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Entrepreneurs Living Wealthy | Motivation & Strategies for Small Business Owners!

Inspired by the likes of Steve Jobs, Simon Sinek, Napoleon Hill, Michael Gerber, Dale Carnagie and more... Derick Van Ness and Meghan Pope discuss business strategies, life success, and how to find happiness with some of the smartest (and quirkiest) entrepreneurs and business leaders on the planet! Whether you own a small business, are a solopreneur, work from home, or are looking to start up your own company and be self employed, you'll get inspiration, motivation, and (most importantly) nuts & bolts advice on how successful entrepreneurs think, act, make money, and grow wealthy!Whether you're into real estate, making money online, art, or a more traditional brick and mortar business - there is something on the show for YOU!

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041 Baseball Enthusiast and Entrepreneur Patrick Durkee

Baseball enthusiast and entrepreneur Patrick Durkee talks about how he’s taken his passion and turned it into a fun game for other baseball fans across the country. He specifically talks about working with the Major League Baseball Players Association and what it takes to realistically build a relationship with such a huge organization. He also shares how his passion has been able to get him through the hard times and why doing what you love for a living is so important to him. Follow On Twitter Follow On Facebook Support Platinum Series Baseball on IndieGoGo


27 Apr 2015

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045 Asit Parikh Building the Tesla of Houses

Asit Parikh is many things, but in our minds he’s first and foremost an innovator and visionary. In today's episode he shares all of his background in business on the show, but he also talks in depth about a passion project that I think might be one step toward changing the world. He and his family have created a house that has a net positive in energy… In other words, its not just green building or environmentally friendly construction; it actually produces more energy than it consumes. Meet the creator of the 'Tesla of Homes' and hear about working with family, making career changes, and developing new technology in a world that's used to doing things the same old, single-bottom-line way. LinkedIn:   http://linkd.in/1rronGi Twitter:     @NYApartmentGuru Nest Seekers On Facebook https://www.nestseekers.com/agent/asit-parikh


5 Aug 2015

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049 Kim Grustas Starting Locally to Think Globally

On Episode 49, Kim Grustas teaches us how to 'turn off the noise' so we can save time, communicate efficiently and, best of all, hear where our genuine good sense and experience wants to take us. Kim has been in the natural products industry for 20 years. Prior to launching Good For You Girls in 2007, she owned an advertising firm that specialized in sports nutrition and beauty. Having been involved in the industry before green was “cool”, Kim has first-hand knowledge of where the industry has been and recognizes exciting trends for the future. Her own daughters were the inspiration for Good for You Girls, because they were both born with asthma and allergies. Natural was a way of life for her family, but as her daughters got older and their needs changed she could not find any products she felt were safe, age appropriate or effective for them. Girls today face so many challenging issues, and Kim believes that dodging toxic chemicals should not be one of them. First and foremost, Kim is unyielding when it comes to protecting her daughters and wants other moms to feel comfort knowing that Good For You Girls products will help their daughters navigate through some of life’s most challenging years by building confidence and fostering self-love.

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28 Sep 2015

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046 Sonya Genel Intuiting the Next Steps

Sonya Genel joyfully embraces the power of yoga, not only to heal and transform the body, but also to heighten human consciousness and create a radiant life. We embrace Sonya's real-world, 'use-them-now' insights, as we discusses intuitive decision-making, fearless business building, and running your enterprise the way you run your life. Sonya is an accredited yoga instructor, artist and solopreneur who is mastering the mission of blending personal passion with enterprise.  Whether your at the "early CEO" stage of performing every role and relishing in every possibility, or feeling fear around your own (perfectly normal) limitations, Sonya's incredible perspective, total faith in trusting yourself and calm acceptance of success or struggle will help you look at your efforts in a new light. 


