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英文常用表达 商务英语 职场英语 外贸英语之付款/转账表达

付款/转账1.     Settle the balance(付余款,付尾款)l  Could you please settle the balance of the invoice at your earliest convenience?2.     Arrange the payment(安排付款,准备付款)l  We will await the funds to come back into the account and arrange the     payment.3.     Transfer funds(转钱)l  Unfortunately, we can’t transfer funds until we receive the transaction back into our account.l  The other option is to transfer the funds directly to our bank account.4.     Make the payment(付款)l  I have made the payment today and it should clear their account in the next few days.5.     Send the payment(付款)l  I have sent payment to both vendors.6.     Settle the payment(付款)l  You have already settled the payment of this order.


28 Dec 2021

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英文常用表达 商务英语 职场英语 外贸英语之催账 回款邮件

第一次:This is just a friendly reminder that payment on invoice (number), which we sent on (due date), is due today. You can make a payment to the bank account  on the invoice.另礼貌套话l  I would be grateful if you could confirm that everything is on track for payment.l  I would be grateful if you could let me know when we canexpect to receive your payment.l  Please let us know about when payment will be made as a matter of urgency.l  Could you reply to this message and let me know you’re received my email?第二次:Our records show that we haven’t yet received payment on invoice(number), which we sent on (due date) and is overdue by one week. Could you possibly check this out on your end?If the payment has already been sent, please disregard this notice. And if you’re lost the invoice, please let me know, and I’d be happy to send you another copy.第三次: I emailed you quite a few times to remind you of the pending amount of (payment amount) for invoice(number). As another reminder, payment was due two weeks ago.     If you have any queries疑问regarding this payment, please let me know. I’ve also attached a copy of the invoice to this email, in case万一the original was lost or deleted.


20 Dec 2021

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英文常用口语 常用表达 商务英语 职场英语 外贸英语之国际邮寄

国际邮寄1.Do you want to mail it by sea?2.Do you want to parcel insured?3.I wonder if this parcel is overweight?4.I labeled the parcel before posting it.5.Shall I tie捆上 the parcel 包裹or use sticky tape透明胶?6.Please send this parcel by express delivery.7.Do you want to mail it by air or only by ordinary mail?       平邮8.Make sure the parcel is tied up before you mail it. 捆好9.How much is the postage for a parcel to the u.s.a.? 10.Please tie the string线,细绳 tight on that parcel or it may come undone已解开的.


16 Dec 2021

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英文常用口语 常用表达 商务英语 职场英语 外贸英语之拒绝客户还价

出口商回绝降价:XX USD is the bottom price we could achieve, however, in order to start the mass order c出口商回绝降价:XX USD is the bottom price we could achieve, however, in order to start the mass order cooperation and extend our long term strategic business relationship for upcoming opportunities and explore the market together, we applied a special price discount with extremely weak profit to satisfy your targeted rate, and the final no regret offer would be xx USD after the great efforts to negotiate with our management team, hope you could understand the situation and we will also continue to provide best cost-performance products to you as well as global customers.我方价格和市场价一致:l  Our price is reasonable, compared with that in the international market.l  The price (comes in line with符合,与。。一致)the (ruling price市价,时价) in the world market.你方报价和市场价不符:l  The price you counter offered is not in line with theprevailing market当前市场. We find it too low to be acceptable.已经比市场价更低:l  Our price is lower than that in the international market.l  You’ll see that our offer compares favorably with the quotations you can get elsewhere.需保成本:l  We are not in a position to entertain business at your price按你方价格不能成交, since it is far below our cost.l  We’ve kept the price close to the cost of production. 价格压到生产费用的边缘了量大从优:l  An order of 100 or more is eligible to receive a discount.打感情牌:l  If it had not been for our good relationship, we couldn’t have made you a(firm offer报实盘(物价)at this price.因为质量好:l  Given the high quality of our product, we believe that this is a reasonable price.确定无法让步:l  After careful thought, we must state that our price is moderately fixed已确定 and we are not in a position togrant同意 允许 授予the reduction you asked for.l  I’m afraid that we will be unable to lower our price any further.l  Unfortunately, $120 is the lowest price we can offer on this product.l  Our quote is the best effort we can make.l  We cannot offer a further discount.


