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Creating a better alternative to existing products (with Grace Lee, Founder of Birdy Grey)

DTC POD: A Podcast for eCommerce and DTC Brands

“The bridal industry is mostly set up for brick and mortar and wholesale. Because we don’t have a store, we're able to pass savings directly to the customer and keep healthy margins.” @graceleew #DTCPOD“I love creative, I love visuals. I love copy. And so I think just being able to do all of that myself really helped. I didn't have to hire anyone in the early days.” @graceleew #DTCPOD“In the early days, we only used Instagram and I did that very intentionally. I had a limited budget and I knew that our target customer is very comfortable buying off her phone.” @graceleew #DTCPOD“Really understand who your customer is and understand how you believe she shops and then stay really targeted to that platform in the early days.” @graceleew #DTCPOD“Word of mouth is so huge in bridal. It’s most people’s first time planning a wedding and they really turn within their network for advice on vendors.” @graceleew #DTCPODWe Speak About:[01:10] Background on Birdy Grey and how Grace started her business[02:20] How Birdy Grey got its start and how DTC helped them get competitive pricing[03:30] How Birdy Grey has simplified the bridesmaid dress decision-making process[05:45] How the customer feedback loop informs Birdy Grey’s dress color selection[08:05] How Birdy Grey leverages IG polls and data to inform product development[09:20] Grace talks about how important color selections are in the bridal industry[10:45] How Birdy Grey has streamlined their website for better UX[11:35] How Birdy Grey creates an “in-store” experience in a digital space[13:35] How Birdy Grey creates fun, out of boutique experience for bridal parties[14:35] What Grace did to get her business started and raise capital[16:10] Grace talks about the importance of their virtual Bridal Studio [17:30] Grace breaks down Bridy Grey’s IG growth strategy[20:10] What channels are in Birdy Grey’s media mix and how they are leveraging them [21:35] Grace talks about how key a role “word of mouth” plays in the bridal industry[22:45] Grace explains the importance of investing in customer retention programs[24:40] Grace shares what things made the most positive impact for Birdy Grey early on[28:25] What Grace hopes the team at Birdy Grey and the bridal industry will see in 2021To disrupt an existing product category sometimes less is moreGrace Lee, founder & CEO of Birdy Grey, joins the POD to talk about how to leverage the customer feedback loop to streamline strategy and create a digitally native DTC business.  Birdy Grey simplifies a bridal party’s search for bridesmaids dresses by offering curated dresses in a range of trendy colors at an affordable price point in a DTC channel. Enter Grace who, after being a bridesmaid six times, saw a need to reimagine how bridal parties were approaching the search for the perfect bridesmaid dress. Prior to creating Birdy Grey, Grace began her career focusing on social media and digital content for a few different fashion and cosmetics brands. Armed with an abundance of industry knowledge and the desire to learn more about the bridal industry, Grace bootstrapped Birdy Grey in 2017 and made $2 million in revenue within their first year. After bringing on her co-founder and best friend, Monica Ashauer, and establishing a core team at Birdy Grey, the team built a social media machine that powered an endless customer feedback loop that informed important strategy and decisions for the business.Building a better alternative in DTC also requires you to listen to intensely listen to your customersOnce establishing how important color selection and customer experience are, Grace and the team at Birdy Grey skyrocketed into popularity becoming a go-to choice for bridal parties everywhere. With an affordable price point for a range of dress options exclusively being sold at $99, brides saw a quick and seamless solution for their bridal parties that also fit in with the color palette they envisioned for their big day.  While the bridal industry has encountered numerous struggles during the COVID-19 pandemic, Grace and the team at Birdy Grey have taken the time to dig deeper into what their target market is looking for.With informed data points and customer feedback from social channels, the team has created an “in-store” experience for their customers at home. You won’t want to miss how Grace leveraged social channels to craft Birdy Grey’s visually stunning and seamless website. In turn, making Birdy Grey a go-to brand for many bridal parties in an industry that is powered by word of mouth marketing. If you’d like to learn more about Trend and our influencer marketing platform for influencers and brands visit trend.io. You can also follow us for tips on growing your following and running successful campaigns on Instagram and LinkedIn.Mentioned Links:Birdy Grey’s website: https://www.birdygrey.com/Birdy Grey’s Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/birdygrey/Grace’s LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/graceleew/


21 Jan 2021

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The $99 Bridesmaid Dresses That Will Make Your Bridesquad Love You with Spotlight Guest Grace Lee of Birdy Grey

Now You're Engaged - A Wedding Show

You. Need. This. With 15 core colors in 18 styles Birdy Grey offers the widest variety of bridesmaids dresses in every shape & size all at $99. Oh, and the color palettes are AMAZING. Plus they have an online Bridal Studio where you can create your look and your bridesquad can check in and get everything they need from there! Seriously it's a game changer. LINKS WE LOVE: 3 Free Swatches with Coupon Code: BIRDYLOVESNYEPOD (valid thru 9/30/20) IG @birdygrey Pinterest @birdygrey TikTok @birdygrey Nowyoureengaged.com EPISODE BREAKDOWN 2:00 - How did Birdy Grey begin? 9:30 - Mix N Matching between styles 11:18 - What about menswear 13:30 - How do the swatches work? 14:40 - Alterations? Sizing? 17:35 - Virtual fitting parties with champagne! 18:08 - Bachelorette party accessories, shirts, masks 22:00 - Congrats bitch, Birdy’s engaged! 23:20 - Grace’s wedding plans 29:20 - How is Birdy Grey handling COVID-19? 36:30 - Recap FIND US ON SOCIAL: @NOWYOUREENGAGED @KENNETHCOOPERFILMS @JULIEOCCHINOLUXURY


25 Aug 2020

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#77: Can I have my bachelorette party after my wedding? Featuring soonlywed and co-founder of Birdy Grey, Grace Lee

Love Stories Radio: A Podcast on Your Wedding Questions

Stressing about wedding planning? This week we sat down with soonlywed and co-founder of Birdy Grey, Grace Lee!  We discussed questions, like: Should I do a bridesmaid proposal? Is it weird to design my own engagement ring? When is too early to start planning our wedding? And more! >> Follow @birdygrey on Instagram for more bridesmaid dress inspo. >> Shop Birdy Grey dresses here.


