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Normal? - Lol (Depersonalization, Derealization, Anxiety)

My journey with mental illness - panic attacks, chronic anxiety, suicidal thoughts, depression, derealization, depersonalization(Dissociative Identity Disorders), and schizophrenia

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"nORmal LOL" (93) "Depersonalization, Anxiety, & The Bitters(Flavors)"

The Bitters(Flavors) - Cool the mind through the organs What if you never knew that the cells, organs, and vessels of the body send signals back and forth every moment of the day to the brain(vagus nerve). If the conversation between the organs and brain are disrupted, dismantled, and incomplete then so are you mentally, physically, and spiritually. Let the journey of "The Bitters" begin! Peace htp.anx.uDa.snb.abt


22 Oct 2019

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"nORmal LOL" (78)-Part II "Spiritual well being & mental health w/ Baba Kwame Sunhorse"

Hear part (2) of a divine soul I like to call "A Lighthouse" or as Gogo Ekhaya says, "An Encyclopedia of Wisdom". African shaman and traditional healer Baba Kwame Sunhorse is on our latest podcast interview where we discuss mental & spiritual health as it pertains to traditional plant healing, sweat lodge healing, how we ought to reflect the balance and harmony of trees & nature, community, and the rites of passage.  Also available on iTunes (Normal LoL- episode 78)


15 May 2019

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"nORmal LOL" (65) "Depersonalization, Colonialism & Depression/Anxiety"

There's so many causes and roots to mental/spiritual afflictions. But have you ever considered how big an impact colonialism has on your life, mind, daily walk, and culture? How about a dive into the halfway deep end of colonialism.

21hr 44mins

9 Feb 2019

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"nORmal LOL" (101) "Depersonalization, Derealization, & African Traumas with Philippe SHOCK Matthews" Part I

An interview unlike any other. Very real. Very deep & very necessary. I am very excited to do episode 101 with Philippe SHOCK Matthews. We will discuss racial battle fatigue, cultural frequency as a mental illness, decontextualized trauma, what it means to be African, & mental resolutions.


4 Feb 2020

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"nORmal LOL" (57) "Depersonalization, Anxiety, & Validation"

Validation - "We Don't Fit" Have you ever wondered or considered how much of your identity is regurgitated or how about why the identity you do have is not widely accepted? This trial that you've gone through or are going through as it pertains to identity, purpose, or even spirituality. Could it possibly be a revelation of some sort to intimately introduce you to the absolute very "you" that you are? Let's talk about it. Validation - "We Don't Fit"

18hr 54mins

17 Nov 2018

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"nORmal LOL" (69) "Depersonalization, Derealization, & Exercise"

"You know you really don't have to exercise at all" (wink, wink) Exercise may be possibly 1 of the top 2 therapies regarding the management and improvement of mental afflictions like depersonalization, derealization, schizophrenia, & dissociative identity disorder. (Exercise helps improve schizophrenia symptoms) - https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/the-athletes-way/201608/3-ways-aerobic-exercise-improves-schizophrenia-symptoms


16 Mar 2019

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"nORmal LOL" (73) "Depersonalization, Derealization, Candida/mucus, & Diet"

How does mucus build up, candida, dampness, and stagnation affect your mental and spiritual well being? Inflammation and dampness can go a long ways to dismantling, ruining, and destroying the mind, body, & soul. Also, check out episode 67 with Dr. Nadia Ali for more regarding her expertise on dieting, gut flora, & gut microbiome Book citation - Healing with Whole Foods (Asian Traditions and Modern Nutrition) - Paul Pitchford


13 Apr 2019

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"nORmal LOL" (92) "Depersonalization, Anxiety, & A Sound Refill Part 9"

"When you think too much you're removing what's moving" - Andre 3000There's nothing like the utilizing your senses in the present moment when dealing mental and spiritual afflictions. It's an opportunity to refill or take a minivacation. So take a few minutes to allow your mind and body to regroup, relax, & participate with the sounds of ntr to prepare the next minute. Enjoy!htp.anx.uDa.snb

12hr 43mins

15 Oct 2019

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"nORmal LOL" (63) "Depersonalization, Mental Wellness, & (Curanderismo)Mexican Traditional Healing with Eliseo Cheo Torres"

Hear Eliseo "Cheo" Torres, vice president of student affairs at the university of New Mexico, latest podcast interview with ElReco Ramon where he discusses the art of curanderismo (Mexican Traditional Healing), Coursera courses in traditional plant healing, and other related topics such as community support, effects of technology on mental health, healing and community in tribal cultures, placebo effect, and much more! Also available on iTunes (Normal LoL) https://www.coursera.org (Free courses on traditional plant healing) Eliseo Cheo Torres books (Curandero-A Life In Mexican Folk Healing, Healing with Herbs and Rituals, Green Medicine - Traditional Mexican American Herbal Remedies)


19 Jan 2019

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"nORmal LOL" (67) "Gut bacteria, Inflammation, Integrative, diet, & mind body medicine with Dr. Nadia Ali"

Let's hear from the glorious Dr. Nadia Ali on gut bacteria, inflammation, natural/traditional healing, diet, mind body medicine, and anti-inflammation foods and practices. Many are still not aware of the fascinating correlation between the gut, lymphatic system and the brain. Inflammation plays a monumental roll in depression, anxiety, and multiple other mental/spiritual afflictions. Enjoy!


