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Laura Freeman & Ford Brewer on CBD Oil & Brain Protection - FORD BREWER MD MPH


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27 Jul 2022

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Prevent Disease Through A Plant-Based Diet? With Dr Shireen Kassam & Dr Laura Freeman

The Plant Based News Podcast

Joining us on the PBN Podcast is not one but two really exciting guests – plant-based nutrition specialists and co-founders of Plant Based Health Online Dr Shireen Kassam and Dr Laura Freeman.Dr Shireen Kassam is a Consultant Haematologist and Honorary Senior Lecturer at King’s College Hospital, London with a specialist interest in the treatment of lymphoma. Shireen is passionate about promoting plant-based nutrition for the prevention and reversal of chronic disease and for maintaining optimal health after treatment for cancer. In 2018, she founded Plant-Based Health Professionals UK, a non-profit organization whose mission is to provide evidence-based education on plant-based nutrition.Dr Laura Freeman is a Certified Lifestyle Medicine Physician & Medical Director of Plant Based Health Online. She obtained her Medical Degree from the University of Edinburgh in 2006 and completed her vocational training in General Practice in 2011. Both within and outside of her General Practice, Dr Freeman has developed a strong interest for plant based nutrition and optimising health through lifestyle choices.Get Dr Shireen Kassam's book 'Eating Plant-Based' here - https://www.hammersmithbooks.co.uk/product/eating-plant-based/Find out more about Plant Based Health Professionals here - https://plantbasedhealthprofessionals.com/The PBN Podcast is hosted and produced by Robbie Lockie, Edited by Phil Marriott.00:00:00 An introduction to Dr Shireen Kassam and Dr Laura Freeman00:03:25 The start of Dr Shireen Kassam and Dr Laura Freeman’s plant-based journeys00:06:28 Cancer prevention00:12:15 Busting the misconceptions of a vegan diet00:15:48 Why are so many people still reluctant about adopting the vegan lifestyle?00:17:53 Plant Based Health Online - the online lifestyle medicine healthcare service00:20:20 Plant Based Health Online & Plant Based Health Professionals00:23:20 The role of nutrition and lifestyle in the process of prevention and longterm management of health conditions00:26:00 The benefits of a plant-based diet and the process of overcoming illness 00:28:30 Balancing diet with the other factors of improving our well being00:29:30 Eating Plant-Based: Scientific Answers To Your Nutrition Questions: the book by Dr Shireen Kassam and Dr Zara Kassam00:31:52 Is there such a thing as a “perfect diet”? 00:33:12 Recommended supplements to accompany a plant-based diet00:38:00 What is lacking with access to information with plant-based nutrition?00:39:15 Dr Shireen Kassam and Dr Laura Freemans’s favourite plant-based resources 00:41:15 Advice for hesitant people00:43:19 Stranded on a desert island


22 Jul 2022

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#42 Daily Habits to Improve Your Health with Dr Laura Freeman

The TeachStrong Podcast

Welcome to the TeachStrong Podcast.Today, I’m delighted to be joined by Dr Laura Freeman. Laura is a GP, a board certified lifestyle medicine physician and the medical director of Plant-Based Health Online.If you have a quick look at the amazing work that Laura does, you quickly see how passionate about helping people thrive. This conversation is all about learning as much as we can from Laura about what approaches she has seen from her experience and her research really do work to improve people’s mental and physical wellbeing.I talk to Laura about lifestyle medicine, what inspired her to rethink her role as a doctor, and what approaches she recommends that could help us on our journey to health and happiness.Enjoy the conversation!| If you're enjoying this podcast, please show your support by leaving a review, liking the episode, and following the show. Just a couple of clicks will help spread the word to more educators. |Connect with Laura:https://www.instagram.com/drlaurafreeman/ https://www.instagram.com/plantbased_healthonline/Connect with me:www.twitter.com/teachstrong_ www.facebook.com/teachstrong www.instagram.com/teachstrong_Find out more about my online courses to boost staff well-being here:https://www.teachstrong.co.uk/school-staff-support-wellbeing-courses/


