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Cutting Through The Bullshit With Brittany + Betsy

Ever wonder what it's REALLY like Behind the Scenes for Beauty professionals? Brittany and Betsy get down to the nity grity of things most people DON'T talk about. From assisting to becoming a seasoned stylist (and everything in between) these ladies are spilling the tea of what it means to be a Stylist and business owner in today's world. Tune in for successful stylist strategies, tips, advice and the "know how" to running a thriving business BTC. Beautéprenuers, we are your career's bestfriend. Let's grow + glow.

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S1E11 - How To Be The Best Assistant + Grow Faster

Cosmetology school prepares us for passing our state board exams - and that's about it! When we are searching for an assistant job, often we are learning on the job. In this weeks episode we take a look at what makes a great assistant and how we can master our role to evolve and grow into a well seasoned stylist. 


7 Jul 2021

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S1E10 - Uphold Your Boundaries, Stylists!

Do you struggle with boundaries? How about saying "NO"? Join us this week as Betsy and Brittany dive into why as artists we often struggle to set clearly defined boundaries, and how we can grow to feel confident in doing so. Part of our journey to becoming a successful stylist means doing the "inner work" we need to gain the confidence needed to communicate and uphold our boundaries most effectively. 


30 Jun 2021

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S1E9 - How To Interview Like a Beauty Pro

In a sea of salons, how do you align with one that is a right fit for you? In our industry, we're not always taught how to be professional or, how to land our dream job in a salon environment that is a good fit for us. This week, we are dishing out lots of tips and advice to ensure you are walking into an interview with a pair of fresh eyes with some hot tips you can use! Good luck out there! 


23 Jun 2021

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S1E8 - Politics In Salon

This year was heavily politicized in a way where all of our choices seemed to unveil where we stand politically. In this weeks episode we dive into professionalism and if it is acceptable to bring politics into the salon environment. What kind of standards do you uphold? Are you an inclusive stylist or do you only cater to one type of customer? Tune in and let us know what you think!


16 Jun 2021

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S1E7 - We Need Leadership In Our Salons

Salon owners, your leadership skills will determine the overall success of every individual on your team. Learning how to lead your team is a necessity for your salon to thrive. In this weeks episode, we dive deep to identify the importance of strong leadership and the impact it plays in creating a safe space for your team to fail and grow.  If you need help leading your team and carving pathways for every individual to thrive, let's connect! Beaute Factor offers leadership trainings and one on one coaching packages that empower you to empower others. 


9 Jun 2021

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S1E6 - Supporting An Unhappy Guest

In this week's episode, we're uncovering how to best support an unhappy guest. Have you ever had a guest leave your chair and you questioned their happiness? Tune in to learn how to better ensure you are able to provide support to a client who might feel uncomfortable expressing dissatisfaction. Long-lasting client relationships are ones where our clients feel safe with us. Let us know your thoughts on IG: @CuttingThroughTheBSPodcast


2 Jun 2021

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S1E5 - Story Time! From Our Guest's POV: Brittany was the "Crazy Client!"

Brittany + Betsy live by this line while in service with a guest: "It's not the Brittany or Betsy show". What does this actually mean?  In this week's episode, Brittany shares her experience as a guest when she visited a new nail salon that was pretty unbelievable! (Seriously - this one takes the cake!) Other guests in the nail salon likely assumed she was being "difficult", or "crazy", and while Brittany was able to see both sides, we ultimately experienced some fantastic reminders and ah-hah moments that can begin to feel foreign to us the longer we work behind the chair. We felt compelled to share some of her takeaways from the client's POV.  Let's all learn from her experience, and identify how we can ensure we are being transparent, open, honest and leading with integrity during all of the peaks and valleys of our guest's experience! 


26 May 2021

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S1E4 - WTF is Manifesting? Let's Debunk it!

How many times a day do you hear the word "Manifest?". Who else is confused on why manifesting only works for certain people? We're diving in and debunking this trendy term to bring you the real substance - what you need to know about manifestation and how to manifest in your life and career. Let us know your thoughts on the gram! @cuttingthebspodcast  Let's grow + glow!  xoxo, Brittany and Betsy 


19 May 2021

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S1E3 - Prebook Like Your Life Depends On It!

Your demand building begins with the power of pre-booking! Many industry experts have become vocal in their opinion that pre-booking "caps you" and your sales. Pre-booking is not a trap - it is a one way ticket to continued growth and freedom. Let's learn to crawl before we walk; pre-booking creates the foundations for us to customize our client base and ultimately decide what kind of income we want, who we want to service and how we want to spend our time behind the chair. And, when we are board or want to make more income, we create a new strategy with our guests when re-booking them! In this weeks episode, learn how to pre-book, why pre-booking is essential to building a fan base, and why pre-booking is beneficial for not only you, but your guest as well. Pre-booking can build trust with your guest by clearly defining the relationship + more! What is your current pre-booking rate? Are you tracking your pre-booking results? Drop a comment on @cuttingthroughthebs IG and let us know how you plan to set you and your guests up for success!  Let's Grow + Glow!  XO,   Brittany + Betsy     CONTACT, SUPPORT + RESOURCES:   Brittany Hartz Stylist, Owner + Founder Palms Salon NYC + Beauté Factor Instagram - @BlondesByBrittany   Betsy Costa Stylist + Beauté Factor Lead Educator  Instagram - @BCostaHair   BEAUTÉ  FACTOR 1:1 Coaching, stylist retreats and advanced salon / stylist education    Contact www.beautefactor.com Instagram - @Beautefactor  Facebook Page - Beauté Factor Empowering Modern Hairstylists    Facebook Group - www.facebook.com/wealthyhairstylists


12 May 2021

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S1E2 - So You Didn't Get Tipped?!

Reframe your perspective for success! Stylists and Assistants, when we don't get tipped after pouring ourselves into a service - let's get real... it's a bummer! Sometimes, it can even de-motivate us or leave us feeling confused! Here we dive deep by challenging the narrative around clients who do not tip. Hint*there is always a lesson to be learned! Here's how to overcome this form of rejection to becoming a stronger beaute pro! Let us know what your thoughts are on IG! @cuttingthebspodcast Let's grow + glow!  xoxo, Brittany + Betsy 


30 Apr 2021

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