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6 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Thomas Curran. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Thomas Curran, often where they are interviewed.

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6 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Thomas Curran. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Thomas Curran, often where they are interviewed.

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Thomas Curran: Moving On West

The I Heart Costa Mesa Show
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When Chef Thomas Curran's much-hyped, Costa Mesa restaurant didn't pan out, he found himself at a fork in life's road. Fifty, spent, and yearning to rediscover meaning - after years "head down" in the restaurant industry - he was ripe for a change. So, he shuttered Taco Brat, boxed up his stuff, and flew to the East Coast to embark on a journey few would have the courage or fortitude to take: walk across the country.

231 days, countless footsteps - and lots of insights, new friendships and stories later - Thomas Curran completed his walk across the continental United States and has returned to Costa Mesa. Listen in as he shares his story of courage, self-discovery and grit on this beautiful and inspiring episode of the I Heart Costa Mesa podcast.

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Instagram: @movingonwest


On This Episode We Discuss: 

Taco Brat:

'How To Walk Across America And Not Be An A**hole':

Pacific Crest Trail:

Appalachian Trail:

Lander's Liquor Bar:

Chris McCandless:

Holden Beach, North Carolina:

Pediatric Cancer Research Foundation:

Eat Chow:

Arc Restaurant:

Costa Mesa Bark Park:

The Harp Inn:

The Hood Kitchen Space:

Valenza Chocolatier:

'Ai Pono Cafe:

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Music: Eddie “DJ Kaboom” Iniestra  

Nov 09 2019

1hr 5mins


S2E10: Dr Thomas Curran on Perfectionism and The Need For Authenticity.

Life After The Letters
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In this episode, Amile & Suba sit down with social psychologist and 'perfectionism' expert, Dr Thomas Curran. He's a Professor at the LSE and has recently done a TED talk looking at today's obsession with Perfectionism. We talk about how our favourite flaw needs to be examined & taken seriously as a causative factor for mental illness. We think about how doctors and other professionals are perfect candidates for developing this trait.

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Oct 28 2019



Episode 13 - Dr Kathy Weston talks with Dr Thomas Curran: Perfectionism in young people

Dr Kathy Weston's Get a Grip! Parenting Podcast
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Tune into this podcast interview with one of the top researchers in the country in the area of perfectionism: Dr Thomas Curran. Perfectionism in rising in young people; we need to understand why and get a grip on it as early as possible. 

Jul 12 2019



Why learning to love you is the best way to combat the perfectionism epidemic with Thomas Curran

How We'll Live Podcast
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Thomas Curran is a personality psychologist who His research rose to prominence following a 2017 publication of the first systems-level cohort study to show that perfectionism is on the rise in American, Canadian, and British college students Since then, he has written and spoken extensively on how we have created societies perfectly calibrated to promote perfectionism, which is contributing to almost epidemic levels of serious mental illness among young people. Thomas is the author of over 30 published papers and has received numerous awards for his scholarship and research.

If you’ve ever scrolled through Instagram wishing you had what “she has”; had your brain on fire with anxiety ensuring all of your t’s were crossed and i’s dotted; or simply hold yourself to the highest of standards...ones that you would never hold someone else to, I think you’re goingn to love today’s episode.

We talk all about:

  • the culture of the perfectable life

  • The 3 types of perfectionism & perfectionistic tendencies

  • Why perfectionism is an epidemic

  • The negative impacts of perfectionism on physical and mental health

  • Perfectionism vs. achievement why perfectionists never feel successfu

  • Why perfectionism doesn’t energize high levels of performance contrary to popular belief

  • And our collective responsibility to change the culture

Apr 25 2019



Thomas Curran - Are we trying too hard to live perfect lives?

Live Long and Master Aging
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How many times have you checked your ‘likes' or searched for positive feedback in your social media feed today?  Perhaps you’re the kind of person who always strives to be perfect and feels deflated when you fail to live up to your own expectations. What about being judged by others for not achieving your full potential? Perfectionism, says Dr. Thomas Curran, is “everyone’s perfect flaw.” Dr. Curran, an assistant professor in the Department for Health at the University of Bath, studies the personality characteristic of perfectionism, how it develops, and its impact on mental health. If we all relaxed a bit or stopped being hard on ourselves, would our lives be better?  In this LLAMA podcast interview , recorded at TEDMED, Dr. Curran explains why he believes perfectionism can be harmful and the impact, he says, social media is having on our relationships and self-worth.

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In this interview we cover:

  • What does perfectionism mean in the modern world? 
  • Why pursuing perfectionism, in today’s culture, is potentially beneficial.
  • When does perfectionism begin to be harmful.
  • What are the three core elements that make up perfectionism? 
  • What are "helicopter parents" and how does their behavior affect their children? 
  • Are young people becoming more perfectionistic?
  • How did Dr. Curran gather and analyse data for a large study into perfectionism?  
  • What is the correlation between depression and perfectionism? 
  • How are fundamental changes in society - such as the use of technology - affecting the pressures on young people?
  • Why is life today sometimes more about the appearance of perfection than reality?  
  • Why do we neglect some things in life that could bring us success and happiness? 
  • Social relationships and why they matter.  

Mar 04 2019



Thomas Curran: Vanquishing perfectionism

RNZ: The Weekend
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Perfectionism, fostered by the results-focused education system, is on the rise and leading to disastrous mental health outcomes among younger generations, University of Bath psychology lecturer Thomas Curran says.

Dec 28 2018