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#364 Habits, Routines, and Tactics for Building Success Despite All Odds: The Story of Cody Smith

Success Through Failure with Jim Harshaw Jr

Action Plan: https://jimharshawjr.com/ACTION Free Clarity Call: https://jimharshawjr.com/APPLY Cody Smith is the living proof that “nothing is impossible.” From being homeless to losing his mom at a young age, he had every excuse to not succeed. But his story turned out differently. For Cody, it's not the strong that survive, it's those who are willing to change— and the easiest way to change is to track your habits. It took years of bad experiences, bad habits, and self-destruction for him to learn that knowing where you've been explains how you got to where you are and creating better habits will show you where you're going.  He believes that small consistent steps lead to revolutionary big leaps, which gave birth to his Geared 4 Life company and habit tracking system. From working on multiple jobs to make ends meet, he now owns multiple businesses. He also manages a real estate team and is actively investing in real estate and different businesses— all while enjoying life with his beautiful wife and daughters.  Cody joins us in this episode to share his own success through failure story— from growing up living an unconventional life to finally securing success in his personal life and in the real estate business. Tune in now. If you don’t have time to listen to the entire episode or if you hear something that you like but don’t have time to write it down, be sure to grab your free copy of the Action Plan from this episode— as well as get access to action plans from EVERY episode— at http://www.JimHarshawJr.com/Action.  


8 Aug 2022

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Small steps to big leaps with Cody Smith - Part 2


Jay and Jesse had the privilege of continuing their interview with Cody Smith fonder of Gears 4 life coaching company. Cody shares how developing small habitual steps has allowed him to achieve big leaps in life. Cody further provides encouragement to our listeners to get all gears of LIFE working together for and toward your goals.Check out Cody's socials:Website: Geared4Life.netFacebook: Geard4Life or https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100076344663131Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/gulfcoast_codyswfl/Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/getgeared4life/ See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.


25 Jul 2022

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Small steps to big leaps with Cody Smith - Part 1


Jay and Jesse have the privilege of interviewing Cody Smith fonder of Gears 4 life coaching company. Cody shares how developing small habitual steps has allowed him to achieve big leaps in life.Check out Cody's socials:Website: Geared4Life.net Facebook: Geard4Life or https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100076344663131Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/gulfcoast_codyswfl/Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/getgeared4life/ See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.


18 Jul 2022

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Cody Smith

Time Out With Chelsea Hernandez

Fresh from the "I Can See Your Voice" stage, Cody Smith speaks about how he got to perform with Kandi Burruss (Xscape; Real Housewives of Atlanta) and upcoming releases.--- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/appSupport this podcast: https://anchor.fm/time-out-chelseahernandez/support


25 Mar 2022

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EP 270- Cody Smith (Adult Improver Series)

Perpetual Chess Podcast

Cody Smith is a 31 year old Alabama- Twitch streamer, and chess instructor. Cody started serious chess at age 24 and has seen a slow and steady climb over the years to a Lichess blitz rating of about 2050 and about 2150 Rapid. Cody is self-taught, using free online resources and has barely ever cracked a chess book!  He recently has tried out OTB tournaments, and offers lots of useful reflections and advice for anyone interested in making a similar transition. Cody also offers lots of tips about how to get the most out of game review, and shares his approach to studying openings, tactics, and many other phases of the game. Please read on for many more details, timestamps, and any relevant links. Check out the rest of the Adult Improver series hereOr on this Spotify Playlist 0:00- Are you interested in appearing on Perpetual Chess as an adult Improver? Please fill out this form so that I can keep it for future reference: Potential Adult Improver Guest 02:00- Cody’s chess beginnings Mentioned: GM Simon Williams YouTube, IM John Bartholomew’s Climbing the Rating Ladder, NM ChessNetwork’s Beginner to Chess Master, GM Ben Finegold, IM Levy Rozman, GM Daniel Naroditsky’s Speed Run 09:00- Why didn’t Cody play much speed chess in his early chess days? 12:00- Cody discusses his approach to engine game review. 21:00- Perpetual Chess is brought to you in part by Aimchess.com. Aimchess collects and analyzes your games and gives you actionable tips based on the data it gathers. Check the site out, and if you choose to subscribe, please use the code Perpetual30 to save 30%. 24:30- Has Cody hit any major rating plateaus?  26:00- How many hours a day does Cody spend on his chess?28:00- Cody has recently begun playing an OTB live league in Alabama. What can he share about that experience? Was he nervous?40:00- Perpetual Chess is brought to you in part by Chessable.com. Check out their latest offerings here. New Chess Courses Online - For All Levels - Chessable.com41:00- Patreon mailbag question: “What is Cody’s approach to learning from videos?”45:00- What is Cody’s approach to learning about openings? Mentioned: My blog can be read on Chess.com or LiChess 50:00- Chesskid offers a safe environment for kids to learn chess, and provides opportunities to play against other kids and bots, watch instructive videos and lessons, do puzzles, and join clubs where coaches can run tournaments. You can receive a discount when you sign up or upgrade your child or students to a gold membership by using this link: https://www.chesskid.com/membership/promo/perpetualCHESSKID CONTEST INSTRUCTIONS- Play the Anand bot here, he’s the avatar on the bottom right  If you win, draw, or last at least 40 moves, email the game or your Chesskid screenname to support@chesskid.com (with subject line Perpetual Chess) The first 3 winners receive a free 1 yr gold membership both for themselves and 1 kid  54:30- Patreon mailbag question: “What does Cody think about the issue of Twitch streamers and their followers potentially forming ‘parasocial relationships.’ ”Mentioned: GM Ben Finegold 1:01:00- What is Cody’s advice for getting into Twitch streaming? 1:05:00- Cody has also gotten into scrabble, shogi, and go, how does learning these games compare to chess? Mentioned: Episode 263 with Oliver Roeder, GM Mathew Sadler, GM Peter Heine Nielsen1:11:00- Thanks so much to Cody for sharing his tips and his story. Follow CLSmith15 on his Twitch channel here. Follow him on Twitter here. If you would like to help to support Perpetual Chess, you can do so here.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoices

