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Bishops - Part 39: Serbia and Bulgaria

Fr. Tom now turns his attention to the late 12th to early 14th centuries to talk about the Church in Serbia and Bulgaria and their relationship with Constantinople.


15 Jan 2013

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Our Use of Words

Fr.Tom asks us to heed the scriptures and use our words carefully. Specifically he identifies several terms that are often incorrectly used in Orthodoxy today.


27 Dec 2011

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Bishops - Part 44: The Church of Kiev and Rus

From Constantinople we go to the Church in Kiev and Rus from the 10th to the 13th Centuries.


14 Oct 2013

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With God All Things Are Possible

The phrase "With God all things are possible" is found three times in Holy Scripture. How are we to interpret the meaning of that phrase, and how does it relate to the way we live our lives today?


15 Feb 2011

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Fr. Thomas looks at the roots of Pentecost-- the coming of the Spirit-- in Old Testament worship.


12 Jun 2008

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What Does Rome Need To Do? - Part 1

As promised in his last episode, Fr. Thomas shares with us the paper he wrote in 2005 outlining what the Roman Catholic Church would need to do to unite with the Orthodox. He broke it up into two parts and this is part one.


20 Jun 2014

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Bishops - Part 12: Dionysius the Areopagite

In his continuing series on Bishops, Fr. Tom takes up where he left off in the last episode by concentrating on the influence of the writings attributed to but not actually from Dionysius the Areopagite.


24 May 2011

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The Commandments of God

In Psalm 118 (119 in the Hebrew text), every verse references the commandments or precepts of God. As Christians, how are we to look at God's commandments in the light of Christ and His "New Commandment?"


17 May 2012

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The Abolition of Man

Fr. Thomas talks about one of the most important books in his library and strongly encourages everyone to read it for an eye opening revelation on today's society as we know it. The Abolition of Man by CS Lewis.


2 Aug 2011

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Radical Monogamy

What do the Scriptures and the Fathers say about fidelity in marriage, sex outside of marriage, or same-sex marriage? Fr. Tom gives extensive teaching on this subject in today's episode.


2 May 2012

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Personal Prayer

Fr. Tom is frequently asked about personal prayer and how the Orthodox Christian should approach the life of prayer at home.Today's episode gives practical and biblical direction particularly as we begin the Nativity Fast.


17 Nov 2011

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Predestination, Providence, and Prayer

Fr. Thomas Hopko explains how our acts, especially our prayers, are included in God's predestination based on His foreknowledge, and how our free-will actions, particularly our prayers, contribute to God's providence in our lives.


15 Mar 2010

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Doctors and Medicine

In this episode, Fr. Tom talks about how we should view the practice of medicine and medication from an Orthodox Christian perspective.


10 Jun 2013

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Falling Asleep

Father Thomas Hopko remembers the last days of Fr. Alexander Schmemann on the 25th anniversary of his falling asleep in our Lord Jesus Christ. May his memory be eternal.


12 Dec 2008

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God Is In Control - Yes or No?

We hear the phrase "God is in control" and may even use it from time to time when trying to make sense of a difficult situation. Fr. Thomas Hopko evaluates that phrase and challenges us to rethink it.


6 Oct 2014

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The Samaritan Woman at the Well

Fr. Thomas looks at the Gospel for the fifth Sunday of Pascha—a miraculous sign that at first glance doesn't seem to involve a miracle.


15 May 2009

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Evangelical Dialogue

Fr. Tom responds to an email from an evangelical listener who wrote in response to a podcast where Fr. Tom reflected on his visit to Wheaton College.


26 Nov 2012

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Understanding the Letter to the Romans

St. Paul's letter to the Romans is critical to understanding the Gospel of Christ. In this episode, Fr. Thomas gives us a helpful overview of this letter and its central theme.


11 Sep 2012

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The Roots of Pentecost

Fr. Thomas looks at the roots of Pentecost—the coming of the Spirit—in Old Testament worship.


6 Jun 2009

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Fr. Thomas rejoices in the enthronement of the crucified One, raised and glorified.


27 May 2009

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