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#245 : The One Exercise That Solves Most Aches And Pains with Carl Reader

The Effortless Swimming Podcast

Carl Reader is joining us again in today's podcast episode. He is a Functional Movement Coach with a background in Exercise Physiology and Pilates. We will talk about the importance of upper and lower body connections and an exercise that can help you achieve better posture and mobility. 03:56 One Of The Best Ways To Get Your Body Connected 07:26 Case Study 1: Chronic Hip And Hamstring Problems 10:58 Case Study 2: Muscle Imbalance 12:08 Rotational Balance 13:41 Hip Flexor Tightness 17:45 Tight Hip Flexors Can Affect Breathing 18:53 Lack Of Shoulder Mobility 20:39 A Simple Exercise That Can Help You A Lot 21:55 Functional Movement Course 22:33 Get In Touch With Carl! 22:49 Coaching Online


19 Aug 2022

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#226 : Swimming (And Moving) Pain Free with Carl Reader

The Effortless Swimming Podcast

Carl Reader is coming back as our guest in today's podcast episode. We will talk about case studies of swimmers dealing with body pain and the best way to help them. 01:30 Neck and Shoulder Pain 04:56 Building That Core Strength 06:54 Body Awareness 09:27 Hamstring Injury 12:47 Rock And Roll Movement 14:33 Knee Injury 16:26 The Body Is Designed To Move 17:31 Lunge Exercises 20:16 The Beauty Of Functional Movements 22:41 Does Deep Tissue Massage Work?


5 Apr 2022

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Rheumatoid Arthritis Pain And Swelling Reduction - A Case Study With Carl Reader

The Rheumatoid Solutions Podcast

Carl Reader is a functional movement coach and long time friend of our community, and today he shares with us a case study of a patient with RA and the implications with his work.  For the transcription and for more helpful information visit http://www.rheumatoidsolutions.com Paddison Program for Rheumatoid Arthritis http://www.paddisonprogram.com/rheumatoid-arthritis Rheumatoid Support - http://www.rheumatoidsupport.com


4 Mar 2022

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#188: Functional Movement For Swimmers With Carl Reader

The Effortless Swimming Podcast

Joining us again is Carl Reader. He has a background in Exercise Physiology and Pilatesbut primarily working in Functional Movement. We recently created a course together which is Functional Movement for swimmers. in this course, Carl teaches you how to do some of the primary movements correctly that is going to help you as a swimmer. 3:47 Scientific But Not Functional 5:04 Injuries are Caused By Movements That Are Not Functional 6:16 Serape Effect 8:35 Shoulder Issues 10:07 How Much Does It Take For Someone To Make The Change 14:55 Core Strength And Squatting 18:24 Squatting Is The Body's Power Position 20:02 Swimmers And Squatting https://www.effortlessswimming.coach/functional-movement/ https://carlreadercoaching.com/


6 Aug 2021

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Barbers, Body Art and Learning How to BOSS IT with Small Business Expert Carl Reader

Financial Foreplay® Podcast


24 May 2021

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Season 1: Ep 34 | Carl Reader: Unorthodox routes to business success and anxiety of personal brands

The Live On Form Podcast

Carl Reader is a best-selling author and father of 5. We love him at HMN24 because, like the founders here, his route to business leadership has been unorthodox and across a broken road, full of setbacks and challenges. He has built a personal brand without being gimmicky or signalling virtue at every opportunity and he has written books on business whilst learning on the job and in his own time. We speak about starts in life, school, growing up quickly and how to navigate the toxic world of social media whilst using it to develop loyalty and credibility as a 40-something.CARL READER PODCAST SHOW NOTES:Getting started in business (3:30)Ability to sell (10:00)Challenges in business (17:30)Social media (26:00)Motivation behind book writing (35:00)Life balance, productivity and mental health (43:00)Accountability and control (48:00)Family life and wellness (51:00)Tattoos and trainers (56:00)Connect with Carl:WebsiteFacebookInstagramTwitterLinked In 


20 May 2021

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Episode 58 Bookkeepers' Bootcamp: Overcoming adversity with Carl Reader

The Bookkeepers' Podcast

Episode 58 24/3/2021As part of The Bookkeepers' Bootcamp Jo Wood and Zoe Whitman were joined by guest expert Carl Reader. They covered how to overcome adversity.If you have FOMO then get yourself over to The 6 Figure Bookkeepers' Club, Bookkeepers' Bootcamp is running until 28th March, and guess what? It's free!!!Here's the link to the group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/6figurebookkeeperIt's not too late to sign up here: https://www.6figurebookkeeper.com/bootcampTo find out more about our 6 Month Success Programme follow this link: https://6figurebookkeeper.thinkific.com/bundles/6monthDon't forget if you enjoy our podcasts please subscribe

