Cover image of The Quest: Vision in an age of Crisis. Economic & Financial Crisis. Jungian Psychotherapy

The Quest: Vision in an age of Crisis. Economic & Financial Crisis. Jungian Psychotherapy

Season Two - The Quest. With special focus on the evolving crises of the 21st century. The search for vision in our times. An exploration of great visionaries who have shaped our history and contemporary world.Season One - Psychotherapy: Jungian Approach to Healing. This explores the healing of emotional wounds. Going beyond traditional trainings - of great value to those interested in this field.Illustration is by LINDSEY HARRIS, Jungian Analyst. It is the front cover of the book "The Sower and the Seed".

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S1.Ep 1. Healing of emotional wounds - a Jungian approach

Psychotherapy and Healing - a Jungian Approach There are a wide range of emotional wounds which are a damage to the sense of self. Just as there are numerous healing mechanisms in the body likewise there is a wide range of healing energies in the psyche. It is of considerable benefit to the practitioner to be familiar with these. An overview is given of the podcasts to follow which include a deep investigation of the healing intelligence in the psyche and the role of the therapist in this process. Prepare to be stretched beyond your traditional trainings and conceptions of how emotional healing takes place.  The book upon which these podcasts are based is:   Healing Intelligence: The Spirit in Psychotherapy  Working with Darkness and Light.  (Karnac Books 2012).    It can be otained at    https://rb.gy/v4vntt Musical extracts in these podcasts taken from: 1. BBC radio 3 recording of Beethoven’s 3rd symphony 2005 and made available on the Internet Archive on a Creative Commons label.   https://archive.org/details/BBCSymphony3Beethoven_1 The image accompanying these podcasts is The Sower and the Seed which was drawn by Lindsey C. Harris and was incorporated on the front page of the book of that name.


23 Aug 2018

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