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Facebook ads mastery, the biggest marketing mistakes you are making and the beauty of serving black women w/ Abu Fofanah

Get Rich Or Get Drunk Trying

Catch up with Abu Fofanah and learn to Power Your Launch.This week's Get Drunk cocktail is a classic Moscow Mule.Get Rich with Abu's tip of the weekRich babes read, try The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch.Time Today by Moneybagg YoStart your own business with little to no money working remotely in my class Dropshipping 101!Leave mediocrity behind forever and embrace luxury and abundance in my all-new LUXE 365 Online Course. Learn how I grew 30,000 followers in 7 months and make money from Instagram every day in the InstaMarketer Workshop. Connect with us on Instagram and TwitterShop cool merch inspired by the podcast.Check out our sister brand Electric87.com

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8 Mar 2021

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#118 From Refugee To 7-Figure Entrepreneur with Abu Fofanah

The Glow Life Podcast

Abu Fofanah is one of 7 children born in West Africa, whose mom won the refugee lottery during the civil war to go to America and start a new life. While his mom was only making $28k a year, the community supported Abu and his family through their childhood, through school, education, and university. His career began at just 17 years old when he was given the unique opportunity to work at one of the big four firms: PwC. Abu then spent the next few years living in India, London, Paris, and Milan. During his time abroad, he paved his own path in using his skill in design thinking and data to begin helping local brands as well as big brands like Versace. Today, Abu Fofanah is a digital strategist and 7-figure entrepreneur, the CEO of a digital marketing agency called House of Fofanah, which has an incredible online program targeted to helping small business owners utilize digital marketing to grow their business, which has helped over 4000 women of color founders begin monetizing their brands. Abu has worked alongside some of the world’s most recognizable Fortune 100 and 500 companies around the world helping them transform their business.  In today's episode, we talk about How he built a meaningful life from refugee to CEO Why your values matter more than money The power of community and lifting each other up How to get started with a new life if your current life no longer aligns with your values Why you should master your time and money and not vice versa The impact of consuming positive media and energy And so much more!  You can find the full show notes here: martinafink.com/podcast/118 Do you know your wellness archetype? Take the free quiz here: martinafink.com/quiz


13 Oct 2020

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Ep. 53: Abu Fofanah on Strategically Using Paid Ads to Grow Your Biz

The Sakita Method

Abu Fofanah is a serial entrepreneur and CEO of a digital marketing agency called House of Fofanah. He runs the 'Power Your Launch' accelerator to help founders learn how to strategically use paid ads to grow their product and service based businesses. Since the launch of the accelerator in 2019, he has helped over 500 founders begin monetizing and growing their brands online and has himself, recently joined the 7-figure earnings club.You can find Abu on IG @AbuFofanah: Instagram.com/abufofanahWhen talking about this episode online, use #TheSakitaMethod hashtag.Instagram.com/MissSuccess Twitter.com/MissSuccess Instagram.com/TheSakitaMethod Twitter.com/TheSakitaMethodTo join #TheSakitaMethod community, text SAKITAMETHOD to 33777.

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4 Oct 2020

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[Part II] A New Way To Sell - Abu Fofanah

5 Minute Marketing with Brian Moran

Join Scott for Part II of this brand new series, "A New Way To Sell". With an interview with Abu Fofanah, creator of Power Your Launch. Abu's sales have been exploding, as he has focused on keeping selling as simple as possible. When your customers win, so do you. Be sure to visit SamCart2020.com, where we will be releasing a brand new training on August 19th, titled "A New Way To Sell".


7 Aug 2020

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Episode 039: Abu Fofanah On Hacking The Paid Ad Code

Unspoken Terms

Today’s episode, with Abu Fofanah, is chock full of entrepreneurial, marketing, and advertising gems! Dubbed the Lieutenant of Marketing, Abu talks about his journey from a young entrepreneur, to wall street, agency founder, then marketing coach.  You’ve probably seen his ads. As a marketing coach who has helped hundreds of business owners make millions of dollars, with his Power Your Launch marketing accelerator, Abu shares knowledge on how to get started with marketing, identify your target audience, create a marketing plan, and run profitable ads. He also talks about some hard lessons he has learned along the way and how businesses can scale, even during a global pandemic. As an added bonus for the culture, his main demographic is black women entrepreneurs. More on Abu Abu Fofanah is a digital strategist and entrepreneur. He is the CEO of a digital marketing agency called House of Fofanah, which is aimed at developing technology-focused solutions to help brands monetize their online communities. He is the founder of Power Your Launch Virtual Marketing Accelerator targeted to helping small business owners utilize digital marketing, specifically paid advertisement to excel in the growth of their business. Since it’s initiation in 2019 the Marketing Accelerator has helped over 500 women of color founders begin monetizing their brands online and on social. Where to find Abu Social Media:  Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/abufofanah/ Best Way for Audience to Contact You: Email: abu@houseoffofanah.com