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26 Mar 2021

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35. How to BOSS IT in your finance career and make it your own; Presenting Carl Reader

Presenting Finance with Alexandra Bond Burnett

Today Alex speaks with Carl Reader who as a public speaker, three-time author, accountant, and regular commentator in the news as a lot to share about influence, finance and how he has found his own way of making an impact on the world.  In the interview we discuss:   How he won the postcode lottery and was gifted a grammar school education, but "pissed it away".  How after getting his first job in accountancy he HATED is, realised due his ADHD was an asset and carved out his own carved out my own career by going out and meeting with clients. That technical wizardry isn't going to help your finance career, but the human touch and the conversations and the translation will How he finished his latest book BOSS IT just as the pandemic was starting, and the principles he shares for startups quickly became a bestselling guide for existing businesses needing to change quickly Find Carl Here:  @https://twitter.com/CarlReader @ https://www.instagram.com/carlreader/ Read Boss it: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Boss-Control-Your-Time-Income/dp/1789666414


10 Mar 2021

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Find better control over your business growth through focus with Carl Reader

My Quest for the Best with Bill Ringle

Carl Reader, author of Boss It: Control Your Time, Your Income and Your LifeBill Ringle and Carl Reader discussed the mistakes and course corrections needed for small business leaders to succeed as their business evolves from one major stage to the next, such as start-up to growth stage, or growth to hypergrowth. >>> Visit MyQuestforTheBest.com for complete show notes and more expert advice and inspiring stories to propel your small business growth. My Quest for the Best is a top-rated small business podcast with over 300 episodes of thought-provoking and insightful interviews with today’s top thought leaders and business experts. Host Bill Ringle’s mission with this show is to provide the strategies, insights, and resources that will unlock the growth potential of your business through these powerful conversations.Interview InsightsTop 3 Takeaways from this InterviewIt is the human-to-human interaction that matters the most in business relations.In order to scale your business higher, shift your mindset from operator to leader.It is important to reconcile your business ambitions with your personal goals.Read the Show Notes from this EpisodeCarl talks about how his father and how he lived his life inspired Carl growing up. [00:57]An example of how to convey the importance of keeping a network. [02:48]The importance of staying connected and adapting to the many changes in our work and even personal life during the pandemic. [06:04]Carl shares his reason and purpose for why he started his business. [09:48]How to structure a business to get more value from it. [12:43]My Quest for the Best Lightning Round begins [17:21]Expert BioCarl Reader is a regular small business commentator among UK national newspapers, TV channels and radio stations.He has sat on all sides of the table – as a founder, an advisor, an entrepreneur, and an investor; and retains his position of Joint Chairman at d&t.He currently serves as an ambassador to IPSE, the trade body for the self-employed in the UK and US, and as the Chair of the Practitioners Panel of the ACCA.Previously, he has served as board director of the British Franchise Association, amongst other not-for-profit and charitable efforts. He speaks widely to small business audiences, helping them understand that business isn’t difficult. It’s hard work, but it isn’t difficult.Contact Info and Social Media for Carl ReaderPrimary WebsiteTravels from: London, EnglandConnect on Twitter | LinkedIn | FacebookResources Mentioned During the InterviewBelow are key people, places, books, quotes, websites and other resources that we discussed so you can explore further.Michael Lee Gerber's principle of entrepreneurial manager technician.Published by Carl Reader


8 Mar 2021

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Health, Mobility and Flexibility, Carl Reader and Simon Severino | STRATEGY SPRINTS™ 214

Strategy Sprints

MY FREE ONLINE COURSES🚀 Productivity Masterclass https://youtu.be/ipP0FmQVuXM🎬 Live Sales Funnel Coaching https://www.strategysprints.com/blog/live-sales-funnel-coaching📈 Brand Sprint https://www.strategysprints.com/blog/the-3-hour-brand-sprintOTHER RECOMMENDED TOOLS🚀 Increase competitive advantage https://www.stratetegysprints.com/tools🌍 Double your sales https://www.stratetegysprints.com/tools👊 Get better clients https://www.stratetegysprints.com/toolsBE MY FRIEND🌍 My website / blog https://www.stratetegysprints.com/articles📸 Instagram - https://instagram.com/strategysprints😃 Linkedin - https://linkedin.com/in/simonseverinoWHO AM I:I'm Simon Severino, CEO of Strategy Sprints (https://www.stratetegysprints.com) and I write a weekly email newsletter that shares productivity and business growth advice https://bit.ly/30dPYBb.GET IN TOUCH:😃 If you’d like to talk, I’d love to hear from you: https://instagram.com/strategysprints🌍 My website / blog https://www.stratetegysprints.com/articles


17 Feb 2021