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Think101: Conversations

What’s the most efficient way to become an expert? Is it possible to learn something without trying? How do you use the scientific method in everyday life? Can you “nudge” someone to make more optimal choices? In this series, we offer a variety of tools to help you learn and remember information for longer, avoid self-deception, and value data over personal experience. Learn more at think101.org.

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Episode 5: Know When to Walk Away

Why do people persist with terrible jobs or relationships, where jumping ship is clearly the better option? Is it even possible to seriously consider a future job or partner that you've never had before? One way to better generalise from toy problems is to think about them in everyday circumstances. Try thinking about your interactions with someone like drawing marbles from an urn. Reading: Mindware by Richard Nisbett, “Foiling Foibles” and “Odds and Ns”; Thinking, Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman, "Bernoulli’s Errors" and "Prospect Theory." Guests: Jason Tangen, Rachel Searston, Ruben Laukkonen, Jeremy Nash, and Brooklyn Corbett. Learn more at think101.org.


15 Aug 2016

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