31 May 2022

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Spectator Out Loud: Jonathan Miller, Cindy Yu and Laura Freeman

Best of the Spectator

On this week's episode, Jonathan Miller says that whoever wins France's election on Sunday, the country is going to the dogs. (01:00) After, Cindy Yu says that China's online censors are struggling to suppress critics of the Shanghai lockdown. (07:47) And, to finish, Laura Freeman reviews a Walt Disney exhibition at the Wallace Collection. (12:06) Entries for this year's Innovator Awards, sponsored by Investec, are now open. To apply, go to: www.spectator.co.uk/innovator


23 Apr 2022

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Grocer Executive Truly in The People Business with Executive Laura Freeman | Ep 471

The Digital Executive

Schnucks Markets' Chief People Officer, Laura Freeman,  joins Coruzant Technologies for the Digital Executive podcast. She shares her growth as a HR Executive, from taking on any opportunities to pursuing continual learning, regardless of where it took her.


4 Apr 2022

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Laura Freeman | Managing Director at Highpoint Global Capital

Energy Crue

Had an awesome conversation for another Energy Crüe Episode with Laura Freeman (Managing Director - Highpoint Global Capital) that lasted over 2 hours!!! We took a break from the usual podcast venues and headed to a Houston staple: The Shiloh Club.We started out with her background and how she got into the oil and gas industry with a physics major. We discussed her first role at OXY in California and how she crushed her first assignment. We discussed her pursuit of higher education as well as her thoughts on if an MBA is right for everyone. We chatted about traveling around the world and some interesting motorcycle trips/stories from Vietnam. We talked about everything from where we are at in our industry, the old ivory tower mentality, and what’s shifts she is seeing.

2hr 11mins

3 Mar 2022

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Eating a Plant based diet for health- Dr Laura Freeman

Health, Lifestyle, Action

Today I speak to Dr Laura Freeman- a GP, Lifestyle Medicine Physician and Director of Plant based health online. Laura tells us about her own transformative journey into eating a Whole Foods plant based diet, and how this has changed the way she now works with patients. She tells us of the wide ranging benefit of eating more plant based and gives us some practical tips to take forward. Find out more about her work here https://plantbasedhealthonline.com


28 Jun 2021

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Spectator Out Loud: Katy Balls, Laura Freeman, Adam Sisman

Best of the Spectator

On this week's episode, Katy Balls warns Boris what a pattern of delay could mean for his Premiership. (01:08) After, Laura Freeman takes us on a guided tour of politicians' chosen paintings (07:05) and finally Adam Sisman lays out the landscape of Berlin directly following the end of world war two. (15:13)


19 Jun 2021

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Interview with Laura Freeman - From Lean Beef to CBD


Janice and I sat down with Laura Freeman for this YT Live interview.  In the past, Laura created and ran "Laura’s Lean Beef," a company that raises and sells antibiotic-free beef. First, we cover the fascinating story of how she changed a tough, backward food market, bringing new considerations for health.Now, she's in a new market: the CBD industry. As before, she's focused on health, quality, and measurable outcomes.There is no question that CBD oil will continue to grow dramatically as an important supplement.  There are many known effects, which we discuss in this video. But, as much as we know about the science of CBD, many questions remain. The science on the topic is emerging. In this video, we discuss Laura's story and a bit of CBD science. We'll cover more CBD science in future videos.Laura's Mercantile's web site is below:  https://www.laurasmercantile.com/For more information, contact us at 859-721-1414 or myhealth@prevmedheartrisk.com. Also, check out the following resources:  ·PrevMed's website·PrevMed's YouTube channel·PrevMed's Facebook page


8 Apr 2021

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Spectator Out Loud: Carlo Rovelli, David Abulafia and Laura Freeman

Best of the Spectator

On this episode, writer and physicist Carlo Rovelli, ponder time and space in a world were the meaning of both has shifted. (01:00) Then, David Abulafia talks about the need for conservatives at universities. (07:29) Finally, Laura Freeman gets us ready for easter with the stories and the art depicting St Veronica. (15:27)


3 Apr 2021