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Dolores Huerta: Yes She Did!


Grassroots organizer Dolores Huerta talks to Kim about her first encounter with the deep poverty of California farmworkers in the 1950s, and how she took on the status quo (in a wrinkled sweater) during the landmark Delano Grape Strike. All the time, she fought on two fronts: resisting exploitation and also resisting sexism, sometimes from within the very labor movement she helped to launch. See the portraits we discuss: Huerta with ‘Huelga’ Sign Huerta at Delano Grape Strike Huerta with Fred Ross Huerta by Barbara Carrasco Gloria Steinem and Dorothy Pitman Hughes


17 May 2022

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Dolores Huerta on organizing, motherhood and ‘sexual coercion’ in her labor rights movement

Art of Power

She helped organize one of the largest labor movements in history, but her name is often left out of the narrative. As an organizer in the 1960s, Dolores Huerta says it was not always easy to assert her power.“As a woman, I had to do something about the way the women were being treated,” she told Art of Power’s Aarti Shahani.Huerta explains how she raised 11 children in voluntary poverty while leading a nationwide civil rights battle (01:45). She dissects the mechanics of the famous 1965 Delano grape boycott, including how she allied with some of America’s biggest leaders (13:50). And for the first time, she reveals how higher-ups within the organization handled an alleged case of what she calls “sexual coercion” less than gracefully (30:40).


28 Apr 2022

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Dolores Huerta: How to Lead a Movement

Why Am I Telling You This? with Bill Clinton

Throughout American history, progress has never come easily, as we’ve been reminded repeatedly over the last few years. It requires hard work, persistence, and passionate individuals banding together to support causes they believe in. Few people know that better than Dolores Huerta, the trailblazing civil rights and labor movement leader who helped farm workers find their voice and power by organizing a strike and boycott among California grape workers in the 1960s in response to horrific working and living conditions. Despite violent backlash, the workers’ steadfast determination over the next five years resulted in health benefits, higher wages, and better, safer living and working conditions. Sixty years ago, along with Cesar Chavez, Huerta formed the National Farm Workers Association—which later became what is currently America’s most enduring agricultural union, the United Farm Workers. As a direct result of her leadership in the American Labor Movement, countless people have been able to better support themselves and their families and have earned the treatment of respect and dignity they deserve. She has remained on the front lines of nearly every progressive social movement since. On this episode, Huerta shares with President Clinton her remarkable life story, the experiences she had as a young person that shaped her into a trailblazing activist, and how today—at 92 years old—she still has the motivation and commitment to make a positive difference on women's rights, immigrant rights, labor rights, voting rights, and civil rights through the Dolores Huerta Foundation.See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


21 Apr 2022

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SMNTY Classics: Dolores Huerta's Grassroots Legacy

Stuff Mom Never Told You

Labor and Chicano civil rights activist Dolores Huerta made history organizing underpaid farmworkers and exposing the plight of the people who feed American families. Cristen and Caroline celebrate her grassroots passion that defied gender and cultural barriers and continues to inspire in this classic episode. Learn more about your ad-choices at https://www.iheartpodcastnetwork.comSee omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


26 Feb 2022

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Scott Galloway and Dolores Huerta on Saying Hard Things

Kelly Corrigan Wonders

Scott Galloway repeatedly asks us to square our worship of technology and innovators with what we know is and is not good for us and society. He wants us to face the slow but certain damage we allow corporations to inflict, every day, on our kids and ourselves. Standing on a firm foundation of facts and insight, he asks the hardest and most consequential questions of our time. Dolores Huerta worked side by side with Cesar Chavez for decades. She stood next to Robert Kennedy the night he was shot. She convinced 18 million people to boycott grapes. These back to back conversations, recorded on the set of Kelly’s PBS show, Tell Me More, are part wake up call and part roadmap. To watch all episodes of Tell Me More, go to pbs.org/kelly.


22 Feb 2022

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Dolores Huerta & Tom Steyer, A Conversation

Just & Sustainable Economy Podcast

Today's episode of the Just & Sustainable Economy Podcast comes from our 2017 archives, featuring Labor and Civil Rights Icon Dolores Huerta of The Dolores Huerta Foundation and philanthropist, co-founder of ASBN member company Beneficial State Bank, and founder of NextGen America, Tom Steyer. The conversation was spurred by the documentary film DOLORES, which was screening in festivals at the time and premiered just a few months later. The documentary is a portrait of activist icon Dolores Huerta, who tirelessly led the fight for racial and labor justice. You can find and watch the film at PBS online by searching DOLORES documentary. 


2 Feb 2022

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Dolores Huerta Middle School Alumni Webinar About DEI

Many Windows

1hr 17mins

11 Oct 2021

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216: Dolores Huerta

The Issue Is

Elex speaks with longtime activist and labor leader Dolores Huerta ask she discusses her work with Cesar Chavez and RFK.


25 Sep 2021

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"I'll Do as Much As I Can As Long As I Can" with Dolores Huerta

70 Over 70

Dr. La Verne Ford Wimberly shares her advice on how to look your best no matter your age.Then Max talks to activist Dolores Huerta about where she finds the motivation to keep fighting for civil rights at age 91 and the one simple act we can all take to change the world. --Know someone who should be on 70 Over 70? We’re looking for all types of stories and people to feature at the top of the show. To nominate yourself or someone else, email 70over70@pineapple.fm or call 302-659-7070 and tell us your name, age, where you’re from and what you want to talk about. To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: https://www.audacyinc.com/privacy-policy Learn more about your ad choices. Visit https://podcastchoices.com/adchoices


10 Aug 2021

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Dolores Huerta & Camila Chavez: Weaving Movements and Empowering Communities

Madam Policy

For our inaugural episode, it's an honor to host Dolores Huerta, American labor leader and civil rights activist, and Camila Chavez, Executive Director of the Dolores Huerta Foundation. Your hosts Dee Martin and Yasmin Nelson lead this discussion on intergenerational organizing, Dolores' and Camila's legacy of empowered communities, and much more.


23 Jun 2021