23 Feb 2019

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"nORmal LOL" (75) "Depersonalization, African Dance, & Traditional Healing with Dr. Nicole Monteiro pt. I

Let's all sit back and digest from mental health expert, consultant, researcher, and international psychologist Dr. Nicole Monteiro as we discuss her journey, African dance ceremonial healing, African rituals, what mental illness means in other cultures, the medical industry, and how our youth are dealing with modern life. Enjoy Music clips: Baba Maal - The Traveller Rara - Teckno Didier Awadi - Dans Mon Reve


3 May 2019

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"nORmal LOL" (71) "Depersonalization, Derealization, & Virtual Reality with Jak Wilmot"

Join Virtual Reality enthusiast Jak Wilmot and I as we explore the realms of vr along the lines of mental health. On this episode we discuss what it's like to keep a VR headset on for a full week(168hrs) nonstop, the pros & cons of VR, depersonalization, derealization, how to stay balanced using VR, and if it's safe for kids. Enjoy!!! Jak Wilmot's webite and contact: https://disr.pt/ Youtube channel - "Disrupt"  (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-7nELDbJEPF3muAzSeT74g) Songs used - Pogo, J.Cole - Note To Self Soundbytes - Ready Player One, Inception, "I Spent A Week In A VR Headset, here's what happened"


23 Mar 2019

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"nORmal LOL" (72) "Depersonalization, Derealization, & Painting"

How does painting or other hobbies in general help out with mental health issues?


6 Apr 2019

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"nORmal LOL" (56) "Depersonalization, Mental Wellness, & Indigineous Traditional Practices with Phil Borges"

Hundreds and many thousands of years ago, humans had various perspectives on mental/spiritual wellness. They had no words for depression, schizophrenia, or depersonalization, etc... But what they did have was community and a unique support system. Take a journey with me and my new friend, lecturer, photographer, and documentarian Phil Borges as we capture his journey, his documentary "Crazywise" and his future endeavors. www.crazywisefilm.com www.philborges.com


10 Nov 2018

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"nORmal LOL" (64) "Depersonalization, Anxiety, & A Sound Refill Part V"

"Some people like to look at art, some like to look at sound" Take a break from the mind and refill with Sound Refill V

15hr 24mins

26 Jan 2019

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"nORmal LOL" (62) "Historical Ancient Civilization Causes and Remedies for Mental Illness"

Where did the concept of mental illness began? How did we get to where we are today? How did ancient cultures like the Egyptians/Africans, Greeks, Chinese, and Hindus go about diagnosing mental illness. What were their remedies? References: Ebers Papyrus - Hathitrust.org SunriseHouse.com (The History & Evolution of Mental Illness) news-medical.com Frontiersin.org "Masters of the  Mind - Theodore Millon"


12 Jan 2019

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"nORmal LOL" (42) "Depersonalization, Anxiety, Depression" - Desire For Suicide

Sometimes life can be so dark and it can feel like it's worth ending it all. Or maybe not... Suicide Prevention Lifeline - Call 1-800-273-8255

17hr 8mins

13 Apr 2018

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"nORmal LOL" (66) "Mental Health talk with Licensed Mental Health Counselor and Life Coach Oronde Yero"

Hear Oronde Yero, licensed mental health counselor and life coach, latest podcast interview with ElReco Ramon where we discuss some of his book "Self-Rule, Reclaiming Your Inner Life, Light, and Sovereign Self", the displacement of people/culture as it relates to mental health, him being a kemetic yoga instructor, meditation, diet, and the new era of robots and artificial intelligence pertaining to the mental well being of our youth. Also available on iTunes (Normal LoL) Oronde Yero website - https://www.orondeyero.com New book - https://selfrule.orondeyero.com/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/orondeyero

1hr 20mins

15 Feb 2019

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"nORmal LOL" (74) "Depersonalization, Derealization, Support Group Therapy"

Which is better? Support group therapy or a therapist/psychiatrist?


26 Apr 2019

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"nORmal LOL" (94) "Mental Conditions, Depression with Colon Hydro Therapist Cheryl Tyler"

Let's hear from the divine and glorious Colon Hydro Therapist and Certified Plant-Based Nutrition and Digestive Consultant Cheryl Tyler. On this episode we discuss the enormous effects and impact the colon, gut microbiome, and bacteria have on brain chemicals and your state of mind. Also Cheryl gives us important information about how meds car really do some serious damage to the colon and other lower body organs. Many are still not aware of the fascinating correlation between the gut, colon, and the brain. Inflammation and backup plays a monumental roll in depression, anxiety, and multiple other mental/spiritual afflictions. Enjoy!


29 Oct 2019

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