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Rob Knight

Biblioscapes In Discussion

In this episode of Biblioscapes in Discussion, I am joined by Rob Knight to discuss his books, Life's an Ocean and Ardnamurchan, along with his sequencing and project workshops.Images from the book together with details of the books Rob mentions are available on the episode web page.You can keep up to date with Biblioscapes via the newsletter.

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6 May 2021

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‘Kubernetes is the next Linux’: SUSE’s Rob Knight on containerisation [promoted]

TechCentral Podcast

SUSE chief technology officer for enterprise cloud products Rob Knight believes Kubernetes technology is such a big deal that it could be considered “the next Linux”.Speaking to Daniel Robus on the TechCentral podcast, Knight provides an informative dive into the world of containerisation and mass digitisation, and the management thereof. Knight takes podcast listeners through a crash course in “Kubernetes 101” and explains how containerisation technology is already in the mainstream development world, touching multiple systems and enabling business value for organisations.Why should organisations try the technology? How is SUSE supporting a low-risk or no-risk entry into containerisation? And where can development teams get training, information and shortcuts to value from the community? Knight answers all these questions and more in the podcast.He also provides real-world examples of the technology in action, including in in-flight entertainment systems, the fast-food sector and banking.Kubernetes is here to stay, customers should embrace it and not be nervous of the change, and open-source software is a game changer to enable rapid deployment of digital-ready solutions, he says.Don’t miss the discussion!


7 Apr 2021

Similar People

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TPL 045 - Catching up in 2021 with Rob Knight

That Photo Feeling

Andy catches up with past guest of the show, photographer, Olympus educator, instructor and all around top cat Rob Knight on how 2020-1 unfolded in his photo life.  Links: Rob's Site: robknightphotography.com Creative Immersion Photography: creative-immersion-photography.mn.co Andy’s Site: andymcsweeney.com Andy's Youtube: youtube.com/andymcphoto Photo Tour Brugge: phototourbrugge.com - Enter “thisphotolife” on checkout for -15%


17 Feb 2021

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Partnership in the Gospel | Rob Knight - Audio

Grace | Santa Maria

We exist to ignite a passion in every person to glorify and enjoy God everywhere and in everything.


4 Oct 2020

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03 - Photography Workshops and Covid-19 with Jon Gibbs and Rob Knight

After the Click Photography Podcast

In this episode of the After The Click Photography Podcast, I'm joined by Norfolk based landscape photographer Jon Gibbs and Sheffield based creative photographer and educator Rob Knight to talk about the effect of the Covid-19 pandemic on landscape photography workshops. I asked them on after seeing Jon tweeting an advertisement for his workshop in Assynt, Scotland in March 2021. You can find details for both these guys future workshops from -  https://www.jon-gibbs.co.uk/ and https://www.rkphotographic.com/ Also make sure to follow the guys on all their social channels, they are lovely lovely people.  Should you wish to see this podcast in video form, you can watch it here https://youtu.be/l-dwDcQFxHU Note: This was recorded via Zoom (hence the less than stellar audio) on Monday 28th September 2020 and some information may be out of date at the time of listening.


1 Oct 2020

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Rob Knight - Director of Solution Development & Data Management at Experian - Lets Talk Leadership

Lets Talk Leadership Podcast

This episode on the Lets Talk Leadership podcast we had the opportunity to interview the lovely Rob Knight who is the Solution Development & Data Management Director at Experian.Rob is a self proclaimed Geek who's passion for gaming led him into a career in tech. He has worked for some extremely innovative organisations such as Ericsson & HTC and is a superb thought leader! Rob's role across EMEA enables him to work with different teams and markets across multiple locations which brings challenges but also huge rewards.Robs passion for the industry is infectious, we loved having the opportunity to hear his story!


