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Courtney Smith's Wall Street Winners Weekly Video - April 26, 2021

Wall Street Winners: Weekly Market Forecast with Courtney Smith

LOOK BELOW FOR MORE GREAT INFORMATION. This video highlights a potential profit opportunity! 1. To keep on top of the information from the video, check out Wall Street Winners https://www.wsw2021.com/ 2. Sign up for Free Trade Secrets, This is a “daily” email with trade insights and ideas. http://bit.ly/TradeSecrets2020 3. WealthBuilder Health Profit Letter and get a bonus of a copy of Ian's special report: Stocks to Make Money Due to Covid19 http://www.healthprofitsletter.com/ 4. Claim a free copy of my special report, Financial Crisis. http://bit.ly/FCrisisReportConnect with Courtney: Courtney Smith website: http://www.CourtneySmith.com WealthBuilder LLC website: http://wealthbuilderllc.com/ YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/ctcr5201 Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=577526569https://www.facebook.com/courtneysmithWB Twitter: http://twitter.com/courtneydsmith Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/courtney-smith-52986/Courtney Smith:  Courtney Smith is a 45 year veteran professional trader. He is the only man in history to: 1. Manage a #1 mutual fund2. Manage a #1 hedge fund3. Write a #1 stock newsletter4. Write a #1 futures newsletter5. Voted #1 gold market timer6. Voted #1 bond market timer He is the world’s most sought after investment trainer and has trained over 10,000 students. He is the author of 10 investment books. He produces a 5 star rated podcast. He was the treasurer of a Swiss bank, head of global derivatives for a major French bank, and head of research for two American brokers. He has been the CEO of two brokerage houses. He is currently the Chairman of WealthbuilderLLC.com and can be reached at courtneysmith.com. Mantra:Execute Flawlessly My Books:I have over a dozen books in print as an author and writer through Wiley and Sons.  You can find these on Amazon or any online bookstore. Learn more about me as well as free content here:https://www.CourtneySmith.com


29 Apr 2021

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17. Preeclampsia, Caesarean, and Postpartum Emotions with Courtney Smith

Entering Motherhood

Courtney has been through preeclampsia and a caesarean and is here to share her story with us through it all. We talk about what it was like for her to start tracking her blood pressure at 32 weeks and how she really wasn't even informed why or what was going on. Then at 33 weeks she had hit the number the doctors told her about went in, had to wait a few hours, and then was admitted for 24 hours of monitoring. Her stay ended up turning into 3 days and it was determined that she had mild preeclampsia. She was able to return home but then at 35 weeks headed back to the hospital because she was experiencing contractions and when she arrived it was determined she was already 3-4 cm dilated. She talks about what this was like and her feelings of anxiety and how she wasn’t sure what was going on. The caesarean rate at this hospital was low and the doctor tried to have her remain in labor for as long as possible but when her babies heartbeat started to drop it was time to head to the operating room. As soon as her baby was born she was sent off to the NICU and Courtney couldn’t even get to see her daughter until 27 hours after she was born. She doesn’t remember much due to the medication she was on for the caesarean but she shared her feelings of failure and hate towards her daughter for having to go through so much. She talks about how she still felt so alone and afraid at around 8 weeks postpartum and was asking her doctor what was going on. Her daughter is now approaching 2 years old and their connection has drastically improved. She has also discovered that in sharing her story with others she has found tremendous healing and gained some serious empathy. I am so appreciative of this conversation and the courage Courtney has to talk about the hard side of motherhood and the things most keep hidden. Feel free to check out her blog Knock on Motherhood or the podcast her and her husband have started called Knock on Parenthood. Contact Courtney Smith  Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/knockonmotherhood/ https://www.instagram.com/knockonparenthoodpodcast/


26 Apr 2021

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BHE 064 - TOXIC REACTIVE — Courtney Smith

Big Hormone Enneagram

This week we’re diving into the often negative reactive types as we continue our series exploring the harmonic groups. — (3:42)  What are the assumptions of the reactive type lens?  — (6:06)  How each harmonic group is disconnecting from the heart and presence— (13:52) Why do reactive types focus on the negative story behind things— (20:38) The story the competency type lens focuses on— (22:44) The contrast of reactive types in each center from John, Emeka, and Courtney— (43:10) How do David and Nancy experience reactive types— (49:55) How our reactive types relate to other reactive types— (59:26) The power dynamic in 8 reactivity — (1:09:00) 6’s head confusion and self-judgment around their reactivity

1hr 15mins

20 Mar 2021

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9: #50 - Courtney Smith

The Glow Up

One of Ireland's top editorial stylists, with an extremely covetable style of her own, Courtney Smith joins Vicki and Denise this week. She fills us in on her beauty must-haves, and talks creating beautiful shoots and campaigns for brands and magazines internationally, and for her stunning Instagram. Products mentioned:Kevyn Aucoin Unforgettable Lip DefinerKevyn Aucoin Indecent Mascara Chanel Water Fresh Tint Becca Aqua Luminous Perfecting Foundation Kylie Lip Kit Matte Liquid Lipstick Charlotte Tilbury Supermodel Brow Lift Glossier Boy Brow in Brown Charlotte Tilbury Brow Wand Westman Atelier Sticks - Biscuit OAUI Sea Salt Spray OAUI Nurturing Drops & Glam Shine SprayAlumier EverActive C&E™ + Peptide


8 Mar 2021

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Real Love w/ Courtney Smith!

