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64 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Mike Johnson. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Mike Johnson, often where they are interviewed.

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64 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Mike Johnson. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Mike Johnson, often where they are interviewed.

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Mike Johnson: From the bar exam to brownies and bars

Live To Eat with Candace Nelson
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Mike Johnson, a self-taught baker, recipe developer, and food photographer is a licensed attorney who left his career to pursue his passion. Mike started his blog, Mike Bakes NYC, to document his adventures photographing delicious food around NYC and now his blog stars his very own luscious desserts. Mike’s first cookbook, Even Better Brownies, comes out this December, and features his simply stunning photography and all the indulgent and irresistible brownies, blondies, and bars you might dream about. Quarantine baking inspired Mike to create a new category on his blog, “Small Batch Baking” for when you’re short on ingredients, or you just can’t eat an entire pan of cinnamon rolls by yourself. Join us on this episode of Live to Eat as we chat about the secrets to success in the blogging world, how to use Adobe Lightroom to improve your food photos, and Mike’s mouth-watering copycat Levain Bakery chocolate chip cookies.

Jul 08 2020



#94: Mike Johnson - How This Dad Shows His Kids Love (During Turbulent times)

The Dad The Best I Can Podcast
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Jul 06 2020



Ep. 3 Mike Johnson ADG Agent

On the Other Hand with Malik Zaire
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Jun 24 2020

1hr 2mins


A Pro-Life Generation Town Hall with Rep. Mike Johnson Ep. 59

Explicitly Pro-Life
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Jun 11 2020



From Sex, Drugs and Rock n’ Roll to Plant Medicine with Mike Johnson

Mind Body Musings
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Episode 305: Mike Johnson is from Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada where he started a career at a young age as a recording and touring musician with his band Shyne Factory and later Shelter with Thieves. He worked in festival and stage management, video and music production and he owned and operated a music studio.

Mike suffered from severe depression starting in his early teens and his "rock-star" lifestyle easily led him to alcohol abuse and eventually a very serious drug addiction . In 2013 Mike hit a rock bottom and decided enough is enough. He admitted himself to a 1 year intake addiction treatment program in Edmonton Canada called “Our House” where he dedicated his life to healing and learning everything about addiction and concurrent diseases.

After losing his best friend to an overdose, Mike saw how insufficient the western treatments alone are, and became laser focused on finding more effective ways to help himself and other addicts truly heal. In his research, he came across Dr. Gabor Mates' work treating addiction patients with Ayahuasca. In 2015 Mike packed his bags and headed to Peru for 3 months to work with Ayahuasca and began dieting master plants in the Shipibo tradition. He continued working with Ayahuasca in Canada and Peru and in January 2017 his path led him to the Ayahuasca Foundation 10 week curandero initiation course where he found his place and his life purpose as a healer.

Today, Mike Johnson can be found facilitating plant medicine ceremonies, offering pre-ceremony intention sessions as well as post-ceremony integration. He continues to be a creative being by writing music, connecting with nature and helping people find their healing path.

Show notes:

  • This is a special episode with Madelyn's partner Mike Johnson.
  • Turn your pain into your passion. Turn your mess into your message.
  • New monthly membership program - Sisu Society -
  • Two lessons per month exclusively on FB Live for members & access to community and connection.
  • Feminine grit is required to be a feminine being.
  • "Be a broken record for love."
  • Mike's most consistent muse in life is music.
  • Focused on recording and touring with a successful band, but a part of him was unhappy and lifestyle led into addiction.
  • Mike finally sought help and went to a treatment center.
  • Mike needed more than medications prescribed as an easy "fix" to addiction.
  • After his friend passed away in treatment, Mike discovered plant medicine and Dr. Gabor Mates's work bringing patients to Peru to work with Ayahuasca.
  • Every plant has a spirit. Every plant has light, and every plant has dark. Plant diets establish a relationship with these plants.
  • "No one is flawed. It's just part of your journey to figure out these things you need to get through."
  • Ayahuasca is a diagnostic tool and requires guidance and participation - cleaning the body.
  • Experiences are so different from person to person.
  • Anything worthwhile in life that has light, comes with shadow.
  • Madelyn's relationship with Ayahuasca wasn't able to develop until she had an experience of darkness with it.
  • You can hear Madelyn further discuss her Ayahuasca experience with Will Siu:
  • Challenges and difficulties performing with bands on stage were like training for the ceremony space.
  • When considering Ayahuasca ceremony, Madelyn discovered it was important to be heart-centered and have help in integration sessions to truly process the healing.
  • Mike offers integration sessions for those interested (email below).
  • Mike's book: The Untethered Soul:

Connect with Mike:

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May 20 2020

1hr 36mins


Confidence, Self-Love, and Authenticity w/ Mike Johnson

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Confidence, Self-Love, and Authenticity w/ Mike Johnson

On the latest episode of the Healthcast, I sit down with bachelor nation alum and fan favorite, Mike Johnson!

Mike and I take it way back and discuss his childhood and upbringing as well as the experiences and people that made him who he is today. With a book about self love on the horizon, Mike talks about overcoming insecurities, being mentally strong, embracing uniqueness, and how to be you most authentic self in every aspect of life. Of course, we also talk Bachelor! Would he be the lead? How would his season be different to leads in the past? Diversity within the franchise and more!

May 04 2020

1hr 2mins


NHL Network analyst Mike Johnson

Puck Pursuit
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Mike Johnson, ex-NHL forward and current analyst for NHL Network, TSN, NBC, and SiriusXM, joins the show to discuss a variety of topics, including:
- Going straight from college to Maple Leafs' lineup
- Highlights from Toronto's 1998-99 playoff run
- Montreal teammate Alexei Kovalev's endearing side
- Being coached by Wayne Gretzky in Phoenix
- Mindset as a broadcaster, importance of being honest
... and more

May 04 2020



MIKE JOHNSON - TWT - 3/24/20

Tuesday Wrestling Tuesday with Jonathan Hood
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Mike Johnson, talks to Jonathan Hood about this year's Wrestlemania in Tampa, WWE looking into a new broadcast partner and much more.

Mar 25 2020



Deep Wings with Mike Johnson

Friday Night Stripes
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Mike Johnson from the Berks County chapter in Pennsylvania talks about deep wings and how they manage their six-man crew.

Feb 27 2020



#003 Mike Johnson

Spicy Margaritas
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Today on the podcast we have Mike Johnson from The Bachelorette (and Bachelor in Paradise), and we are excited to dive into that mind of his to learn his techniques for mindfulness and having positive influence in the lives of others. We discuss topics about his experiences as a veteran, involvement with Big Brothers Big Sisters organization, and of course we chat a little about his time with Bachelor Nation. Mike also discusses his new book that will be coming out soon, so make sure to listen through to the end of his interview for those juicy details and we play a fun rapid fire game with him to learn more about his dating style.

As promised, we also started with this episode the new margarita-themed segments we will include at the beginning to share with you fun facts, stories, and delicious drink recipes. Let us know what you think about this segment, and ideas of what we can incorporate for future episodes to make it more fun and valuable for all of you. We have been having a blast so far creating these episodes so far, and we are just getting started! Thank you for listening and we appreciate your support.

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Feb 24 2020