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If you want to know more about working in the tennis industry, what racquets and strings the pros use and what it is like to be a stringer, this is the podcast for you.

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Henrik Wallensten, Racquet Reviewer, Davis Cup Stringer, Tennisnerd collaborator

This time I had the fortune to sit down and talk to my buddy Henrik "Hank" Wallensten. Henrik is a long-time racquet reviewer (The Swedish Tennis Magazine) and has contributed generously to Tennisnerd. He joined the Swedish Davis Cup team for their most recent tie as their official stringer and has a wealth of knowledge of tennis gear. Henrik is also a high-level player who has competed on the ITF Seniors Tour and trains with his local team in the top Swedish division. In this podcast, we talk about his affection for the new Babolat Pure Aero, how he kept dismissing a call from Robin Soderling, his infidelity issues with tennis racquets and why stringing as low as 45-47 lbs is the way to go. I hope you like the podcast. If you do, please consider supporting Tennisnerd. You can buy something from one of my affiliates, purchase a racquet consultation or join my Patreon page.


11 Mar 2021

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Second time with Nathan Martin of Tennisfitness.com

Nathan Martin joins the podcast for the second time to talk about what Djokovic does to stay on top, how the quarantine during the Australian Open affected many of the players and what club players can learn and implement from the pros to strengthen their tennis and avoid injuries. Please check out Nathan's online fitness programs: https://www.memberstennisfitness.com/tennis-nerd If you buy a program, a small commission goes to Tennisnerd.


2 Mar 2021

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Tim Puttock, Senior Director, Prince

I had the good fortune to do a podcast with Tim Puttock, the Senior R&D Director from Prince. We talk about his passion for building racquets (etc). Tim Puttock has been with Prince for 15 years and has seen, hit and designed many tennis racquets! He has held various roles with the company during its turbulent recent history and is now the Senior Director for the Prince brand (his employer is Authentic Brands Group). In the podcast, he talks about his desire to innovate in an industry that's not always best known for exploring new technologies. Two examples of Tim and Prince pushing the envelope is the new Prince Ripstick racquets, which look and play quite differently from what's out there. He is also behind the interesting Prince Synergy 98 with the unusual 18x18 string pattern, a low flex, but high swing weight. If you're interested in buying these racquets, please consider doing so from our affiliate Tennis Warehouse. Any purchase will send a small commission to Tennisnerd. For a true tennis nerd, it's always fascinating to talk to a guy who actually designs racquets and I hope you find this Tennisnerd podcast interesting to listen to. If you have any feedback or ideas for guests I should talk to, don't hesitate to comment below!

1hr 6mins

24 Feb 2021

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Jack Oswald, Pro Player and Founder of Cancha Bags

Jack Oswald from the UK plays tennis on the ITF Tour and has struggled to find a tennis bag he likes. This is how he came up with the Cancha bags. The development process took a couple of years and was more challenging than he could have imagined, but he is proud of how it came out. The Cancha tennis bag looks a bit like a guitar case and offers a modular approach where you add side bags for accessories, wet clothes, and so on. We don't only talk about Cancha Bags, but also about the tough life as a lower-ranked pro and how we can get more fans interested in watching high-quality tennis pro tennis that's not Grand Slam or ATP/WTA level.


4 Jan 2021

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Andreas Bergen, Global Product Manager, Luxilon

I had the good fortune to chat with Andreas Bergen, Global Product Manager of Luxilon Strings. We talk about strings, tensions, and a whole lot more. Andreas test strings and develop products for Luxilon strings. He has a broad role and in 2019 he had 120 tennis-related travel days. Luxilon is one of the legends in the string industry and still the most popular brand on the ATP and WTA Tours. Ever since they introduced the Big Banger Original in 1997, they've been spearheading the string industry. Read more on Tennisnerd.net

1hr 25mins

3 Dec 2020

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Andrew from Prospect Customization

I talk to Andrew from Prospect Customization about swing weights, pro player specs, what racquets different players should use, issues with gear on the college level and much more. This is definitely an episode for true tennis nerds! :)

1hr 11mins

14 Oct 2020

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Heysil Racquets Co-Founder Jeffrey Yeh

A while back I was approached by Jeffrey Yeh, one of the founders of Heysil Racquets. He wanted to send me some racquets for review.But due to COVID, it took quite a while to get the parcel from Australia, where Heysil is based, to Malta, where I am. A couple of weeks ago the Heysil racquets arrived and I have been play-testing them ever since. Heysil is a young company, a few years old and run by Jeffrey Yeh and David Willis. I got the opportunity to talk Jeffrey Yeh about Heysil, their products, and their plans for the future. Read more: https://tennisnerd.net/gear/racquets/introducing-heysil-racquets/23122


24 Sep 2020

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US Open Update - Looking for exciting new players to watch

Who is your favorite player to watch and have you found any new ones to be excited about during the US Open?


4 Sep 2020

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My Tennis Story

I published a video vlog that I think works well also in podcast form. I just wanted to give you a status update and tell you a bit about my tennis story. Keen to hear yours.


16 Aug 2020

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Q&A with Instagram Followers of @tennisnerdinsta - Gear, Kyrgios, Tennis Elbow, And More

I asked my Instagram followers to send me questions for a Q&A podcast. And voila! Here are my answers. I was asked about: Rafa's and Roger's retirements What to do about tennis elbow What do I think about Kyrgios US Open statement What are some good budget strings? Will I ever settle on a racquet? ...and more!


13 Aug 2020

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