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20 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Marc Bubbs. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Marc Bubbs, often where they are interviewed.

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20 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Marc Bubbs. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Marc Bubbs, often where they are interviewed.

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The New Science of Athletic Performance with Dr. Marc Bubbs

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First off, go get Marc's book "PEAK" ! You won't be disappointed!

Dr. Marc Bubbs ND, MSc, CISSN, CSCS is a Naturopathic Doctor, consultant Performance Nutritionist for Canada Basketball and ALTIS. Speaker and former Strength Coach.

We were lucky enough for him to jump on all the way from London to discuss the book and the new science that is revolutionizing sports!


Mitch- We read you’re the performance nutrition lead for Canada Basketball, what does that entail?

Zach- Tell us about why you chose Sleep, microbiome and blood sugar as the foundation of your book

Mitch- How to build the athlete microbiome? And how to restore your gut while prioritizing performance?

Zach- Walk us through to impact of blood sugar levels and performance and on longevity

Mitch- Can you explain the Train low, sleep low, fueling strategy and the non-traditional fueling methods?

Zach- Athlete immunity. What are some of the best ways to build immune system.

Mtich- Can you explain Athlete recovery monitoring- How to use HRV and what it is?

Zach- Brain health solutions

Mitch- Emotions and mindset- Why self compassion is key to Performance

More from Marc:



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Aug 31 2020 · 43mins
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Doing the Minimum to Achieve the Maximum – Interview with Dr Marc Bubbs

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Angela is with Dr Marc Bubbs who works with professional sports teams, leaders and is author of ‘Peak The New Science of Athletic Performance That is Revolutionizing Sports’

They discuss his holistic approach to performance, nutrition and mindset and the important lessons that can be learnt from those who are successful high performers.

Being consistent in your approach is a key in the journey to optimising all aspects of your health and well-being and Dr Marc shares great information and advice on how to achieve good nutrition and a positive mindset.


  • There is much to be learnt from those who are successfully high performing.
  • Being consistent is a fundamental element.
  • When you are organising your time schedule activities at the times you are most likely to achieve them consistently.
  • Minimum effective resistance exercise is 10 sets per body part each week.
  • Always think ‘what’s the minimum I have to do for the maximum benefit?’
  • Diversity is key for optimising your microbiome.
  • Fitness helps to build gut bacteria and eating more real food and a greater variety of food will support diverse gut bacteria.
  • Protein is vital because when we take in protein we also take in minerals and vitamins.
  • Discipline needs to be used to create good habits.
  • The difference in skills between top athletes is very minimal it’s ultimately about mindset.
  • As humans, we default to negative thoughts and when life gets busy you need to train your mindset to be positive and this can be achieved through affirmations.
  • It’s important to understand how you view things is a trainable skill.
  • The brain defaults to thinking negative thoughts and affirmations can be used to effectively change the way you view things.
  • Affirmations can be short and about what you want to happen, taking less than a minute. They have a positive compound effect on the way your brain works.
  • What you eat and how you move are the key to having a better life.


‘50% of what we buy is ultra-processed’

‘The principle of consuming more real food is the start of achieving better nutrition’

‘It’s important to understand how your view things is a trainable skill’


High Performance Health podcast series\

Transform your sleep

DNA optimization

High Performance website

Peak The New Science of Athletic Performance That is Revolutionizing Sports by Dr Marc Bubbs

Dr Bubbs website


Angela Foster

Angela is a Nutritionist, Health and Performance Coach. She is also the Founder and CEO of My DNA Edge, an Exclusive Private Membership Site giving individuals the tools and bio hacks needed to optimise their genetic expression for optimal health and performance.

After recovering from a serious illness in 2014, Angela left the world of Corporate Law with a single mission in mind:

To inspire and educate others to live an energetic, healthful and limitless life.

Angela believes that we can truly have it all and has spent the last 5 years researching the habits and routines of high performers, uncovering age-old secrets, time-honoured holistic practices and modern science to create a blueprint for Optimal Human Performance.





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Aug 24 2020 · 53mins

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IMTalk Episode 714 - Dr Marc Bubbs

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This week we have an interview with Dr Marc Bubbs. He is the author of Peak: The New Science of Athletic Performance that is Revolutionizing Sports.

We also have News, Discussion of the Week, Website of the Week and Q&As. 

Apr 13 2020 · 1hr 24mins
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638: Dr Marc Bubbs on Pro-Athlete & CEO Nutrition Protocols

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This week we welcome high performance nutrition coach Marc Bubbs. Marc is an expert in optimising performance by the food and supplements we put in our bodies.
Tune in to hear the key protocols and supplements Marc uses to enhance performance.
Marc's Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/drbubbs/?hl=enMarc's Website - https://drbubbs.com/about/marcbubbs
Our episode sponsors - https://themindmuscleproject.com/partners
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Mar 29 2020 · 1hr 9mins

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195: Dr. Marc Bubbs on Gut-Biomes, “Phone-Vacations,” Sleep and a “Human First” Perspective to Athletic Performance | Sponsored by SimpliFaster

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Today’s episode features Marc Bubbs, naturopathic doctor, performance nutritionist, and author of the best-selling new book "PEAK - The New Science of Athletic Performance That Is Revolutionizing Sport." An integrated and personalized approach to health, nutrition, training, recovery and mindset.

