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Life is abundant. The Greenelines podcast provides interviews, commentary, and general yapping on the spiritual things of abundant living. Host Dr. Steve Greene invites you to come up higher and walk in God's abundance. Hear personal stories from Dr. Greene's and his guest. In John 10:10 Jesus says, "I came that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly."

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Get to the Source of Social, Emotional and Spiritual Struggle with Bishop Joseph W. Walker III

What causes our struggles? How do you fix them? Guest Bishop Joseph W. Walker III believes restoration is possible if you get to the root of the issue. From his new book, "Restored at the Root," he shares how you must acknowledge and identify the cause of the issue before receiving deliverance. The result is you will not only be free, but you'll be able to help others who struggle with the same issue. Listen to find out more.


28 Aug 2019

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Special: The Presence of God with R.T. Kendall (Season 3, Ep. 5)

Do you have to see something before you believe it works? Listen to this special interview with author Dr. R.T. Kendall about how God is there even when you don't believe He is in all areas of our lives.


15 Aug 2017

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Defeat the Enemy with Phil Hopper (Season 5, Ep. 34)

Expose and overcome the strategies of Satan. From police officer serving as a SWAT team member to pastor, Phil Hopper offers a unique perspective on how to get the upper hand on Satan and his demons. It starts with gathering intel. In his new book, " Defeating the Enemy," Hopper lays out a theological foundation and then offers practical application. Listen to learn why your bondage is directed to your hurt and brokenness.


1 Feb 2019

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Simple Basics Can Lead to Big Miracles with Katie Souza (Season 5, Ep. 11)

What is keeping you from receiving your miracle? It's as simple as holding on to anger, resentment, unforgiveness or character bents. In this episode, author Katie Souza shares her personal struggles that kept her from receiving her healing from hurt and anger. God showed her how character bents can keep you from healing spiritually or physically. Katie believes God is calling all generations to be healed, receive new wineskins in order to keep up with the revival He is releasing on earth. Listen as Katie tells about the miraculous stories of people being healed of the metal in their body, her prison outreach ministry, and her recently released book, "Healing the Wounded Soul."


19 Dec 2018

Rank #4

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The Resilience of Hannah with Michelle McClain-Walters

How do you go from a spirit of downcast to a spirit of resilience? Study the story of Hannah. Author Michelle McClain-Walters teaches women the gift of resilience, fulfillment and fruitfulness in her new book "The Hannah Anointing." She states the point everyone misses is the Lord shut Hannah's womb. Listen to find out why and learn to overcome what you have been mislabeled.


12 Mar 2019

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How to Feel 25 Again with Dr. Don Colbert (Season 5, Ep. 40)

Your hormones impact your body's health. Dr. Don Colbert discusses with our host Dr. Steve Greene what you can do to lose weight, restore your energy and feel as if you are age 25 again. Hear how you can get your copy of "Dr. Colbert's Homorne Health Zone."


11 Feb 2019

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The Jubilean Mysteries Unveiled With Jonathan Cahn (Season 5, Ep. 136)

Rabbi Jonathan Cahn blows you away as he explains the seven doors of mysteries revealed in his new book, "The Oracle." Learn the symbolism of each, ranging from biblical times to what is yet to come. Find out the role Mark Twain plays in fulfilling Moses' prophecy of the stranger. In the end, Rabbi Cahn shares how this message applies to your life for power and breakthrough.


24 Jul 2019

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Listen as Kathy DeGraw Shares From the 'Prophetic Spiritual Warfare' Podcast

How do you bring balance to spiritual warfare? Get up, pray and take control of your negative thoughts. Author and speaker Kathy DeGraw shows how to not let fear disarm you, but to speak out positive prayer declarations. Hear how this approach will increase your faith to destroy the works of Satan. In the end, Kathy prays a prophetic prayer over you.


19 Aug 2019

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My Journey from Hell to Heaven Through Suicide with Tamara Laroux

Fifteen, Tamara could only see death as an escape to pain. One day she shot herself in the chest. What happened while she was dying will shake you to your soul. Listen as Tamara tells her story of what she experienced on this day. Hear about her book "A Second Chance at Heaven" to help others who are facing homelessness, suicide, and pain.


3 Apr 2019

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Open Your Eyes and See What You've Been Missing In Your Own Gifts | Acres of Diamonds with Jentezen Franklin (Season 6, Ep. 13)

What happens when you devalue right where you are? You will miss the acres of diamonds you are standing on. Listen as Pastor Jentezen Franklin shares from his book "Acres of Diamonds" what you can do to appreciate where you are right now. Understand God has timing, He has things for you to do, but it will require you to obey the stay here command.


