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Ep. 98: Alyssa Garrison & Jenn Cino

This Family Tree Podcast

Alex and Shane chat about being on vacation in cottage country, and how "relaxing" time as parents is never actually relaxing.  Alyssa Garrison (@randomactsofpastel) discusses her beautiful journey to motherhood and being a single mother by choice, answering all of Alex's (millions of) questions on the matter. She candidly shares her experience, and how her unique and loving family continues to evolve. Hormone coach Jenn Cino (@lifeasjenn) talks hormones, periods, and why we know so little about our own bodies as women. She discusses how our hormones change through major events like pregnancy, postpartum, and menopause, and what we can do to mitigate those crappy symptoms (bloating, PMS, hot flashes, anyone?).  Listener questions are answered in the mailbag segment, hitting topics like perimenopause, sleep training for naps, grooming a beauty mustache (like Shane's), chosen single parenthood, and whether or not to hold separate events for your child as divorced parents. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  This episode is proudly supported by: The Dove Self Esteem Project is the worlds largest provider of self-esteem education. Dove has partnered with educators around the world to provide evidence-based printable resources to help young girls and boy’s reach their full potential. You can find those at https://bit.ly/36FQxbd Mabel's Labels - visit www.mabelslabels.ca to start creating your very own labels, and use promo code THISFAMILYTREE15 for 15% your order! Mini Mioche - use promo code THISFAMILYTREE15 at www.minimioche.com for 15% off of your ethically made, organic, and sustainable kids’ apparel. Bravado Designs - Use promo code THISFAMILYTREE20 for 20% off of what will become your favourite nursing bra at www.bravadodesigns.com, or try their new Everyday Collection (not nursing bras/no clips/for all womxn) at ca.bravadodesigns.com. Seedlip - Go to www.seedlipdrinks.com or www.seedlipdrinks.ca, and use promo code THISFAMILYTREE10 for 10% off the world’s first nonalcoholic spirit! My Brest Friend - Buy the #1 choice of nursing pillow by moms and lactation consultants, at www.buybuybaby.com, www.target.com, www.walmart.com, and www.babylist.com! 

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9 Aug 2021

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19: How to Take Back Control of Your Hormones, Body and Cycle with Jenn Cino

Pretty Ambitious

In this episode Hormone Coach, Jenn Cino shares what it's like to live in alignment. She educates women on how to take back control of your hormones, body and cycle. Before speaking to her I though period/cycle syncing was a little extreme but after she shared with me all the benefits, I'm a believer! You do not want to miss this episode! What we discuss in this episode: Cycle/Period Syncing What a "normal" period should look like best period tracking apps hormone test recommended by Jenn Hormone Balancing Menstrual Cups Birth Control Benefits of living in Alignment Her Program "Fit Period" & more If you want to get more information on Jenn Cino please follow her at the links below: Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/lifeasjenn/ Fit Period: https://www.fit-period.com/fp If you liked today's episode pls screenshot it and share it with a friend. Don't forget tag @prettyambitiouspodcast on Instagram! Please leave a review on Apple Podcasts! Thank you for listening!


5 Aug 2021

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98 | How To Harness The Super Powers Of Your Cycle using the Fit.Period - with Jenn Cino

Becoming You Podcast

Today’s episode is going to be one you’ll wish you could share with the teenage you! You’re going to be blown away (and maybe a bit mad) when you find out that PMS is NOT normal (though it’s common) and that you can actually change not only how you feel, but learn to tap into your hormonal super powers and stop being hostage to birth control and mood swings! Jenn Cino is a women’s period and PMS expert, certified personal trainer, nutrition coach and international fitness personality. She’s helped women in 30+ countries and with her online program, fit. period., she empowers women to take control of their hormones to look better, feel better and live better. She’ll share why birth control doesn’t fix PMS, how eating and working out are only PART of the reason you might not be getting results, the lies about calories in, calories out and how you can use the moon cycles as a game changer in your health! Enrollment for the next round of fit. period. opens May 21st and runs through May 26th. You can learn more about Jenn's 16 week experience to total body and mind empowerment on her website at jenncino.com/fitperiod or reach out on Instagram (@lifeasjenn) if you have any questions about your period, hormones, or how to take back control over your body. Links: Website: jenncino.com/fitperiod Instagram:https://www.instagram.com/lifeasjenn/ For more info on the host, visit, www.rebeccacafiero.com and follow Rebecca on Instagram @rebeccacafiero ! Want a chance to win a $50 LuluLemon Gift Card? Click Here to leave a review on Apple Podcasts Take a screenshot of your review! Email your screenshot to rebecca@rebeccacafiero.com Let’s connect on social media! Instagram | Facebook | LinkedIn


10 Apr 2021

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34. Using Your Cycle As Your Superpower with Jenn Cino


Do you fully understand what happens during your cycle? Do you use your femine energy to your advantage? Do you allow your cycle to be your superpower? In today’s episode, I have my friend, Jenn Cino, diving into a topic that we can truly benefit from...our cycle and how you can harness your feminine energy to be your superpower! Get ready and take a listen as Jenn teaches us how to work with our body, not against it.  Jenn Cino is a certified Hormone Specialist, certified personal trainer, and cycle syncing coach. She’s coached thousands of women over the past 4 years, and with her signature program, fit. period., she guides women on syncing their food, fitness, and lifestyle to their menstrual cycle to optimize energy, hormonal harmony, and results. To learn more about Jenn: Website: https://www.jenncino.com Signature Program: https://www.jenncino.com/fitperiod Let’s stay connected!  Instagram | Facebook | LinkedIn NEW Website: https://www.sheupleveled.com 


16 Nov 2020

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#10 Jenn Cino [ Founder, FIT. PERIOD]

1FITBIZ Podcast

Jenn Cino is a certified Hormone Specialist, certified personal trainer, and cycle syncing coach. She’s coached thousands of women over the past 4 years, and with her signature program, fit. period., she guides women on syncing their food, fitness, and lifestyle to their menstrual cycle to optimize energy, hormonal harmony, and results. SOCIALS: Follow Jenn on the web: https://www.jenncino.com/ Follow Jenn on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/lifeasjenn Support the show: https://www.instagram.com/1fitfoodiepod/See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.

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8 Sep 2020

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16. Your period is your superpower with Jenn Cino

The Jessica Wiltshire Show Fueled by Faith Podcast

Ok ladies, this episode is about ALL the things yo mama didn’t tell you about your PERIOD! Jenn is a certified hormone specialist, certified personal trainer and cycle syncing coach. We talk all things hormones, periods, birth control and how YOU can use your cycle to WORK FOR YOU. Heck yes! Jenn helps to empower women to reach their health and fitness goals by working with their menstrual cycle to optimize hormone balance. Share this episode with your girl friends, it's a must!  Find Jenn on IG: lifeasjenn www.jenncino.com


26 Aug 2020

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58. Fit period with Jenn Cino

Level Up Babe

Have you tried diet after diet and nothing seems to work?  Do you struggle with cystic acne or constant bloat?  Are your periods a nightmare?  Today's episode is all about hormone health and understanding how to work WITH your hormones to get the life and body you want.  Most women have no idea the true effects birth control has on their body OR the ways their cycle stages works and how to eat/work to help it.    Jenn Cino is a women's wellness expert, certified trainer and nutrition coach. She has helped over 1000 women worldwide through her online coaching programs and now is on a mission to help YOU take control of your body and your mind by rebalancing your hormones naturally.     Register for her free masterclass here:   https://mailchi.mp/09a6a8e5a8ff/fitperiod


18 May 2020