3 Dec 2021

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英文常用动词&词组(五) 英语口语常用表达 商务英语 职场英语 外贸英语

1.       Push off 推迟,离开,推开l  Let’s push off the meeting to next Tuesday and give us more time to prepare.Push back 把…向后推,推回,反弹,反击l  The firm wanted to push back the deadline but was refused.l  But we have ways to push back.2.       Pinpoint精确找到l  Can you pinpoint the cause of the problem?l  IT are still unable to pinpoint the source of the computer virus.3.       Prioritize优先处理,优先考虑l  If you want to do your job efficiently, you have to learn to prioritize.l  Can you prioritize the report? It needs to be sent out before the board meeting.4.       Get off track脱离正轨,跑题l  If things are getting off track, we don’t wait for the end to see what was and what wasn’t done, there’s still time to get things back on track.l  We got a bit off track there. Let’s stick more to our topic today.5.       Request请求l  If you have additional requests or questions, you know where to find me.l  Could you request it from Tom? he should be able to provide all the information you need.6.       Indicate表明/预示l  The research indicates that 90% of our employees feel more safe working from home during COVID-19.l  The latest polls indicate that the two parties are neck and neck. 旗鼓相当,不分上下7.       Reassess重新评估l  We have to reassess our timetable.l  Should we reassess our need for the open role?8.       Assume设想,假定,采取l  I assume he will be there.l  I assume you are right.9.       Supposed本应该,假定的l  I was supposed to send out the file yesterday, but I am still waiting on Finance for last year data.l  Aren’t you supposed to be home? You are sick, get some rest!10.    Second 支持同意l  I second that.l  The motion议案,动作,运动 has been second.11.    Disregard忽略l  Please disregard my previous email.l  I can’t keep disregarding those spam emails – I need to report them.12.    Contradict相矛盾,反驳,否认l  His comments contradict to speech made earlier by the CEO.l  The analysis in two files contradict to each other.


18 Oct 2021

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英文常用动词&词组(四) 英语口语常用表达 商务英语 职场英语 外贸英语

1.       Put in a good word说好话l  I will put in a good word for you with the recruiter.l  Please put in a good word for me with the supervisor.2.       Restructure 整顿 整形l  The company is restructuring its accounting department.l  She was laid off裁员when the company restructured sales department.3.       Troubleshoot故障查找 动词l  Follow the error messages to troubleshoot.l  We need to troubleshoot and strengthen the whole team.4.       Delegate委派l  We were delegated to clean up the data.l  He was always overburdened with too many trivial 琐碎的tasks because he found it impossible to delegate.5.       Differentiate区别l  We need to differentiate our product from our competitors’.l  This model helps us to differentiate two different variables.6.       Highlight强调l  Let me highlight important information from the meeting.l  Could you highlight your past experience?7.       Pay attention to注意l  Please pay attention to an email from HR about themandatory survey.l  Could you pay attention to details when preparing the report?8.       Evaluate评估/评价l  The market situation is difficult to evaluate.l  End of year, every employee needs to objectively evaluate their work.9.       Carry out 贯彻,完成l  The project was carried out over a two months period. 历时2月l  Make sure those candidates are competent to carry out the work.10.    Revamp 改革/改造/修补/改进/翻新l  We are revamping the management system and we would like to hear your thoughts on that.l  The whole process needs to be revamped.


12 Oct 2021

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英文常用动词&词组(三) 英语口语常用表达 商务英语 职场英语 外贸英语

1.       Sort out解决:l  There are small technical problems to sort out, but the idea is cool enough.l  We urged them to sort out the problem sooner rather than later.2.       Hold up耽搁:l  Sorry I am late. I get held up at another meeting.l  They should have finished that job on Friday – what’s holding them up?3.       Think through认真思考:l  Before you start the project, think through the processes and procedures.l  This guidance will help you to think it through.4.       Point out指出:l  I want to point out one area that is also important to our analysis.l  Could you point out some important tabs?5.       Call off 取消:l  Since the COVID, let’s call off the annual party for this year.l  A lot of national conferences were called off because of COVID-19.6.       Put off 推迟:l  We’ve had to put off our team event until next summer.l  The meeting has been put off for a week.7.       Chip in插嘴:l  Forgive me in chipping in like this, but I think I know a better way to get to solve this problem.l  You can chip in anytime.8.       Run by征求意见l  Can I run a few ideas by you? 商量一下l  When you have a chance, I’d like to run the new policy draft by you.9.       Set up/arrange 安排l  Can you arrange a meeting with marketing to make sure we are on the same page?l  We should arrange a meeting to talk about this.10.    Schedule 计划安排l  I scheduled a dental appointment for tomorrow afternoon. I’d like to take half day off.


