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A kink and advice podcast with your host Domino Bayhttps://letsplaydominos.wordpress.com/@domino_bayLet's Play Dominos Facebookinstagramdomino.bayIntro and Outro credit toDont_Stop by Mr. Logistix (buukwerm)Interlude credit toSad Wave by Gary Stump

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Surprise! No, you're not somehow transported into the future. I wanted to release my podcast early as an apology to how crappy last week's was. Now it's time to bend over, it's spankin' time.My Giveaway!I'm one month on testosterone. So, happy birthday me. Or anniversary. Or trans-iversary?I want all the cute paddles, especially from DogAndHoop.The Adult Spanking and Discipline Handbook by Gemma ForbesThe Compleat Spanker by Lady GreenThe Ultimate Guide to Kink by Tristan TaorminoS/M 101: A Realistic Introduction by Jay WisemanThe infamous POPDildo


29 Jun 2016

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Episode 2 is here! What are you packing? I talk about orlando in the beginning, please skip to *minute 11* to avoid it. I know I said I was going to hold off on doing trans stuff, but I felt pushed by some supportive folks and recent events. So, here it is! I also have an instagram now?Here are some links to stuff mentioned.Gender DysphoriaKitty CatsSocksHudson's FTM Guide which has links to all the packers mentioned and harnesses.Here's what's in my pants, wink wink.


17 Jun 2016

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As you listen to my voice, you are getting very relaxed...you will feel obedient...you will...be hypnotized! This week's topic is erotic hypnosis, and I interview Nimja who is very skilled at putting people under. I even get hypnotized in this episode! Visit his website http://hypno.nimja.com/ and his youtube at https://www.youtube.com/user/NimjaHypnosis  I do apologize for my voice in the interview, there was a fan on and I put my volume louder. It is a heat wave hitting us guys, I apologize!


8 Jul 2016

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Interview Stephanie Berman

What if you could have a dildo that is both body safe, and can ejaculate? Would you tell me that's impossible? Well, look no further than the POPDildo. I got to interview it's creator and CEO Stephanie Berman. You can listen to it here! I'm so thrilled to have gotten this opportunity. You can find retailers for the dildo on the website, and you can follow them on twitter @TheSemenette , and there's a handy dandy instructional video that goes in depth about the dildo here!


7 Jul 2016

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6 Jul 2016

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