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Eps. 161 A Special Conversation with Christy Smith Part I

The Talk of Santa Clarita

This is Episode 161 featuring a special conversation with Christy Smith.Three hundred and thirty three votes. That's it. That's all that separated Christy Smith and Mike Garcia in the 25th Congressional race and the deciding number which sent Mike Garcia back to Washington. That's a tight margin to say the least. It's a margin of votes so small that the results could have been different if something as simple as rain on election day had happened. So knowing this, you have to wonder sometimes what goes through Christy Smith's mind these days. This is why I wanted to sit down and talk with her. Yes, I know she's been on more than a few times in the past year. In fact, as of this podcast, she now has the record for the most appearances on this show. But i was interested in knowing what was going through her mind after such a close election. How she handled the defeat as well as what her thoughts were about possibly running again. Mike Garcia has stated openly he has difficulty working in a bi-partisan way. He has continually voted with the Trump agenda and fought against the Biden agenda. In particular, he was one of the Republican congressmen who made the controversial decision to challenge the certification of the electors on January 6th. Say what you will about his votes-love them or hate them, but Garcia seems to be forgetting this is a purple district which Biden won by 10 points. Something else Garcia seems to be forgetting is that magic number of 333 votes. Some might say that's just the way the election went, but sometimes it goes the other way too. And 333 is not a number that's hard to change. The conversation with Christy was friendly, detailed and long. So long in fact, that we have broken this interview into two parts. In Part 1, we discussed the results of the election, her thoughts on Mike Garcia, and a lot about her personally. I asked what life was like for her growing up and how she got her perspective on politics that she has today. I got a lot out of her including stories about her having a mohawk as a kid. But I also got more. Christy made an official announcement which, while not really surprising, could impact the SCV, the 25th Congressional District and Mike Garcia's future. I've known Christy for seven years now. I've always been impressed with her tenacity, her strength and her sheer knowledge of political matters and I'm proud that I can say she is good friend of mine. I admire her pragmatism when it comes to getting things done and in total honesty after 161 shows, I have yet to meet anyone who understands government and politics better than her.

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31 Mar 2021

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Ep. 13: Leaving a Remarkable Mark in the World with Christy Smith

Three Stores, Two Cotton Gins, One Remarkable Life

This episode’s guest holds a special place in Dr. Hopson’s life, especially since this woman played a major role in Dr. Cynthia’s career as a writer. Meet Christy Smith, the former publisher of a weekly newspaper in the area I grew up in. We go back to 1987 when I pitched a story to her and the rest, as they say, is history. Christy played a major role in my career as a writer, and after conquering the world of journalism (with a cool byline, “C. T. Smith”), she became a Disaster Consultant. She spent years supporting and helping survivors—an experience that changed her relationship with God. Hear more about her story on working in disaster case management and how she values being a lifelong learner in the 13th episode of 3 Stores, 2 Cotton Gins, 1 Remarkable Life.   In this episode: From being a journalist to becoming a Disaster Consultant How working in disaster recovery and with survivors shifted Christy perspective Liberal education and how it should be given more importance Being active participants in culture and politics The value of being a lifelong learner On leaving, remaining and contributing in this world


11 Mar 2021

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97. Christy Smith: Arkansas' Cinderella

The Hog Pod with Bo Mattingly

Christy Smith is the first name that comes to mind when most Razorback fans think of Arkansas women's basketball. In 1998, the ninth-seeded Hogs, led by Smith, played Cinderella and made it to their first and only Final Four. This is Smith’s story: One of how a little girl growing up in the cornfields of Indiana—who picked basketball over cheerleading in first grade and was recruited to Arkansas with an ear of corn—became the first-ever Razorback freshman to start at point guard, and, eventually, the most storied player in Arkansas program history.