Changed Up! Now What?

This is not your typical Valentines Day story but it is indeed a beautiful love story! If you had a conversation with the past of Courtney Smith, it wouldn’t hesitate to tell you that she was a prostitute who used just about every single drug out there while repeatedly dating the wrong type of men. That same past would tell you about her interesting relationship with her dad, the forgiveness God placed within her heart for her mother and yes OH YES her beautiful love story with hubby Prophet Jeromy A. Smith! Her handsome hubby treats her like the beautiful Queen that she is and has showed her that chivalry was never dead. It was just awaiting the right time to present itself to her and with the right man. Tune into this exclusive interview at www.cu-nw.com this Monday At 8am EST! (Tap “Podcast”then hit “Tune In”). Courtney SmithFacebook “Courtney Smith” --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/cunw/support


8 Feb 2021

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Interview #22 Courtney Smith

Interviews With Everyday People

Today we talk with Courtney Smith. We Learn about her life growing up in St. Clair PA. Her Travels around, hobbies jobs, and everything in between. We say farewell to Trippin Billies. This interview was a blast a pure conversation that took us all over.   IwEP Podcast Links:  https://linktr.ee/IwepPodcast IWEP Network Network Links  https://linktr.ee/IwepNetwork Watch on Youtube: https://youtu.be/lEWfzW7-PLU --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/iwep/message

3hr 37mins

5 Feb 2021

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EPISODE 008 | How to Grow Your Practice by NOT Writing Like a Therapist with Courtney Smith

OTs Gone Rogue

Today’s episode is another deep dive into the world of OTs serving OTs. I’m delighted to be joined by my guest, Courtney Smith, and we’re going to not only share about our mutual love of marketing but we’re going to enlighten you on the power of email! Courtney is a dual therapist, credentialed as both an occupational and physical therapist. After working all over the US as a travel therapist for four years, in 2020 she ventured into entrepreneurship and started an email marketing copywriting business, The Office On Call, LLC. She now spends her time empowering therapists to grow their practice with sales funnel strategies and through writing copy that attracts, nurtures and converts online traffic into paying clients If you enjoy this episode and resonate with it in any way, we’d love to hear about it! Take a screenshot of you listening to our show, post it to your Instagram Stories and tag me @otsgonerogue and Courtney @theofficeoncall.In this episode you’ll hear:How a clinical degree is still valuable even when it’s used in a different way.Exactly why email marketing is so powerful – you’re going to become a believer too!Why many OTs struggle with writing copy as a clinician.A little secret that no one starts with their marketing all together – but learning it all yourself isn’t the fastest pathway to success.Her plans to connect healthcare entrepreneurs with virtual assistants. (I think I just heard a cheer of gratitude!) LINKS: Courtney’s Website, Facebook Page and InstagramHer mentioned freebie: The Lead Magnet Creation Guide


1 Feb 2021

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Episode 40: Get Out of Overwhelm by Hiring a Virtual Assistant with Courtney Smith

Mind Your OT Business

Have you been hesitant to begin delegating tasks in your business? Courtney Smith is a dual PT/OT, turned copywriter who is passionate about helping private practices thrive with effective direct marketing to clients, in a referral-dominant healthcare system. She is also somewhat of a matchmaker in that she matches up healthcare entrepreneurs with virtual assistants (VA). In this episode, we talk about how delegating can help you, what you need to know about hiring the right VA and advice for people just getting started with outsourcing. Courtney and I discuss: How she got started in doing non-clinical work The services her business offers and her vision for her business What email marketing and copywriting is (and how it can help your business) How she’s building a network of virtual assistants for healthcare entrepreneurs Why a lot of VAs don’t post their prices How you can find the right person when hiring a VA Advice for people who are hesitant to outsource The best ways to communicate with VAs Her biggest fail learns in her own business What’s going really well for in her business Resources from this episode:The Office On Call Courtney’s Instagram Courtney’s LinkedIn Courtney’s Facebook courtney@theofficeoncall.com Trello Voxer ClickUp Systems Saved Me Business Bedrocks Group Coaching Program lauraparkfig@gmail.com


22 Jan 2021

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What They Read - Courtney Smith & Matt Ruedlinger

Apartments on the Go Podcast

“In order to be successful, we constantly have to be educating ourselves, moving forward, and trying to better our day-to-day activities and the way we look at things and do things.” Are you constantly wondering what professional development book you’re going to read next? Well, worry no more! In this episode, Matt and Courtney go over some of their previous guests’ favorite books, as well as why these specific books were chosen. Matt and Courtney even throw in a few favorite books of their own! Resources Link below to see what books have been recommended by industry experts to help you continue learning. https://apartmentsonthego.com/guest-favorite-books/


23 Nov 2020

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BHE 047 - Object Relations 69 Round II - Courtney Smith

Big Hormone Enneagram

Courtney’s back to finish off the pain thots who didn't feel the 6 and 9 Object Relations in our previous pods got the adequate TLC. We start off with a refresh on what attachment type object relations are. And each of the ‘misses’ and O.R. dynamics for 3, 6 (17:28), and 9 (50:42). Is ‘authority figure’ the best way to describe how 6s externally look for support? The 9 responses to #nota4 on the forums. How the attachment types each represent the archetypal human. And we wrap up interviewing DG on the 9’s O.R. dynamics and rage. How to get our 9 babies to show up.

1hr 37mins

20 Nov 2020