Marc currently serves as the Performance Nutrition Lead for the Canadian Men's National Basketball Team and has a portfolio of elite and professional athletes in Canada, USA, UK and Europe.  He is also the host of the Dr. Bubbs Performance Podcast, bringing together insights from world-leading experts in health, nutrition, training, recovery and mindset.

Having better health (things such as having good nutrition, a diverse gut-biome, strong immune system, adequate sleep and a de-stressed mind) is impactful for not only athletes, but the general population, and is therefore a distinctly “human” element of the human -> athlete -> specialist sequence.  When it comes to athletics, however, markers of health are not always put as much of a priority compared to training methods and sport skills.  As Mark mentions on the show, consistency as a result of good health is very important when it comes to achieving better training over a period of time.

Topics on this episode include the essential elements of a health-centered approach to athletics and human performance, including sleep, gut-biome & nutrition, mental training and mindfulness in a “screen-time” age, and even concepts on team cohesion revolving around food and nutrition.  This is a podcast that not only helps to fill those gaps between training and the human being, but also is one that helps us to continually have a “human first”, “athlete second” perspective that is so important to the well-being of those we serve in the field.

Today’s episode is brought to you by SimpliFaster, supplier of high-end athletic development tools, such as the Freelap timing system, kBox, Sprint 1080, and more.
Timestamps and Main Points

3:40 Marc’s background in the industry of health and athletics

6:10 The crossover between health and fitness/performance and importance of consistency

10:20 When health related decisions (e.g. sleep and nutrition) really start showing up for athletes in their performance

14:40 How cooking, food and the related community is an important part of team  culture and cohesion in sports

19:25 The “triage” list in starting to work with an athlete on prioritizing health before training modalities, and all this well before recovery modalities (Penfold’s pyramid)

24:55 Sleep debt and athletic performance

34:10 How humming and singing provides beneficial adaptations to the human body and can create more grounds for group cohesion

36:10 The importance of one’s gut microbiome in health and human performance

49:40 Mental and psychological training and relaxation methods for athletes
“When we look at some of the research around national to international competitors (in endurance sports), we see that international level competitors get sick 40% less than national level competitors, so if you can just show up every day in the gym or not miss practice, and just not miss days, at the end of that year or block of four years you are going to be that much further ahead than the competition”

"If you have got a 44” vertical leap and are the fastest guy on the floor, do we really need all these other things, or is just keeping you healthy enough to show up every day the key performance lever?”

“In the UK, half of the grocery bill is spent on processed foods…. If you head to Paris, only 14% is spent on processed foods”

“A lot of (team culture) starts with food (sitting at the dinner table together)”

“The night before a game, athletes tend not to sleep well”

“If a guy is getting less than 6.5 and gets his sleep up to 7.5, he can improve his testosterone by 10-15%”

“Nowadays, everyone is lying there,
Mar 26 2020 · 58mins
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Become a Better Triathlete in 63 Minutes with Dr. Marc Bubbs

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Dr. Marc Bubbs is the author of a book every triathlete needs to read. PEAK: The New Science of Athletic Performance, details the items all endurance athletes (and any athlete for that matter) need to take seriously -- and what new fads (and old standbys) really don't amount to anything for improved performance.  We talk sleep, supplements, food, and more.

Feb 23 2020 · 1hr 3mins
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Dr. Marc Bubbs – Fat Loss – 005

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Dr. Marc Bubbs is a licensed Naturopathic Doctor, Performance Nutrition Lead for Canada Basketball Team, speaker, and former strength coach.
He is the author of the new book Peak: The new science of athletic performance that is revolutionizing sports – An integrated and personalized approach to health, nutrition, training, recovery and mindset.
Marc also hosts the Dr. Bubbs Performance Podcast, connecting listeners with world-leading experts in human performance and health. Dr. Bubbs regularly presents at health, fitness and medical conferences across North America, UK and Europe and consults with a portfolio of professional athletes and teams. He practices in both Toronto, Canada and London, England. 
Learn more about Dr. Bubbs at DrBubbs.com
Find his book and services at AthleteEvolution.org
Listen to the Dr. Bubbs Performance Podcast
Find Dr. Bubbs on Twitter @DrBubbs
Find Dr. Bubbs on Facebook @DrBubbs
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Oct 29 2019 · 29mins
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Episode 208- Dr. Marc Bubbs- Strategies For Fueling Athletes

