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Welcome to Feeding the Family with Dr. Kristin where we help you navigate the challenges of feeding your family and learn about the role food plays in our health and relationships. Feeding and food relationships can be stressful, confusing, and even destructive. I am a pediatrician and mother of four who has been researching and sharing what I have learned about feeding for over 10 years. In this podcast I’ll share my experience and expertise to help our kids (and ourselves!) with everyday survival tips for real parents. This podcast is about progress, not perfection.

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Putting Family Meals First

Finding yourself sifting through tons of information on diet and nutrition? Not sure which direction to go? Dr. Karrie Heneman spent years researching nutrition at UC Davis and helps families develop healthier choices for mealtime. She joins Dr. Kristin and talks about her experiences, better sources for information, and why there’s no such thing as “bad” food. Learn more about Dr. Kristin at www.kristinsaxena.com! 


5 Jul 2022

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Stocking The Pantry

Are you constantly running to the store and finding yourself buying the same things over and over again? Dr. Kristin shares some helpful strategies she uses to avoid those checkout lines. This will not only help you get your kitchen organized, but really pinpoint those items you commonly use and get you in the express lane at the store. See the full list at www.kristinsaxena.com! 


20 Jun 2022

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Budget Friendly Family Meals

The cost of food is soaring as inflation continues to rise and we’re all feeling it in our pocket books. We have people to feed. So what can we do to lower these expenses? Erin Chase of $5 Dinners, has been cutting costs left and right at the store. She joins Dr. Kristin to share her strategies on how to make affordable meals and what to look out for when you’re cruising the store aisles.   Learn more about Erin Chase and her budget friendly family meals at www.5dollardinners.com!   Learn more about Dr. Kristin and the podcast at www.kristinsaxena.com!


6 Jun 2022

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Baby Formula Shortage

Millions of families are feeling the strain of the baby formula shortage. Parents are struggling to find solutions. Dr. Kristin talks about what caused this mess to begin with and what’s being done to solve the crisis. She also shares strategies you can use to help those in need and what light is at the end of the tunnel. Learn more about Dr Kristin at www.kristinsaxena.com! 


30 May 2022

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Mom Guilt

We have so much on our plate. From being a spouse, working 9 to 5, a sibling, a parent… The list goes on and on and it’s hard to keep pace without feeling guilty for not fulfilling those roles ideally. Joining Dr. Kristin in the studio are members of the Mom Squad; Becca Sudbeck, brand strategist for Nebraska Furniture Mart and Jaya Maniktala, DDS and owner of Husker Dental. They share their experiences as working mothers and what they do to overcome Mom Guilt.


23 May 2022

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Family Snacks!

Who doesn’t love snacks? Mom Squad member and creator of “Baby on the Brehm” Ashli Brehm is welcomed back to the studio with Dr. Kristin to talk about the yummy, delicious, and all things awesome with snacks. Join us for this fun conversation that takes us down memory lane, featuring the sweets, the salty, and the questionable snacks we once enjoyed. And how these two busy moms make the most out of snack time. Learn more about healthy snacks and family meals at www.kristinsaxena.com! 


16 May 2022

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Making Meals for the Whole Family

Struggling to find what to make for dinner? We’ve all been there. Catherine McCord is a mom, author, and celebrity superstar who has transformed the way so many moms make family meals an important part of life! She is the founder of Weelicious, a website dedicated to helping parents expose their children to wholesome, delicious homemade food and her books have helped so many families enjoy family meals together again!  You can win a free copy of Catherine McCord's book 'Smoothie Project' when you join our Facebook Group 'Family Meals for Omaha Moms!' Click here to join the group! Learn more about Catherine McCord's books, recipes, and fun ideas for your next family meal here! Catherine McCord: I interview all of my kids every six months to a year, and I make them tell me the list of their favorite foods. And those are the things that I try to meal prep based on.” Catherine McCord: “There's a lot of magic involved in getting kids to be great eaters, but the easiest magic is just involving them in the smallest ways possible.”


9 May 2022

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Intuitive Eating For Moms & Dads

What is intuitive eating, really? Intuitive eating has become a hot button topic but it is often misunderstood and misused.  Registered Dietician Michelle Yates, of Yates Nutrition, joins Dr. Kristin to talk about the differences between diets and lifestyle changes, using intuitive eating to find the right nutrition for your health and wellness! Learn more about Michelle Yates and Yates Nutrition at www.yatesnutrition.com and listen to her podcast "Nourished & Free" available on Apple, Spotify, or wherever you listen to podcasts! (OR JUST CLICK HERE)


2 May 2022

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Musings of a 5th Grade Eater

Want some helpful insights from the mind of a child? Dr. Kristin’s 5th grader son, Shaan, joins us and shares what foods he likes and dislikes, how fun family meals can be, his passion for food, and what you can do as a parent when you have a picky eater. Learn more about Dr. Kristin and the podcast at www.kristinsaxena.com! 


25 Apr 2022

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5 Reasons to Start Meal Planning

Do you have a hard time answering “What’s for dinner?” Or have to throw out food every week? In this episode Dr. Kristin breaks down 5 reasons how meal planning can save you time, money, and bring the family together. Learn more about Dr. Kristin and Feeding the Family at www.kristinsaxena.com! 


18 Apr 2022

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