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9 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Belal Batrawy. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Belal Batrawy, often where they are interviewed.

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9 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Belal Batrawy. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Belal Batrawy, often where they are interviewed.

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#Sales 17: The Self Esteem Cast w/ Belal Batrawy

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Whether it’s innate to sales or Western culture in general, tying your value to your output is a dangerous game.

The quota controls you instead of you controlling the quota.

To help us understand the dangers of quantifying our value is LinkedIn Sales Star and founder of #DeathtoFluff, Belal Batrawy. Belal and Patrick discuss… 

  • How to separate your true value from your sales outcomes
  • The moral dilemma of playing dirty to land more deals
  • How leaders can incentivize moral behavior in sales

Find articles by Mark Roberge here.

The #Sales series is hosted by Patrick Downs of PandaDoc.

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Oct 12 2020 · 27mins
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With Belal Batrawy: Death to all sales related fluff

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This is an exclusive episode on sales. Belal Batrawy joins Yaag and Manish to discuss how one can elevate the thought process around sales.
He shares:
1. How one can step aside from scheduling the needless weekly meetings,
2. The logic behind how despite sales don't hitting quota, certain companies hit the revenue quota anyway
3. The trainable and non-trainable sales skills
4. Why certain prospects don't move beyond the status quo, and more.
Sep 14 2020 · 45mins
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801: Death To Fluff, with Belal Batrawy

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Belal Batrawy, founder of Death2Fluff, and I are going to talk about why he believes it’s time to elevate the sales profession. What I really enjoyed about this episode is having the opportunity to talk with a bright young voice in sales, a person still at the beginning of his sales career (at least compared with me!) who is taking the time to think deeply about sales. There is way too much fluff in all the sales advice put out and I respect the way Belal is willing to put his beliefs out there. Today we dive into a wide range of topics including the major influences on how sellers learn how to sell and what sales management needs to learn in order to better help sellers improve their performance. 


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Aug 06 2020 · 50mins
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Let's get Provocative with Belal Batrawy

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Guest: Belal Batrawy


Topic: No Fluff Sales Advice - Provocative Messaging. 

Quick Intro: Why Belal - Belal is an up and comer in the game, with already 7 startups under his belts. Some good and some bad, which is also why he is able to give such great advice. He’s not a 1 trick 1 industry pony, he has sold and led across multiple industries, different products, leaders, and teams. It’s that sort of range/breadth that I believe allows him to give such great sales advice and develop messaging across industries. You know how i feel about fluff, and Belal feels the same way, Death. To. Fluff. Let’s go!

Short and Sweet/Set the stage 

  1. What is ‘Provocative Messaging’ and why does it matter?

Core Questions

  1. How do you break through the noise today?
  2. Provocative Messaging in Emails
  3. Provocative Messaging in Calls
  4. Provocative Messaging in Demos
  5. Psychology - How can we leverage psychology in the sales process.
  6. Favorite Psychological techniques you like to leverage. 
  7. Language - Words matter - What are some words that salespeople have to get out of their vocabs?!
  8. How did you develop this ‘superpower’
  9. Good Resources?
Jul 07 2020 · 56mins
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9: Death to fluff on your cold calls and pricing tactics (Belal Batrawy #DeathtoFluff)

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Belal drops some mindblowing tactics on “decoy pricing” and asking questions that get prospects sitting up in a cold call. Fire episode.

Four Actionable Takeaways:

  • Decoy Pricing: $6 (undesirable), $7.50 (acceptable), $8 (just what they need)
  • First 15 seconds explain why you called, say it’s a cold call, then ask a peer question
  • In the agenda, tell the customer you’re gonna give price before they get off the call
  • Use what they want as the rows in your pricing instead of what you want (seats)

Belal Batrawy’s Path to President’s Club:

  • Community Leader of #Death2Fluff
  • 7x Startup Seller and Sales Advisor

Focus Areas: Prospecting, Negotiation

Jun 24 2020 · 20mins
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1: Mental Health and You: A Sales Adventure W/ Belal Batrawy

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We've come a long way in the last 20 years. There was a time when the admission of depression would be a one-way ticket out of your career. Things still aren't all sunshine and hugs. 

Some problems:

1. Serious mental illnesses that are treatable like Schizophrenia, Bipolar, BPD and many others are still seen as leperous to hiring managers and leaders in general

2. Sales reps deal with rejection, stress, and conflict at a more constant and high level than most professions yet there is no training or preparation for how to cope

3. Telling your peers or manager about depression and anxiety can still be risky which leads to sales reps repressing their emotions. This almost always end in breakdown and burn out.

Today, Belal Batrawy and I dig into these topics and see what gold we can find. 

Connect with Belal here

Contact Patrick here or email him at

Intro/outro music by Steven Lee Rachel. Connect with him here.

Join Belal's Bravado community here

Join the mental health in sales community here

Check out 5onFriday on LinkedIn and sign up to save your spot here. We have US and UK squads now available. 

Okay! I love you very much and can't wait to see you again soon. Make today the day that you stop hiding parts of yourself. 

Jun 09 2020 · 36mins
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#Sales 3: A 10-Part Sales Development Action Plan for Sales Leaders w/ Belal Batrawy

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We’ve all felt misunderstood at one time or another in life. It’s not ideal.

What’s great about people misunderstanding your product, though, is it gives you a chance to refine your features, market positioning, messaging, and sales development process.

In this #Sales episode of B2B Growth, James chats with 7x startup seller, sales advisor, and community leader of #Death2Fluff, Belal Batrawy.

The two discuss:

  • Overcoming the Curse of Knowledge in order to empathize w/ your customers
  • Strategically adding friction to the sales process to qualify faster
  • How to help SDRs own their career growth in 4 steps

Resources mentioned in this episode:

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Jun 06 2020 · 52mins
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Episode 79 - Belal Batrawy

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I had to. I HAD to bring in a heavy hitter as we get close to the end of Season 3. Belal Batrawy - Mr #Death2Fluff himself - stops by the show!

We talk about his journey into sales (Belal has got some great stories) - his view on sales culture - building a brand on Linkedin - why he started his #Death2Fluff movement and SO MUCH MORE!

This is exactly the type of episode you'd expect from Belal - no fills - all truth - and tons of insight and value along the way!



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May 28 2020 · 31mins
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28) What I've learned as a 7x founding sales member with Belal Batrawy

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Belal Batrawy is Head of Sales for Stratifi and community leader at Death2Fluff, a Bravado community. He has experience being on the founding sales team for seven companies now. In this episode, he shares his tricks of the trade when it comes to prospecting and messaging. 

Connect with Belal on LinkedIn here, join his Death2Fluff Bravado community here.

Resources mentioned in the episode:

May 26 2020 · 46mins