1hr 12mins

15 Mar 2022

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Ep 99: Cody Smith, Navy Veteran Spinal Cord Injury From Death To Life

Health Hero Show: The official Chemical Free Body Lifestyle Podcast

Episode 99 - Doing some outreach calls to new clients I met Cody Smith. Cody is a Navy Veteran that went for a relaxing motorcycle ride and a week or so later woke up in a hospital with his body ripped apart and no use of his legs. His wife who was also a navy veteran was 5 months pregnant at the time. Cody sent me some pics of the accident he was in and a long text about what happened. He was very lucky to be alive and had to completely reinvent himself. His story of overcoming adversity is inspiring and I hope you will share it with others especially if they are depressed or suicidal… it could save them. Love & Light -Coach Tim. P.S. If you feel like you're stuck with your health and you want to break free permanently, grab one of our Saving Bundles (They Are basically a Detox Nutrition Clinic in a Box) then join our Private Group Coaching Community every Wednesday at 6 pm PST 9 pm EST. Click here to pick your bundle and get started! Check Out Tim’s Favorite, HIGHEST QUALITY Health Product Recommendations: Best Infrared Saunas & Healing Lamps: To Save $100 & learn CLICK HERE Water Purification/Restructuring System: Book FREE Consult CLICK HERE Best Magnesium Product: Use code “HealthHero” save 10% CLICK HERE Best Non Toxic Home Building Materials: Save money CLICK HERE Best Toxic Free Skin Care: Use code “HealthHero” save 15% CLICK HERE Non-Toxic Cleaning Products: Save $25 with this link CLICK HERE  EMF & Radiation Blockers for Home & Vehicle: Save 5% CLICK HERE See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


17 Jan 2022

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Ep. #122 LQHBA Sale Futurity Preview (ft. Cody Smith)

21 Seconds Racing

This episode goes over the trials for the both divisions of the Black Gold Futurity in Oklahoma as well as a couple of stakes from Louisiana including the Sale Futurity. Featuring graded stakes winning jockey Cody Smith --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/twentyoneseconds/support

1hr 5mins

27 Oct 2021

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Intersex update with Cody Smith

Out of the Pan

Cody Smith talks about the Australian Human Rights Commission report to be released 18 October; a great report by Aunty ABC on experiences; Intersex Awareness Day 26 October and allyship to intersex including the signing the Darlington statement

17 Oct 2021

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SOS #34- Fantasy Football Special (Feat. Cody Smith)

Side of Slaw w/ Cole Williams

In this one, I am joined by Cody Smith, fantasy expert, and Roger Goodell of our league. We discuss Top picks per position, sleepers, busts, and difficult choices that many will be faced with on draft day. We also talk, Motor City Dan Campbell's morning routine, Malice at the Palace, Pistons Basketball, Crate Challenge, Jake Paul v Tyron Woodley, Conor Mcgregor, Dell Curry's divorce, and more! IG: sideof_slaw

2hr 9mins

26 Aug 2021

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(EP. 91) Cody Smith

City of Palms Podcast

We turn up the heat with some extremely hot sauces! The hotter the sauce, the hotter the question. Cody Smith is an active audio engineer around town, the head of his musical project Cody & Co, and team member at the Sidney & Berne Dais Art Center in Fort Myers. Despite dealing with dragon mouth and chugging strawberry kefir between sentences, we had a great time talking about his history as a musician and performer, Guitar Hero 3, the soundtrack of the Tony Hawk video games (and that damn Nigel Beverhausen), and advice that local acts DEFENITLEY need to hear.  @codyandcomusic THANKS FOR LISTENING GO SUPER SAIYAN! - Patreon.com/professorshred Email us cityofpalmspodcast@gmail.com ANCHOR PODCASTS FACEBOOK INSTAGRAM SPOTIFY APPLE PODCASTS - @prof.shred - @kinglombardo47 INTRO/OUTRO BEATS BY @soernbeats--- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/cityofpalmspodcast/support

1hr 20mins

15 Jun 2021