12 Aug 2015

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044 Santo Mollica Manhattan Business Legend & Owner of "The Source"

Santo Mollica has owned a print, copy, and design shop since 1982 in the heart of the East Village in Manhattan. In spite of bigger businesses like FedEx and Staples, and in the face of rising rents and the challenges of being a small business in a huge and competitive city, he's found a way to thrive and even helped pave the way for other small businesses with his landmark court case that set precedent in the state of New York. In today's humorous and inspiring episode Santo shares how to find your place in a competitive marketplace, why bigger isn't always better, and what you can do to create a business that fits your lifestyle. www.thesourceunltd.com The Source UNLTD On Facebook Santo@sourceunltd.com


29 Jul 2015

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042 Fitness Expert and Gym Owner Randy Hartz

Randy Hartz has seen more ups and downs than most people on the planet but he's managed to use his mindset to build his small business into a powerful example of positive company culture. Randy shares how to be a leader in your business and why it is the key to creating a company culture and mindset for success in everything you do. His fitness and nutrition business are the fruits of his entrepreneurial mindset, but its his firm conviction and infectious style of leadership that makes it all work!


8 May 2015

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040 Psychologist and Author: Bryce Bentley Summers

Bryce Summers is a psychologist, author, and founder of Queer Sense. Queer Sense is a theory that teaches acceptance of the LGBT community by fostering awareness of how culture shapes attitudes towards LGBT people. Bryce has authored eight fictional novels with five that are currently out on Amazon, and upon completion, Bryce plans to promote his Queer Sense book to help build a bridge from tolerance to full acceptance of the queer community. www.twitter.com/queersensebook https://www.facebook.com/brycebentleysummers Support Queer Sense on IndieGoGo: Queer Sense on IndieGoGo listen on ITunes listen on Stitcher


22 Apr 2015

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039 Make More Money in Your Business

Every small business owner and entrepreneur is always looking for ways to make more money with their business. The problem is that most of us limit our thinking to methods or ideas that already exist within the business. We ask questions like: How do I get more customers? How can I generate more leads for my business? Or how can I increase my conversion rate and close more sales? None of these is a bad question, but learning to play the game differently can fundamentally change the way you think about your business and how you can make more money starting immediately. On today's short call, Derick Van Ness will teach you some new ways to think about making more!


13 Apr 2015

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038 Career Expert & Online Entrepreneur: Anna Runyan Founder of Classy Career Girl

Ever wonder how to build a business that meets the lifestyle you want?  Anna Runyan has figured out how to do what you love for a living, whether in a corporate career or with your own small business - and on today's show she shares how she's been able to create her online business from scratch. Of course she'll also share some of the challenges in starting a business from home, how to manager work / life balance, and how to get noticed and stand out from the crowd with your business. Anna Runyan is the founder of ClassyCareerGirl.com, a Dream Career Launchpad For Ambitious Women.  A former Corporate Consultant and MBA grad, she now helps women get unstuck, ditch their current jobs and transition into their dream careers or businesses in 90 days or less. She provides career and business coaching to over 25,000 women on her blog and her social media channels. This successful entrepreneurial mother and wife is best known for her two signature best-selling programs: “The Love Your Career Formula” and “The Corporate Rescue Plan” with clients enrolled from all over the world. www.classycareergirl.com facebook.com/theclassycareergirl twitter.com/classycareer


8 Apr 2015

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036 How to Launch a New Business and Build Your Brand

Starting a new business can be daunting and scary if you’ve never done it before, but with the right support it doesn’t have to be. In today’s episode Meghan Pope joins Derick Van Ness to share how to start a new business and build your brand so that you’ll stand out in the marketplace. At ELW, we’ve been listening to entrepreneurs who are asking how to make their small business grow and thrive in today’s world of marketing, technology, and rapid change. Among other topics we’ll dive deeply into the nuts and bolts of how to build your company’s brand, how to attract good employees, and what to look for in strategic partnerships with your business. These are all themes that small business owners face when launching a new business, and today we’ve got some answers for you and will share how we’re dealing with the same issues with this podcast. If you want help with launching your new idea or business, visit: http://ready.elwpodcast.com for a complimentary consultation. 


