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Exploring Yellowstone - iPod Version

This video series offers the opportunity to join a park ranger on a walk through the most popular locations Yellowstone has to offer.

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Exploring Yellowstone's Upper Geyser Basin - iPod Version

The Upper Geyser Basin boasts more geysers than any other place on earth. In fact, it has more geysers than all the rest of the world combined. That is why it is Ranger Orville's favorite place on earth. In his 36-year tenure as a seasonal park ranger he has become one of the lucky few who know this geyser basin like the backs of their hands. For many years Ranger Orville has led Upper Geyser Basin walks for people visiting the area. If you've never had the opportunity to join him in person, this is your chance to join him on a video tour of the Upper Geyser Basin.


10 Feb 2010

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