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Coffee Break With Mary B's 5th Son

Join us every Sunday morning for coffee and life stories. Life is all about family, friends, and adventures. Our host Jeff will regale us with how coffee played an important role in his life and how his coffee awareness colored his experiences with movies, music, and television. As we all know life revolves around coffee. He invites you to enjoy your Sunday morning coffee with him. As his mother Mary always said "The two things that will make a day go by better is, coffee and a smile".

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The Address Hasn't Changed - 111 North State and Happy Birthday...

This week Jeff explores present day Chicago with a friend. He meets Kevin and learns about a new coffee place. Jeff shares a fun story regarding his 19th birthday in the Southside of Chicago with his brothers and some friends. As always, he will have his coffee and movie review. Listen for some exciting news about some upcoming birthday! Enjoy your Sunday morning coffee with Mary B's 5th son.


25 Jul 2021

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Meet Me Again With A Cup Of Coffee Under The Marshal Field's Clock - Part 2

This week we have part 2 carrying over from from last week’s episode feature Jeff's brother Red. Please enjoy this continuation of the exciting stories about a long time, but not forgotten Chicago favorite the department store Marshal Field. As always, Jeff will share his movie and coffee review. You won’t want to miss those segments to expand your already expanding review repertoire. Enjoy your Sunday morning coffee with Mary B's 5th son - Jeff!


18 Jul 2021

Rank #2

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Meet Me With A Cup Of Coffee Under The Marshall Field's Clock -Part 1

This week Jeff has a special guest with him and of course the special guest is.... Jeff's brother Red. This time they discuss all the important behind the scenes info about Marshall Fields. Ohh the good ole days. If you've ever been to Fields before they closed in the 2000's then this is the episode for you. Jeff will have the movie and coffee review, as always. The song is a great one this week!!! Take a listen with Mary B's 5th Son. 


11 Jul 2021

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Grandma Millie and Saturday Night Fever. What a Pair!

This week Jeff will make you chuckle, smile, and be delighted with a wonderful woman "drumroll" His grandmother Millie. Her telephone dilemma and beauty routine are a must listen. Get ready for the ultimate film review (Do I see disco balls in the future?) and a coffee review that's a must. Bam, pop, crack, flam, and glam your Fourth of July weekend with Coffee Break with Mary B's 5th Son. We salute all the men and woman who have made this day great.


4 Jul 2021

Rank #4

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No Coffee For You!

This week Jeff shares a story about a fun party he went to. A gripping film review and a new song. This week he will share a restaurant review where the coffee and the waiter are a perfect match. Stay till after the end credits to hear why he rewrites popular music to be all about coffee. Happy Sunday and enjoy your morning coffee with Mary B's 5th Son.


27 Jun 2021

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The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly - Happy Father's Day!

This week Jeff will tell us all about his father with the good, the bad, and the ugly. He will talk all about the times they shared. It's quite a wild ride. He will share his latest restaurant recommendation, a great film and more. Join us this week, as we celebrate the fathers we all know and love. Sometimes, they can be inspired towards a new way of thinking. Happy Father's Day  to all the fathers out there from Coffee Break with Mary B's 5th Son.


20 Jun 2021

Rank #6

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Italy, Rachel, Rick Steves, and Me

Every wonder what it would be like to go to Italy with Rick Steve's book?  Well, this week Jeff has just the series of Italy stories for you. He will throw in several coffee recommendation etc... Get ready to laugh, smile, be surprised, and just sit back and enjoy your coffee with Jeff .


13 Jun 2021

Rank #7

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Oh $#@!

This week Jeff lets us all in on a little secret. He's got a new adventure for us regarding a more recent event with dogs, rain, and a little uh no's thrown in. Jeff dives in to a television show and a great recemmendation for an out-of-state coffee Haus your sure not going to want to miss. As always enjoy this Sunday more with Mary B's 5th son. Happy Sunday! 


6 Jun 2021

Rank #8

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6 Times For Refills Are A Must

This week Jeff will be discussing his latest film suggestion, his friend who saved him in the hallways of the school, Busha, and of course delicious coffee! Listen with him and enjoy your morning coffee with Jeff.


30 May 2021

Rank #9

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O' What A Night I Had With Dad And Jennifer O'Neil

This weeks episode is all about the exciting tales vis-a'vis baseball, of getting into a movie Jeff probably shouldn't have gotten into, and the complex dynamics of a father and son's relationship. Jeff will tell us about his coffee location recommendation of the week, and the film Once Upon A Time In The West! We will wrap up with a short discussion about RHONDA!!! Find out just why she is so important!!!


23 May 2021

Rank #10