10 Feb 2021

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NEWS 12/2/20: AOC CALLS OUT Joe Manchin, Barack Obama Reveals AIPAC Influence, Christy Smith LOSES AGAIN, Dr. Fauci On COVID 19

The Progressive Voice

NEWS 12/2/20: AOC CALLS OUT Joe Manchin, Barack Obama Reveals AIPAC Influence, Christy Smith LOSES AGAIN, Dr. Fauci On COVID 19


3 Dec 2020

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Eps. 153 Christy Smith

The Talk of Santa Clarita

Welcome to Episode 153 with guest Democratic candidate for the 25th Congressional District, Christy Smith.At this point, what more is there to say about Christy Smith? She has literally appeared on this show so many times I’ve lost count. But for those that have missed the other episodes, I’ll catch you up. Christy Smith grew up and lives in Santa Clarita. She has spent most of her life living here. She began her political career on the Newhall School board. Now, she represents the 38th District in the California Assembly which includes the Santa Clarita Valley. Now she is running to represent the 25th Congressional District as a Democrat hoping to beat incumbent Mike Garcia who won the special election in May. This election is like no other. With President Trump up for re-election and the parties so divided, every vote matters for every single seat on the ballot. In his short time in office, Mike Garcia has proven to be a staunch Trump ally, voting again and again on party lines. That’s not a judgement, simply a fact. Love it or leave it. Conversely, Christy Smith is anything but a Trump ally. I think it’s pretty safe to say if you think Mike Garcia supports it, she probably doesn’t and vice versa. A quick observation though, Garcia has shown a great reluctance to give any long form interviews with any media outlet or to even talk to any media unless it is known to have an already established conservative bent. In fact, to my knowledge the last time Garcia did a long form interview was on this very show. More on that during the podcast. As a voter and podcaster, I think it’s important that a Representative for the people should be willing to speak to ALL of his constituents and not just his base. I believe it’s very telling about the person and their qualifications. As I have said before, in full disclosure, Christy is a friend of mine. I don’t always agree with her but I have always had a personal admiration for her ability to always explain her reasoning for the choices and decisions she makes And more importantly, her willingness to talk to anyone about any topic on the record. As she has said to me, “I’m an open book and always game.” We met in the outdoor socially distanced studio of the Talk of Santa Clarita over Labor Day weekend. We talked about a lot of things including the election, Congressman Garcia’s record and her own record. She also answered questions to some of the allegations which have been made against her by her opponent. And even though I didn’t get a joke from her at the end, I did get to hear a tune. A video version of the podcast is available by clicking on the link below:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X_1gKJcGIUc&feature=youtu.be

1hr 10mins

22 Sep 2020

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Canaan and Christy Smith: How hit country artist/songwriter and his wife fell in love from a chance encounter at a concert, and how life has changed since parenthood.

Get Real with Caroline Hobby

Canaan broke onto the country music scene w a #1 hit “Love you Like That.” He has weathered the ups and downs of the music industry and now has a new label home and music out under Flodia Georgia Line’s label Round Here Records. A lot of our conversation was centered around trusting God’s plan and guidance and being grateful for the blessings we have and what we have learned from highs and lows and what faith means to us. We talked about Christy and Canaan’s love story. They met at a concert and felt sparks immediately. The timing was off in the beginning but eventually the stars aligned after a blind date weekend (their story is pretty epic). Christy is a nurse practitioner and she talks about being on the front lines of the heath service during the pandemic and how she deals with her fear and practices safety, especially since they have a 9 month old baby girl at home. This couple is a shining light of faith, love, talent, perseverance, commitment and rising to whatever occasion God calls them. Learn more about your ad-choices at https://www.iheartpodcastnetwork.com

1hr 25mins

27 Jul 2020

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CA Assemblywoman & Democratic Congressional candidate Christy Smith

Find Your Calling w/ Terry Ayzman

This week, "Find Your Calling" dips its feet into the November election with a fellow Bruin, CA Assemblywoman Christy Smith, who's running to snag CA-25's Congressional seat.After Congresswoman Katie Hill, the latest Democrat to control the district, resigned, Ms. Smith & her opponent Republican Mike Garcia duked it out in a special election. Ultimately, Mr. Garcia prevailed, capitalizing on an endorsement from President Trump. This November, Ms. Smith plans to unleash her experience & base to send him packing.In our half-hour interview fashioned for the COVID era, we discuss her passion for education & campaigning in a tumultuous era, as she doles out her advice to students feeling frozen in quarantine.


