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I'm sensitive, and I have a lot of feelings. Intimate conversations with myself, new and old people in my life - talking about the nuances of relationships, money, finding purpose, spirituality, sustainability, and whatever else comes up. It's okay to have feelings. Hosted by Jenny Welbourn, (Wear I Live).

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An Intro: Consuming Too Much, Creating Too Little

An intro to the podcast! that now exists because of this episode. I wanted to talk about consuming social media, and how it stifles our creative energy! Social media is meant to inspire but it can somehow leave us feeling drained, confused, and less sure of ourselves than when we began. I've just been thinking about the link between when I'm consuming too much, creating too little, is when I feel the worst. And some of the little notions that go along with that. I hope you enjoy! An extension of Wear I Live. 


2 Feb 2021

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