24 Jul 2020

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Birdy Grey - Friendship is the Core of the Brand

The Story of a Brand

In Part 2 of this feature, Grace Lee and Monica Young Ashauer, cofounders of Birdy Grey, continue sharing the story behind this stylish, innovative, beautiful bridesmaid dress for under $99 apparel brand.    In Part 2 of this episode, Grace and Monica discuss Why the old way of buying Bridesmaid dresses was out of line with how millennials shop, Why the simple act of adding pockets was brilliant, Why competitors are now dropping prices, How Bridesmaids go into debt, The dilemma of destination weddings, Why Birdy Grey gives the gift of time, Why Monica is like Grace's Instagram boyfriend, Why their employee culture is about thriving, Why the core of the business is about Friendship, Why they launched the curvy collection, and why you have to be inclusive in 2020 and so much more.    Join us while Ramon Vela interview Grace and Monica in Part 1 of this episode and listen to them share the inside story of a brand.   For more on Birdy Grey visit: https://www.birdygrey.com/   MarketerHire -  https://marketerhire.com/ (code: SOB) Enquire Labs - https://www.enquirelabs.com/commercefocused Retention Science - RetentionScience.com


4 Mar 2020

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Birdy Grey - Get Off the Sidelines and Just Do it!

The Story of a Brand

Both Grace Lee and Monica Young Ashauer, co-founders of Birdy Grey, had been bridesmaids several times which is what gave Grace a novel idea for a business. At the time, Grace ran it by her good friend and partner Monica as well as other friends and potential investors and it resonated with them. They all thought it was sound and disruptive. Basically, the idea went, Millennials don't want to be stuck paying hundreds of dollars on a bridesmaid dress that they'll wear one time, instead, they want to spend on experiences. So Birdy Grey was born: stylish, innovative, beautiful bridesmaid dresses for under $99.    In Part 1 of this episode, Grace and Monica discuss Why the concept really landed with investors and customers, The story of how they got the idea, What was the best advice they received from an investor on how to build their business, What's their advice for people who dream of being an Entrepreneur, Why you need to get off the sidelines, What's the one thing you need to be an entrepreneur, Why failure is not an option, What's the one rule they have about life outside of work? Why the Customer Feedback Loop is so critical to them, and so much more.   Join us while Ramon Vela interview Grace and Monica in Part 1 of this episode and listen to them share the inside story of a brand.   For more on Birdy Grey visit: https://www.birdygrey.com/   Gorgias -  Gorgias.link/story Fenix Commerce - https://www.fenixcommerce.com/ Retention Science - RetentionScience.com


2 Mar 2020

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#41: Is velvet too trendy for a bridesmaid dress? Featuring Grace Lee and Monica Ashauer of Birdy Grey

Love Stories Radio: A Podcast on Your Wedding Questions

Got a bridesmaid dress question? This week we sat down with Grace Lee, founder & CEO, and Monica Ashauer, co-founder & COO, of Birdy Grey! We discussed questions, like: What's the average cost of a bridesmaid dress? How do I choose my bridesmaids’ dress color? Is velvet too trendy? And more! >> Visit birdygrey.com for more bridesmaid dress ideas and wedding inspo. >> Do you have a wedding question you want answered on a future episode? DM us on Instagram @lovestoriestv! >> Are you a wedding pro? Email loveclub@lovestoriestv.com to get more info about how you can join The Love Club, our partner program for wedding pros.


7 Jun 2019

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#144 Spotlight Series: Birdy Grey Bridesmaid Dresses

The Big Wedding Planning Podcast

Birdy Grey has revolutionized the hunt for the perfect bridesmaid dress. After realizing the accessibility, and quality of bridesmaid dresses didn’t reflect the price, two best friends, Grace Lee (formerly of InStyle Magazine and Kate Spade New York) and Monica Ashauer (of McKinsey and Co, and Ralph Lauren) started this company offering beautiful, well-made dresses for under $100. Big Takeaways There are 15 styles and 15 colors to choose from, meaning that every dress can match without having to try to fit different bodies in one style dress. The dresses are made to be easy to tailor, so find a style you love and adjust it to your height preference afterward. The lining of the dresses feels like a t-shirt, soft and flattering, so you don’t have to be wishing you could change out of your dress the whole night. Also, all the dresses have pockets big enough to fit an iPhone X, so keep your flask, your blotting papers, anything without adding any extra bulkiness. Quotes "Monica and I are best friends, but we are completely opposite in skill sets... She has the exact sort of complementary skill set to mine." - Grace "A lot of the clients that I served were in beauty and in luxury, so I really started to gravitate towards that, because it's so much more fun than semiconductors." - Monica "Now you just tell your friends, I won't be your bridesmaid, but I'll certainly give you a dress." - Michelle "We try to keep it real at Birdy Grey. You're probably not going to wear a dusty rose or blush ruffled dress again, after the wedding. I will say that we do have some pieces in our collection that lend itself nicely to other black-tie events." - Grace Links We Referenced Birdy Grey https://www.birdygrey.com/ The Princess Project http://princessproject.org/get-a-dress/ Project Sunshine https://projectsunshine.org The promo code! BIGWEDDING for free shipping from now - June 27,2019 (US only)


28 May 2019