6 Jul 2020

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Ep. 5 Stepping into the light with Christy Smith

Living Brave Podcast

My first episode with a guest! Our first guest is Christy Smith.  Yukari and Christy talk about her new coaching experience, quarantine favourite, and things we are scared of. Send your suggestions on who I should be interviewing to yukari@yukaripeerless.ca I'm @yukaripeerless on Instagram @YukariP on Twitter Happy listening!  --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/livingbrave/message


1 Jun 2020

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Crowning and Questioning with Christy Smith | Episode 3

The Cosmic Mama Podcast

Christy Smith set as her yearly intention to “to wisely question and joyfully Crown my full-spectrum Authority.”  In this time of Corona - the Crowning - I was curious to see what the wild and radiant being was picking up on way back in January.  Christy is a creator! A shamanic practitioner, tarot reader, and belly dancer. We don’t stay too focused but instead explore shadow work - “the Shadow She’s”, labyrinths as ritual, and how cyber trust is being tested in this current era of questioning big tech.  You can find more on Instagram @the_enrichment_project or online at www.enrichment-project.com Imagery by the gifted Lara @eye.of.iris_  Music by Jen Korte @ LadyGangMusic  If you’re liking what we’re bringing through, please consider sharing us with you enlightened star seed friends. --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/cosmicmamapodcast/message Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/cosmicmamapodcast/support


25 Apr 2020

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Eps. 150 Christy Smith, Democratic Candidate for the 25th Congressional District

The Talk of Santa Clarita

This is Episode 150 a Special Corona Virus edition with the Democratic candidate for the 25th Congressional District Special Election and General Election race, California Assemblymember Christy Smith.As an Assemblymember Christy Smith represents the 38th District. Now, she is running to represent a larger population in the 25th Congressional race with hopes of replacing Katie Hill. This is an extremely interesting race to watch. Christy is not as progressive as Katie Hill. Ironically though, Katie Hill ran a campaign using the color purple to emphasize that she would listen to both her blue and red constituents. This is actually a better description of Christy Smith.Smith is known for carefully considering several different aspects of a bill before voting for it. She pays attention to the facts before she makes a decision, and she doesn’t necessarily think about whether that decision is blue or red. She even received flack from several progressives for not being “progressive enough.” Whether that’s true or not is completely relative on who you are. Smith is a Democrat and believes in Democratic ideas and principles and, she has a proven track record of getting things done in Sacramento. She has gotten (I believe the number is) 12 bills signed into law in less than two years serving in the Assembly. What’s interesting about this race though is the contrast between Smith and her Republican opponent Mike Garcia and how the district feels about each of them and what they represent. This district as of right now has more registered Democrats than Republicans but the amount of “declined to state party preference” voters is large in this district. So, with that in mind, it’s anybody’s game. But Mike Garcia has been running a race loyal to conservatives, Republicans and Donald Trump although Trump lost the 25th district in 2016 and I think it’s safe to say part of Katie Hill’s success was based on a lot of anti-Trump sentiment which already existed in the 25th. Conversely, Christy Smith has been running a very traditional Democratic campaign almost to a cookie cutter level which has created some criticism toward her for not standing out as a candidate. Who will win? You tell me. Do you know a lot of people who have changed their opinion about Trump? Do you think that the majority of “decline to state” voters lean left or lean right? How many Democrats do you know who vote regularly? Do you know more that are Republicans? Do you think people vote party preference or on the person that is running? And who in the world is responsible for Bruce Springsteen giving up Twinkies? All I can say at this point is remember, there are two elections. The first is a vote by mail this May to decide which candidate will finish out Katie Hill’s term and then another one in November to determine who will represent the 25th District for the next Congressional term. It’s up to you to decide so please remember to vote. As far as which way the election will go, I’m still trying to work on answering the Twinkie question. One last thing, as of April 6th, Mike Garcia has consented to do another appearance on the Talk of Santa Clarita next week. Barring a major life event, I will do everything I can to put it up as fast as possibleClick on the link below to see a video version of the podcast:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6-6uFhK3JUk

1hr 26mins

7 Apr 2020