23 Jan 2020

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What Do You Say to the Hurting? Interview with Dr. Barbara Lowe Part One (M49)

How do you give good counsel to someone who is withdrawing from life? Where does God fit in? From pastors to a trained psychologist, you face how to give good counsel. You see friends, family, colleagues, and team members lost or troubled. Listen to practicing psychologist and life coach Dr. Barbara Lowe share her story. Find out when it is time to seek help with your struggles or guide someone to seek help. Listen to what Dr. Lowe says about healing, the Word of God, and therapy. Hear her insights on depression and the signs to look for. Don't miss part of one of this powerful interview. Help someone today.


12 Jun 2018

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The Divine Appointment of the Super Blood Wolf Moon with Mark Biltz (Season 5, Ep. 23)

What is the significance of the Super Blood Wolf Moon between Jan. 20-Jan. 21? Mark Biltz of El Shaddai Ministries discusses what is a Super Blood Wolf Moon and the biblical meaning behind it. He explains how God created these for signs of divine appointments and is trying to communicate something to us. Hear what you should be looking for with patterns and from history. Listen to learn more to have a better understanding of the biblical calendar.


18 Jan 2019

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David the Great with Dr. Mark Rutland (Ep. 54)

What do you really know about David? Go beyond giant slayer into a deeper knowledge of David. Listen to Dr. Mark Rutland deconstruct the Man After God's Own Heart from his book "David the Great." Learn David was a king during a period of warlords and capable of breaking the laws of both God and man. Dr. Rutland shares why God never let go of David, a man with unwavering loyalty, great faith, and national vision. Hear what would be considered a modern tale of a child star.


27 Jun 2018

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What To Do When You Face a Storm with Carol McLeod

How do you approach the storm you are facing? The storm could be sickness, finances, loneliness or depression. Author and speaker Carol McLeod says, "Don't waste your pain. Take it, learn from it and help others with it." Listen as she teaches from her new book, StormProof, what to do when you face your storm of the century. Take away from this interview the value of worshipping the Lord before you know the outcome and changing your thinking to ask questions of hope.


7 May 2019

Rank #14

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How to Struggle Well with Dr. Fred Antonelli

Go through life's struggles with an attitude of victory. Fred Antonelli, author of "Struggling Well," address mental and emotional health issues in the church. Hear how your brain is affected by sin and for the church to stop hiding behind the stigma of depression. We need to acknowledge, admit,  Listen to know you are not less than for your struggles.


3 Oct 2019

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A Skeptic Who Is Dying to Meet Jesus with Randy Kay (Season 6, EP. 16)

Randy Kay is CEO of PACEsetters and chairman and CEO of TenorCorpspent who spent most of his adult years as a devout agnostic. One day, after an accident that ended his life, he met the One he had sought to disprove. Listen as Randy shares how encountering heaven changed his life from his book "Dying to Meet Jesus."  He reveals the challenges he faced doubting his faith, the story of his daughters near death experience, and learning to go from emptiness to be transformed into genuine joy.


29 Jan 2020

Rank #16

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Supernatural Strategies to Overcome Fear with Dawna De Silva

What is the recipe to overcome fear? Dawna De Silva co-founder of Sozo Ministry shares the 3 ingredients needed to walk free from all fears. Listen to find out more about the message in Dawna's book Overcoming Fear.


30 Jul 2019

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Leading Content

Are you showing content or are you being content? If your people are discontent what kind of leader are you? Listen to this leadership discussion on how the ultimate content for a leader is what you can transfer into others.


18 Oct 2016

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Revival in the Baptismal Waters

The revival that started in North Georgia and has touched thousands is spreading to other states. Pastor Todd Smith is seeing miracle after miracle at his church as people come from afar to enter the waters of baptism. Listen as Pastor Todd shares with host Dr. Steve Greene the vision he had of fire in his church's baptismal pool and how Holy Spirit is visiting those who enter the water.


4 Jul 2019

Rank #19

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Are the Stars Aligning With End-Time Prophecy? with Thomas Horn

How would astronomers read Revelation 8, and what would they see? These questions led SkyWatchTV CEO Thomas Horn to dig deeper into the study of science and its correlation to the Wormwood star found in Revelation 8. This led to the writing of his new book, "The Wormwood Prophecy." Listen to find out if there is a possible cosmic cover-up of end-times proportions.


21 Nov 2019

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