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This page is designed to provide consumers with the information needed to conduct business and personal transactions safely, honestly and with a keen ability to spot a scam in the making. As one of our country’s oldest federal law enforcement agencies, founded by Benjamin Franklin, the United States Postal Inspection Service has a long, proud, and successful history of fighting criminals who attack our nation’s postal system and misuse it to defraud, endanger, or otherwise threaten the American public. As the primary law enforcement arm of the United States Postal Service, the U.S. Postal Inspection Service is a highly specialized, professional organization performing investigative and security functions essential to a stable and sound postal system.

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Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Tax Scams Discussion with Karen Kraushaar of TIGTA

Each year millions of Americans are victimized by fraudsters who steal their IRS tax return. Learn about the current IRS Tax Scams and how to protect yourself and your tax return. Keep your money in your pocket and not the fraudster's.


31 Mar 2016

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A Discussion with Mirza Orriols - Deputy Regional Admin for HUD

Listen in to a great conversation with Mizra Orriols who gives a candid look at the inner workings of HUD (U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.)


12 Jan 2016

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Adult Protective Case Worker Scams


26 Feb 2016

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Timeshare Fraud

Have you ever received a postcard in the mail or an email offering to sell your timeshare? If so, beware! You could be a victim in a scam that will not only take your timeshare, but you will never, ever sell it to anyone.


28 Oct 2015

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A Discussion on Fraud with AARP - Part 2

From Grandparents Scams to Obituary Fraud, there is no end to the number of methods con artists use to separate you from your hard earned money. Find out from AARP and Postal Inspectors about emerging fraud scams and how to protect yourself and your loved ones.


14 Apr 2015

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Identity Theft and Fraud - A Continued Conversation with AARP and Postal Inspectors

We're back with more information on the topic of Identity Theft and Mail Fraud. Did you know? Each year, thousands of consumers fall victim to FRAUD. Don't be a victim. Listen to this continued conversation on fraud for tips on how to protect yourself and your family. And please leave a comment.


26 Sep 2014

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Identity Theft - A Discussion with AARP and Postal Inspectors

Each day thousands of Americans fall victim to identity theft/fraud. What is this you might ask? You're a victim when someone steals key pieces of information, which could include your name, address ,date of birth, social security number, or other personal identifiers to gain access to your person


29 Aug 2014

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Work-At-Home Scam Alert

This is a SCAM ALERT on the newest work-at-home scheme to bilk consumers out of their money. Be alert, be aware. The Postal Inspection Service is keeping consumers updated on the latest scam where fraudsters use legitimate business names to pull consumers into their scheme.


16 Jun 2014

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Ransomware - A Cyber Crime

Ransomware, a cyber crime that steals your treasured memories and the most important information from your computer. Joining us to talk about this crime and how to protect your data from being held ransom for BITCOIN is FBI ASAC Jacobs.


4 Jan 2017

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Student Loan Scams

If you're looking to modify the terms of your student loan, read the fine print before you sign on the dotted line-YOUR GOOD CREDIT DEPENDS ON IT!


15 Nov 2016

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