31 Mar 2015

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035 Financial Advocate for Business Owners Garrett Gunderson

NY Times Best Selling Author, Entrepreneur, and Financial Advocate for Business Owner are just a few of the titles that decorate Garrett Gunderson. His companies have been on the Inc. 500 and Utah 50 Fastest Growing Companies, he’s been featured on many major financial television networks, and is a regular contributor for Entrepreneur.com and the Huffington Post. In this episode Garrett shares his wisdom in talking about how make better decisions for your business and life, what taught him how to say ‘No’ to the wrong opportunities, and how following your purpose isn’t fluffy, it’s actually at the heart of long term success. Garrett is also going to be a regular contributor for the show sharing how entrepreneurs can use better financial strategy and understanding to make better investments, save money on taxes, streamline their cash flow and more! Also, there is some good quote info about 19 minutes into the show about the "2 paths" Website: www.WealthFactory.comhttps://www.facebook.com/wealthfactory


27 Mar 2015

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033 How to Break Through Invisible Barriers in Your Business

As an entrepreneur we often wonder why we are doing all of the ‘right things’ but not getting the results we want in our business (or our lives). We continue to do things the best we know how, but feel stuck and frustrated. This episode is how to achieve at a higher level than ever before. Derick Van Ness will talk about why you are stuck and how to break out of a rut in your business. He will share what the Dunning-Krueger effect is, and how you can use it to see beyond your current way of operating your business. This episode is business tips and entrepreneurial advice you can take to the bank!


16 Mar 2015

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032 Dental Advocate, Author, & Speaker Gary Kadi

Gary Kadi has studied everthing from direct mail marketing to franchises to business models that work and beyond.  His specialty now is helping dental and medical professionals to grow their businesses in integrity while helping their patients get healthier.   He shares his deeply personal experiences and insights of how he overcame challenges with alcohol, what he learned from losing a business, and the stunning realization allowing him to unconditionally love his autistic son. All of these life lessons are universally useful to business owners, entrepreneurs, or anyone who wants to be a better human. Gary shares so many business & life tips and insight that it would be hard to cover them all here, but rest assured this is an interview you don’t want to miss!


13 Mar 2015

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030 Millennial Entreprenuer and Youth Speaker Kelly Lovell

22 year old entrepreneur, volunteer, and award winning speaker, Kelly Lovell, is changing the face of doing business in the new economy. She shares how Millennials and Generation Z think and what they are looking for with their careers and employment. Kelly also discussed how to get young people involved in their community, volunteerism, and becoming entrepreneurs from an early age. Her insights on how to think like the younger generation, how to inspire young people in today's world, and what she sees as the key to finding your passion in life are all extraordinary and thought provoking.


9 Mar 2015

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028 Sales Engine Founder & Marketing Specialist Paul Rafferty

Marketing specialist Paul Rafferty lays bare some of his insights on what it takes to acquire customers and stand out in today’s marketplace. His story of starting Sales Engine International in his home office and how finding the right partnership is inspiring and insightful. Paul discusses nuts and bolts marketing strategies and answers some tough questions that might be asked on Shark Tank about how to tell if a business is on the road to success or failure. Don’t miss this in depth marketing and entrepreneurship conversation that will help any small business owner understand more about your own business on the road to success. http://www.salesenginemedia.com/


4 Mar 2015

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023 Real Estate Investor & Host of Cash Flow Diaries, J. Massey

Who is J. Massey? J. Massey is a husband, father, entrepreneur and full-time real estate investor/developer. A highly sought mentor who enjoys one-on-one coaching, J. earned a reputation in the world of real estate investing as someone skillful in identifying and solving problems. He has experience completing hundreds of real estate transactions in multiple states. He is also a landlord with more than 300 units in his portfolio. J. hosts the board game CASHFLOW 101 and is a master facilitator. Just being around him will improve your financial IQ. Why? He’ll ask you scenario-based questions that bring out your own critical thinking and creativity. J. has always been interested in business, investing and money. Prior to real estate investing, J. worked in the insurance and financial planning industry as a licensed representative with the National Association of Securities Dealers (NASD), the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), and the California Department of Insurance (CDI), and he was a Registered Investment Advisor Representative (RIAR). In his upcoming book, J. Massey’s CashFlow CREATION System: 10 Steps to Creating Wealth in ANY Economy! the author shares with you why he left his financial planning job and the stock market. J. takes readers along his personal journey over the past six years, from squatting in his foreclosed family home to being a landlord and real estate investor with more than 300 units of property that include single-family homes, multi-family dwellings, apartment buildings and commercial retail property. He shares the ups and downs, fears and doubts, the physical and emotional pain, the mistakes and life lessons he’s learned along the way. With a mix of humor and deep insight, J. takes us back to his early days as a novice real estate investor up to today… where he has achieved the lifestyle of his dreams and financial freedom for his family. Now he shares his experience and expertise with readers who want to change their lives, too! Order the book at www.CashFlowDiary.com, where you can also sign up for free how-to guides, podcasts and more! 