1 Jul 2020

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Advancing Technology and Microbiome Research Amid COVID-19 Pandemic—Rob Knight—Center for Microbiome Innovation, UC San Diego

Finding Genius Podcast

Founding director of the Center for Microbiome Innovation and professor of pediatrics and computer science & engineering at UC San Diego, Rob Knight, discusses several aspects of his past and ongoing contributions to the field of microbiome research. He also discusses his recent focus on the COVID-19 pandemic. On this episode, you’ll learn the following: Why COVID-19 is causing a very time-sensitive need for serology tests to detect antibodies What dietary factors affect the microbiome in certain viral and bacterial diseases (e.g. salmonella, influenza) Why planting eucalyptus trees outside Australia was a terrible idea, and how this relates to pathogenic bacteria and microbial communities in the human gut Rob Knight helped develop the technology that enabled the field of microbiome research to get where it is today. For example, Knight’s lab has developed software for microbiome analysis, lab protocols for looking at thousands of microbiomes simultaneously, and the American Gut Project, which analyzed hundreds of thousands of microbiome samples from humans to plants to soil and oceanic environments. He explains that while the human genome is fixed, the microbiome is constantly changing. The idea is that if it can be understood what causes or leads to changes in the microbiome, then it may be possible to control the microbiome in ways that confer health advantages. When COVID-19 began spreading globally, Knight was working on a project that aimed to determine the relationship between diet and the microbiome, and how it might make people more or less susceptible to disease. He’s now carrying out this research with an eye towards the current pandemic, and hoping to identify whether there are dietary or supplemental interventions that can help people combat the virus, or prevent symptoms of the virus altogether. Knight is currently trying to develop technology that will allow for a broader, simultaneous view of the entire metabolome and microbiome, and the influence of diet upon them both. “In many ways, COVID-19 is providing a stress test of what we can do right now, which is going to be very useful for pointing the way towards what we need to develop over the next few years,” says Knight. He continues by explaining the importance and challenge of being able to detect antibodies to COVID-19, as this would indicate whether someone has been exposed to the virus and is therefore likely to have immunity against it. Armed with this knowledge, people could re-enter work spaces where the risk of COVID-19 exposure is high, and do so knowing that they are unlikely to contract and fall ill from the virus. He also explains the protocol he’s developing to this end, which includes COVID-19 surveillance of individuals who are at risk but currently unaffected by the virus, testing of individuals who are showing symptoms, and testing of people who have recovered from the virus. Knight dives deep into the fascinating details of this work and the continuously evolving field of microbiome research. He offers listeners with an impressive amount of information on microorganisms, the latest research on virus-host microbiome mechanisms based on animal models, how bacterial and viral infections respond to certain dietary interventions, how microbiome analysis can be predictive for the development of certain diseases, and more. To learn more, check out the following resources: https://cmi.ucsd.edu/ http://humanfoodproject.com/americangut/ https://scholar.google.com/citations?hl=en&user=_e3QL94AAAAJ https://knightlab.ucsd.edu/wordpress/


19 Apr 2020

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Talking Tourism Episode #18 - Google Adwords- with Rob Knight

Talking Tourism

Is it possible to manage your own digital marketing and get it right? In this episode, self-made Google adwords expert, Rob Knight gives us the lowdown on how you can train yourself to successfully manage your own Google Adwords and make an impact. Learn whether the best solution is to outsource or keep it in-house; how to track the results; and the all-consuming question - how much to spend on Google Ads?


24 Sep 2019

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TFL 013 - Rambling around with Rob Knight

That Photo Feeling

Today's show is a wonderful chat with travel photographer, instructor & Lumix ambassador Rob Knight about the importance of relaxing next to (and during) photo adventures and his mission to help others on his Costa Rica workshops do just that. We also talk candidly about the power and possibilities with Lumix both on Mirco 4/3 and the recently announced full frame Lumix S among other topics, top dude and a pleasure to have on the show! :) . Rob Knight Photography - https://robknightphotography.com/ Costa Rica Photography & Yoga Retreat - https://creativeimmersionphotography.com/ Rob Knight on Instagram - @robknightphoto Andy’s website: www.andymcsweeney.com , @andymcphoto on Instagram Photo Tour Brugge: www.phototourbrugge.com Use the promo code “thisphotolife” on checkout for -15%. DJ Biaz: www.soundcloud.com/biaz

1hr 2mins

15 Nov 2018

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Rob Knight, PhD

Journal of Investigative Dermatology

17 September 2018: Bob Dellavalle of the University of Colorado interviews Jean Krutmann, MD of Leibniz Research Institute for Environmental Medicine atIID2018.

17 Sep 2018