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“The research is pretty clear, elite performance is incomparable with frequent illness.” “You’re either there, or you’re not there yet. If you’re not there yet you’ve got to keep putting the work in.” This episode of The Podcast is brought to you by Exxentric, the makers of the kBox and kPulley. Exxentric is the world leader in fly wheel training technology providing multiple pieces to fit your budget and needs to better serve your athletes. North American customers looking for more info should contact Andreas at andreas.ahlstrom@exxentric.com or 503-739-1391. All others, or to learn more about the kBox, kPulley and flywheel training, please go to their website at: https://exxentric.com/. Today I get to sit down and discuss ways of keeping our athletes healthy and fueling strategies with Dr. Marc Bubbs. After a quick intro Dr. Bubbs shares with us what his primary objectives are when working with the Canadian Basketball team. He then shares with us the pillars of his nutrition program including the role and impact of processed foods, meal timing, and different ways we can work with our athletes so they can make better fueling decisions. Next, we discuss the theory of social jet lag and how that impacts their scheduling and some considerations we should have because of this theory. Make sure you check out his book PEAK here: https://drbubbs.com/peak We are hoping to provide the best possible content for strength coaches with each of our shows. If feel this could provide value for anyone else in the strength and conditioning field please feel free to share Enjoy the content? Then you should check out The Strength Coach Network! We built The Strength Coach Network to provide you three ways become the best practitioner possible. First, each month we add a new lecture from one of the best practitioners in the world to help keep you and your staff up to date with what the best of the best are doing with their athletes RIGHT NOW! Secondly, the forum provides you a new avenue to connect with practitioners around the world to find a unique point of view from coaches all over the world when it comes to career advice, training ideas, or any aspect of our lives in coaching. Finally, you get exclusive discounts on all products CVASPS related, INCLUDING your seat at The Seminar! When you add those three in with our library of over 100 sensational lectures, including all of those from The Central Virginia Sport Performance Seminar, you have found your one stop shop for continuing education for you and your staff. Make sure you hop over today and get your first 48 hours for only $1 by using the link here: https://strengthcoachnetwork.com/cvasps/ #StrengthCoach, #StrengthAndConditioningCoach, #Podcast, #LearningAtLunch, #TheSeminar, #SportsTraining, #PhysicalPreparation, #TheManual, #SportTraining, #SportPerformance, #HumanPerformance, #StrengthTraining, #SpeedTraining, #Training, #Coach, #Performance, #Sport, #HighPerformance, #VBT, #VelocityBasedTraining, #TriphasicTraining, #Plyometrics
Oct 22 2019 · 33mins
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Episode 112: Train Your Mind: How to Get Mentally Fit with Dr. Marc Bubbs

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Dr. Marc Bubbs, ND, CISSN, CSCS is a former strength coach and the current Performance Nutrition Lead for Canada Basketball.

He's written the new book Peak: The New Science of Athletic Performance That is Revolutionizing Sports that discusses:

  • The microbiome and how to resolve gut problems
  • Sleep hygiene and circadian rhythms
  • Endurance nutrition and refueling
  • Emotions and mindset

He regularly presents at health and medical conferences around the world and has consulted with the NBA, MLB, NFL, and NHL professional sports leagues in the United States.

On the Strength Running Podcast, we're discussing a host of issues related to mastering your mindset:

  • How to use mindfulness to improve your running
  • Mindfulness tips & tricks (not so easy in today's social media culture)
  • Strategies for addressing negative self-talk
  • How mental and emotional health drives performance
  • Easy ways to get started with sports psychology concepts

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Oct 10 2019 · 55mins
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#51. Dr. Greg Wells on The Path to Personal Mastery with Dr. Marc Bubbs

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Hey everyone welcome back!

Today I'm sharing with you a conversation I had with Dr. Marc Bubbs, a Naturopathic Doctor, Master of Science, Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach, Speaker, and Performance Nutrition Lead for Basketball Canada. He's also the author of the book Peak: The new science of performance that is revolutionizing sports - An integrated and personalized approach to athlete health, nutrition, recovery and mindset. He's a regular contributor to Breaking Muscle and a nutrition advisory board member for Strong Magazine. He's been working with athletes, active people, and clients striving to improve their health for almost two decades, using an evidence-based approach to nutrition, movement, and lifestyle modifications. Dr. Bubbs regularly consults with teams in the NBA, the NFL, the NHL, and the MLB - making him one of the few professionals who is a sports science consultant in all four professional sports leagues in North America.

We had a great conversation about human performance, how to go from distraction to focus, priority management, and optimizing potential. So please enjoy my conversation with Dr. Marc Bubbs from The Performance Podcast. You can check out more of his podcasts and what he does at his website https://drbubbs.com.

Thanks for listening!


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Sep 03 2019 · 45mins