  Resources Mentioned: ✅Caitlin Bacher ✅Fab Facebook Groups ✅Follow Caitlin on Snapchat Follow Mariah on other platforms: 🌟Instagram: https://instagram.com/mariahpcoz 🌟Facebook: https://facebook.com/mariahcozofficial 🌟Pinterest: https://pinterest.com/mariahcoz Resources: ➡️ Apply for my done-together group coaching program, the Accelerator: https://mariahcoz.com/accelerator ➡️ Watch my FREE masterclass, The Simple Course Launch Framework: https://mariahcoz.lpages.co/simple-course-launch/ ➡️ Create a Digital Product The Quick + Easy Way: Free Workshop: https://mariahcoz.lpages.co/digital-product-workshop/ ➡️ Download The Ultimate Webinar Checklist: https://www.webinarrockstar.co/ ➡️NEW Free Training: How to Sell More Courses Every Day / Week / Month With An Evergreen Funnel: https://mariahcoz.lpages.co/evergreen-funnel-masterclass-reg/

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22 Aug 2016