20 Feb 2015

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014 Social Media & Marketing Expert Nick Cicero of Delmondo

Nick Cicero shares his expertise in social media as a Content Marketing Manager and how he's helped companies like Coca Cola, Sony, Barnes & Noble and more to build successful marketing campaigns. He also offers insights on how to work with ad agencies, large brands, and startups while explaining what to do and what NOT to do with digital strategy, content marketing, and social media efforts. 


30 Jan 2015

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013 - Workflow Expert Dr. Brian Capra of Genesis Chiropractic Software

Dr. Brian Capra shares how to maximize business results through the use of workflow technology and perspective.  As a Chiropractor running his own clinic, Dr. Brian realized that being good at his business was a matter of life or death for some of his patients.  He shares how to identify problems in your current business, how NOT to manage employess, and how using ethical business practices has lead to his success.www.genesischiropracticsoftware.com https://www.facebook.com/GenesisChiropracticSoftware


28 Jan 2015

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010 - Artist, Author, & Entrepreneur Dax Tran-Caffee

Dax holds a BFA in Painting/Drawing from the California College of Arts & Crafts and an MFA in Performance from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. A freelance illustrator for the last dozen years, Dax has also been a Course Director of academic drawing at Ex'pression College for Digital Art and Company Apprentice to Blair Thomas & Co. chamber puppet theater, with whom he performed at the Chicago Museum of Contemporary Art among other venues. He has been an artist in residence for the Tinkering Studio at the Exploratorium, and his cardboard artwork has been commissioned by the Exploratorium and the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art as well as being featured in The Art of Tinkering (2014). His forays into sequential art go back to 2004, in the form of cantastoria, which are currently performed under the title Villainette. Shifting gears away from live performance, Failing Sky is his first attempt at a graphic novel, and was nominated for an Eisner Award within six months of publication.


21 Jan 2015

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009 - Conscious Courage Activist & Entrepreneur Jessica Robinson

Jessica Robinson is a Conscious Courage Activist, working internationally at the intersection of tech entrepreneurship, strategic partnerships and safety & security. Through Conscious Courage Living, Jessica provides life purpose and career coaching designed to help individuals find the courage to create peace within themselves, thereby creating a movement of Ferocious Beings of Courage around the world. As the founder of PurePoint International, a New York-based company dedicated to increasing personal security among all individuals, particularly women, globally, Jessica consults on safety and security matters and is developing technology solutions for personal security concerns. Before founding PurePoint International, Jessica spent eight years in assets protection in corporate America, concentrating on security, internal and external theft investigations and emergency response and in her last position leading and supporting a six-hundred-million-dollar business. She also collaborated in implementing an enterprise-wide strategy based on public/private partnerships and established community initiatives with local, state and federal public safety partners. Jessica currently serves on the board of World Pulse, an international nonprofit that lifts and unites women’s voices to accelerate their impact on the world, is a Director of Strategic Partnerships with the Emerging Global Leadership Circle with Impact Leadership 21 and serves on the United Nations Women Committee for Public/Private Partnerships. Jessicareceived a B.S. in law enforcement and justice administration with honors from Western Illinois University. She received her master’s in public and international affairs, with a focus on security and intelligence studies from the University of Pittsburgh and earned an East Asian studies certificate. In 2011, Jessica completed a certificate in business excellence from Columbia Business School Executive Education and the Institute for Personal Leadership. Jessica became a Fellow with the Women’s Leadership Institute at the Impact Center in Washington, D.C. in 2011, and a Fellow with Impact Leadership 21 in 2014. Connect with Jessica at: www.The-PurePoint.com and www.ConsciousCourageLiving.com. 


19 Jan 2015

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