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92 Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (w/ Nick and Emily Potts)

Late to the Show

We’re joined once again by Nick and Emily Potts, the wonderful hosts of The Pod Café to talk about the third film in the Harry Potter franchise—the Prisoner of Azkaban! To be honest, we should be locked up there for releasing an episode this good. Be sure to check out Nick and Emily’s podcast too!If you like this episode, consider supporting us on Patreon to get access to our bonus episodes, where we watch and discuss movies!

10 Mar 2020

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68 Ocean’s Eight (w/ Nick and Emily Potts)

Late to the Show

For Day 4 of Ocean’s Week, we’re joined by Nick and Emily Potts, the wonderful siblings who host The Pod Cafe! We’re talking about 2018’s spin-off of the trilogy: Ocean’s Eight. Does it hold up to the other films? Listen and find out! James Corden and Banksy also stop by to make special appearances on our show. Be sure to check out Nick and Emily’s podcast too!If you like this episode, consider supporting us on Patreon to get access to our bonus episodes, where we watch and discuss movies!

19 Sep 2019

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37 Snowpiercer (w/ Nick and Emily Potts)

Late to the Show

It’s been a little while since we had guests from another podcast. That all changes today! We’re joined by Nick and Emily Potts, the brother-sister duo behind The Pod Cafe, to discuss 2013’s Snowpiercer! We talk about the coffee that we’re drinking, and then Nick gives us a debriefing on how this movie is exactly like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. We had a lot of fun recording this episode, give it a listen and then check out Nick and Emily’s podcast!If you like this episode, consider supporting us on Patreon to get access to our bonus episodes, where we watch and discuss movies!

19 Apr 2019

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Influencer Marketing featuring Emily Potts from 834

PR Hangover

834's Senior Account Executive, Emily Potts, talks all things influencers in this episode of PR Hangover. Find out why so many brands are using influencers, how to choose the right influencer, and more. To view the Show Notes for this episode, head to gvprssa.com!


24 Dec 2018

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HOW Design Live 2017, Conference Recap 4 of 4 : Amy Reyes, Cami Travis-Groves, Emily Potts

The Reflex Blue Show : A Graphic Design Podcast

Amy Reyes, Cami Travis-Groves, and Emily Potts discuss the final full day of 2017’s HOW Design Live in Chicago. No week seems to go by quicker than the one spent at HOW Design Live. Seeing that many graphic designers / website designers / writers / photographers / creative people together is an amazing experience. Be sure to check out Emily’s “It’s a Wrap! Highlights from HOW Design Live Chicago” recap for Neenah Paper, as well as her interviews for Moxie Sozo we talk about. Amy and Cami were two of the HOW Champions this year. It’s a great program (I think I saw there were 16 in total, but I could be off by a bit) where the Champions are available to help first time attendees get the most out of the conference – like an ambassador of all things HOW. While in Chicago, I also recorded seven interview podcasts throughout the week, and will start releasing them next week. Enjoy. The Reflex Blue Show The post HOW Design Live 2017, Conference Recap 4 of 4 : Amy Reyes, Cami Travis-Groves, Emily Potts appeared first on 36 Point.

11 May 2017

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Episode 019: Strategic Marketing and Thinking Outside the Box With Emily Potts with host Dana Malstaff

The Boss Mom Podcast

Today's Boss Mom Podcast guest is the wonderful Emily Potts. Emily is super-passionate about helping mompreneurs achieve small business success without sacrificing what matters most. A wife and mother herself, Emily owns three small businesses, so she knows a thing or two about juggling work and family! She believes in unconditional love, laughing really hard, making space for what's important and spending time where it counts. Emily teaches other mompreneurs how to strategically market their businesses, charge what they're worth and sell from a place of strength. She wants to help her mamas be truly profitable so they can feel empowered by their work and how it blesses their families. Let's dive right in. Affiliate links present in this post. Listen to the podcast:  Subscribe to the Boss Mom Podcast in iTunes.  What you'll hear about in this episode the Boss Mom podcast:  How Emily's surprise baby shifted her business perspective and the challenges she encountered. How Emily restarted her businesses from scratch with a newborn. Emily's creative marketing plan and how gifting is involved. How to set outside marketing meetings effectively. How Emily discovered her niche helping momprenuers. The benefit of prioritizing, outsourcing and taking time away. The ONE THING you need to find when you're looking for a VA. Why Emily is taking four months away from her photography business. What Emily will be doing while she's not working on her photography business. How Dana and Emily plan their days. Why Emily recommends we work with blinders on. How to stay relevant as your growing your business. Emily's biggest business mistake and how she learned from it. Recommended links and resources:  Essentialism by Greg McKeown How to Really Love Your Child by Ross Campbell Searching for Sunday by Rachel Held Evens Can I quote you on that?  I had to learn how to juggle motherhood and business at the same time. It was challenging, beautiful, and crazy. - Emily I got outside of my comfort zone, dug into my new community and created new connections. (How I restarted) - Emily Step outside your box and ask for collaborations. - Emily I think it is important to remember that you need to give to someone before you ask them for something in return (on marketing). - Emily 90% of us are great at what we do, but not at running a business effectively. - Dana Take time away. Refocus and regain your energy so you can go hard at it again. - Dana If you burn out, you aren't going to work well. Take time away. - Emily Working for the "man" is not my favorite. I'd rather work for myself. - Emily Build a team with people you love. - Dana Your people are your biggest asset. - Emily I've built up enough of a great client base that I am going to take four months off. I know the work will be there for me when I return. - Emily When our kids are at home, there are times we can only do bite sized work. That's okay. -Dana I prioritize my work based on what is going to move the needle forward to my big goals. That work has to get done first. I'll fit the rest of it in later. -Emily Comparison crushes or creativity. - Emily Our knee jerk reaction is to get defensive when we make mistakes. But I've learned along the way that if you own it and do what you can to make it right, it is received much better. - Emily Connect with Dana:  Instagram / Periscope Connect with Emily Potts:  Website / Periscope


15 Jan 2016

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Cake Wars by Emily Potts

500 Words’ Bedtime Stories

Cake Wars by Emily Potts. Read by Jane Slavin from the BBC Radio Drama Company. A Top 50 shortlisted story from BBC Radio 2's 500 WORDS 2015 competition, in the 9 and under category.


13 May 2015