11 Oct 2021

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英文常用动词&词组(二) 英语口语常用表达 商务英语 职场英语 外贸英语

1.       Bring up提出:l  Tom said the issue would be brought up again at the next meeting with marketing department.l  I hate to bring this up, but I would like to take couple days off 请几天假during our busy season 旺季in January.2.       Move on移到下一个:l  Can we move on to the next item on the agenda?3.       Add补充:l  Tom, do you have anything else to add?l  Nothing to add from my end.4.       Comment注解,意见:l  You can comment on the shares file, or reply to my comments.l  Please comment on the file if needed.5.       Rush赶着做:l  Can you rush me a copy of the report?l  Don’t rush your decision. You’ve got plenty of time.6.       Research查找:l  Can you research on that and get back to me?l  I have been research into possible ways 一直在研究可能的方法for representing the report.7.       Wrap up完成:l  Let’s warp up the work and go home.l  I will wrap up the report and start transitioning 过渡to the next task on the list.8.       Take on承担:l  I am afraid that she can’t take on any extra work.l  I feel ready to take on new responsibilities. 9.       Take over接手:l  She decided that I was the ideal person to take over the job.l  Lisa will take over accounts payable when she is on maternity leave.10.    Look into调查:l  Could you look into last year numbers?l  I have set up a meeting for us to look into the problems.


10 Sep 2021

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英文常用动词&词组(一) 英语口语常用表达 商务英语 职场英语 外贸英语

1.       Clarify 解释:l  Could you please clarify exactly what you are asking?l  I will clarify that later in our meeting.2.       Walk through 过一遍:l  Could you walk me through the process of cash management?l  He will walk through the process with you.3.       Run through 快速过一遍:l  Could you run through the main points from the report please?l  I am just going to run through the main project goals.4.       Look through 浏览:l  Can you look through the memo备忘录 to see if you have any comments?l  I will look through last year file before I get started.5.       Catch on 理解:l  I know you were late for the meeting earlier. Were you able to catch on what he was saying?l  Sorry, could you repeat and speak slower? I didn’t catch on the last part.6.       Catch up 交流/跟上:l  It has been great catching up with you. 很高兴和你交流 let’s do this again soon.l  I will probably stay late today since I need to catch up赶上some work.7.       Fill in for someone 做别人的工作 / fill someone in 告诉某人…事情:l  Could we hire a temp临时工 to fill in for her while she is onmaternity leave休产假?l  I won’t be able to attend the meeting. Please fill me in afterwards.8.       Address解决提出:l  Can you address the issue? What’s the next step?l  The problem will only get worse if you don’t address it now.9.       Work on 努力做:l  Don’t worry about that, I am working on it.l  I am taking a course to help me work on提高 my French before I take my trip next summer.10.    Consider考虑:l  We are considered you for the job.l  She refused to consider my request.


3 Sep 2021

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英文主持会议 英语口语常用表达 商务英语 职场英语 外贸英语

主持会议(正式)How to run/chair a meeting1.     欢迎大家l  First of all, I’d like to welcome everybody and thank you for coming to today’s meeting.(很正式的会议)l  I’d like to start by thanking all of you for agreeing to meet at such short notice. (紧急会议)l  Hello everyone and welcome.2.     介绍特殊嘉宾 if anyl  Before we get started, let me introduce xxl  Let’s go around the table and introduce ourselves.3.     告知大家谁不能参加 if anyl  I’d like to apologize on behalf of xx. 代表。。道歉l  He can’t be with us today due to xxl  Unfortunately, xx can’t join us today.4.     会议目的/摘要概述l  The purpose/goal of today’s meeting is..l  The first item on the agenda is..l  Then we will move on to the next item, which is..l  After that, we’ll look at..l  And finally, we’ll discuss..5.     寻求意见l  Xx,what are your views/thoughts on this?l  Xx, can you give us your feedback?l  Would anyone else like to comment on this?l  Does anyone have anything else to add?6.     向发言者提问l  Could you please clarify the second part? What exactly do you mean by…?l  Could you explain that in more detail?l  I’m not sure if I follow you. Would you mind going over that again please? 7.     组织讨论&控制进程l  If nobody has anything else to add, let’s move on to the next item.l  I’m afraid we don’t have time to discuss that in today’s meeting. Let’s add it to next week’s agenda.l  We’ll have to come back to that at the end of the meeting.8.     分配任务l  Xx, can you keep up to date with使记到最近日期,跟上the latest projects?l  Xx, could you please follow up on...with xx?l  Xx, please get in touch with xx.l  I will set up a meeting for tomorrow with xx to get her thought on xx.9.     总结会议l  Let me briefly summarize what we’ve discussed today.l  Before we finish, let me summarize the main point. We’ve decided to/agreed that…10.   结束会议l  Well, I think that covers everything. Thank you everyone and I will talk to you next Monday.l  That brings us to the end of this meeting. Great job everyone.


25 Aug 2021

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