6 Aug 2020

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5 - Selling Online & Ads with Abu Fofanah, the Lieutenant of Marketing

Freedom Slay Podcast

You're in for a treat this week as the Lieutenant of Marketing himself, Abu Fofanah is a guest on the show! Not only does Abu share his secrets for setting up ads on Facebook and Instagram that actually work, he also shares so many more gems to market and sell your products and services online.Abu also drops some receipts in this episode, discussing some of his major wins including that tine he made $7k off of a $1.19c ad, another time making over $100k in one month using his ad techniques, and more!Abu's Instagram is hereThe host's Instagram is hereFreedom Slay Podcast's Instagram hereIf you'd like to sign up for a free webinar to learn more from Abu, use the link below:Free Webinar RegistrationIf you've heard enough and want to just begin learning alllllll the things to be an ad genius, then the link to Abu's Power Your Launch course is below:Power Your Launch Course InfoAs noted in the podcast (and in full transparency, because that's what we do around here!), the links above are affiliate links, which means if you end up purchasing anything from Abu, the host may get a commission. **Please Note she is a paid student of Abu's Power Your Launch marketing accelerator and truly believes in what he does. Gaynete' would NEVER partner with anyone she does not trust and believe in 10,000%.Are you on Gaynete's email list? Don't miss out here 


4 Jul 2019

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013: How to Use Facebook Ads to Make Money in Your Business w/Abu Fofanah

I Don't Do Budgets.

You’ve probably heard about the power of Facebook and Instagram ads before, but if you’re like me, you probably still have questions about if running them is right for you. In this episode, I sat down with Abu Fofanah, a digital strategist who was able to tell us everything we need to know. Abu Fofanah is a digital strategist and entrepreneur. He is the CEO of a digital marketing agency called House of Fofanah, which is aimed at developing technology focused solutions to help the brands and influencers monetize their online communities. Abu has also worked alongside some of the world’s most recognizable Fortune 100 and 500 companies around the world helping them transform their business. His most recent venture is called Power Your Launch, which is a virtual marketing accelerator aimed to help entrepreneurs and small business owners bootstrap their businesses by utilizing social media and their online presence as a monetization tool.  This was SUCH an informative interview for me, and I can’t wait to hear what you all thought of it! Links Mentioned: Poweryourlaunch.com Daily Greatness Journal Abufofanah.com Social Media Info: Abu Fofanah IG: @abufofanah I Don’t Do Budgets IG: @idontdobudgets Email: hi@idontdobudgets.com Website: www.idontdobudgets.com #IDontDoBudgets #IDDB

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1 May 2019

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Exchanging Stories w/ Abu Fofanah: Get Right Within!

Khalia Deborah

On this segment of Exchanging Stories, we are chatting with Abu Fofanah, also known as, The Man Behind The Brand! With experience working with Fortune 500 companies and having clients featured in Essence, Cosmopolitan and so much more, Abu shares his journey as a founder, how his upbringing has had a major impact on where he is today and some of the BIGGEST misconceptions about being an entrepreneur vs startup vs a big business!  Abu is teaching everyday entrepreneurs the step-by-step on how to build profitability! From refugee to entrepreneur, from Sierra Leone to Southwest Philadelphia, his journey teaches that who you are as a person impacts your business. Take the time to invest in YOU + get right within! 


2 Jan 2019

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Ep 75:(Special Live New York Edition): Get What You Deserve w/Abu Fofanah & Ariel Lopez

The Minority Trailblazer Podcast with Greg E. Hill

This is an exclusive Monday edition of the Minority Trailblazer Podcast featuring Abu Fofanah & Ariel Lopez. This is the first ever live podcast and we hold nothing back. No fluff just value about starting a brand, getting funding, staying agile, and growing consistently. I guarantee this is a classic episode.Find Abu Here:Web: www.abufofanah.comTwitter: www.twitter.com/theabufofanahInstagram: www.instagram.com/abufofanahLinkedin: www.linkedin.com/in/abufofanahFind Ariel Here:Web: www.2020shift.comTwitter: www.twitter.com/ariellopez__Instagram: www.instagram.com/ariellopez__xo/Linkedin: www.linkedin.com/in/ariellopez17/

1hr 36mins

9 Oct 2017