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Mindfulness Body Scan

Ever wonder what your body REALLY feels like? We all have the odd moan about those little aches and pains, but are we really understanding how are body feels? In this meditation, we use the art of mindfulness to complete a body scan, to ensure that we understand our body in both comfort and discomfort! Don’t forget to share these podcasts with your friends and clients. I’d love to hear your feedback and also any suggestions which you may have for future podcasts. With Love and Healing Light, Angel JJ {:@> http://dl.dropbox.com/s/36hqbngavl8550g/Body%20Scan.mp3

6 Mar 2016

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Healing Energy From Your Guardian Angel

If you are in need of some deep relaxation, then this podcast has been made just for you! We ask your Guardian Angel to draw near and send you golden, white healing energy to help you relax, heal and help resolve your troublesome mind! Your feedback is very important, so please leave a comment, click on the like us button, recommend the podcasts to your friends or even send your own meditation ideas! In love and light, Angel JJ {:@> https://dl.dropbox.com/s/32uuk9vqzsw07sl/Angel%20Healing.mp3

2 May 2016

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Meditate With A Friend

Every wanted to meditate but just couldn’t? Maybe the timing wasn’t right or you just couldn’t concentrate. This meditation asks you to imagine that your friend is there as YOU instruct THEM on how to meditate and feel at total peace! http://dl.dropbox.com/s/hon6l7ktac5eplz/Mediate%20With%20A%20Friend.mp3

18 Oct 2015

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Remove negative energy

Ever woke up with a “bad” feeling or notice that during the day you pick up negative energy from other people, situations or even places? This energy can attach itself to us or be passed on from “energy vampires” (yes there are some out there and I talk about this during my Angel workshops). The conker meditation will allow you to be aware of the negativity and teach you how to remove it. I hope you enjoy this guided meditation and I’m looking forward to all your feedback? With love and healing light, Angel JJ {:@> XXX https://dl.dropbox.com/s/090hsetizbp7ixd/Conker.mp3

25 Sep 2017

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The Willow Tree

Many people have discussed the issue of negativity that they feel has attached to themselves over the past few months and I felt that it was about the right time to take back control of our lives and remove the negativity energy. Here in the UK, it’s time to put our clocks one hour forward, so what better time to have a spring clean and that includes not only looking after ourselves, but also our auras and the energy that surrounds us. Don’t forget to like us, leave a comment and keep suggesting your own meditation ideas for me to record. With love and healing light, Angel JJ {:@> https://dl.dropbox.com/s/ly56bwvpscv2p8f/Willow%20Tree.mp3

25 Mar 2017

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