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Welcome to the Let’s Think Podcast where we don’t just react. We’ll break it down and think about it. We’re going to talk news, sports, whatever we’re thinking about. As always, you can contribute by sending email to comments@letsthinkpodcast.com.

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Washington Swamp Tricks and Olympic Time!!

Ed and Lee talk about the spike in virus cases among the runaway Texas house Democrats and they react to Pelosi trying to dictate which Republicans get to sit on a House select committee.  Washington Swamp Tricks!!They also discuss the Biden administration's criticism of China for supporting hacking of Microsoft but embracing censorship here in the US.  Lastly, the Tokyo Olympics start soon!!Email us at comments@LetsThinkPodcast.com


22 Jul 2021

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Crazy Week Thoughts!!

This week Ed and Lee break down the craziness of the last week including almost all of the democrats serving in the Texas House of Representatives fleeing the state to go to Washington and now being threatened with arrest. They also talk about the latest developments involving Cuba and Iran and the Biden administration's response.  Lee also explains everything wrong with the uniforms worn during the MLB all star game.Reach us at comments@letsthinkpocast.com Twitter:  @LetsThinkPodca2


15 Jul 2021

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Crime: "It's a People Problem!"

Even a tropical storm can't stop this show...although it did delay the show.This week, Ed and Lee discuss the breaking announcement that the timeline for withdrawal of forces from Afghanistan has been accelerated.  They also talk about the horrific spikes in crime across the country.  It is clear that it is a crime problem and not just a gun problem as the Biden administration wants to portray it.Send us email: comments@LetsThinkPodcast.com


10 Jul 2021

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The People's Law School

Ed and Lee discuss how prescient the Let's Think About That podcast has been.  Only a few weeks after breaking down new laws in Georgia regarding voting the federal government has now sued.  Ed and Lee discuss the lawsuit and how college sports are changing quickly to allow compensation for players.This episodes introduces a new segment called THE PEOPLE'S LAW SCHOOL.  In this premier episode, Ed and Lee talk about the basis of the law - the US Constitution. Please follow us on Twitter @LetsThinkPodca2Email:  comments@LetsThinkPodcast.com


2 Jul 2021

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VEEP tries to beat Trump to the Border. Biden blames gun owners and big news from the Supreme Court on College Sports.

Ed and Lee discuss breaking news.  VP Harris has announced a border trip - because she has to get there before President Trump does.  Meanwhile, the White House realizes that escalating street crime is a liability and they trot out President Biden to blame guns instead of criminals.  But perhaps the biggest news of the week are two decisions from the Supreme Court affecting college sports and also the First Amendment rights of students.Follow us @LetsThinkPodca2


24 Jun 2021

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The President has gone to Europe...but not to the border!

Ed and Lee discuss Biden's performance on the world stage with his visit to the G7 and his summit with Putin.  They also talk about the continuing border crisis and Texas plans to build a wall.  Lastly they talk about the allegations of a major league pitcher using banned substances and how MLB responds.Talk to us at comments@letsthinkpodcast.comTwitter:  @LetsThinkPodca2


18 Jun 2021

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Have you been to the border?

Ed and Lee break talk about the Veep's disastrous trip to Central America, and her failure to go to the border or talk about the border crisis.  They also discuss the Biden administration push for a global corporate tax and yet a complete failure to acknowledge the allied invasion on D-Day which liberated Europe.  Lastly, they give an update on the evolving Fauci emails and what they show about his failure to respond appropriately to the pandemic.Give us a follow on Twitter @LetsThinkPodCa2


11 Jun 2021

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If you're not outraged, you're not paying attention!

Ed and Lee discuss new revelations of experiments at the University of Pittsburg involving body parts from aborted fetuses.  They then look at the evolving story of Dr. Fauci's emails and pay tribute to the upcoming D-Day anniversary.


3 Jun 2021

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Where did COVID come from? Congress considers 1/6 commission. PGA winner and great moments in sports history!!

Ed and Lee discuss the growing skepticism that COVID came from nature and that the Biden administration has finally agreed to conduct an investigation.   They then talk about Congress considering a "commission" to study the events of January 6th as well as the alarming crime rate in American cities.  Lastly, they talk sports including Phil Mickelson becoming the oldest winner of a "major" and great moments in sports history!!


27 May 2021

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Supreme Court takes abortion case. Corrupt Politicians Act. More No Hitters! Israel under attack.

Ed and Lee discuss the Supreme Court's recent decision to hear arguments in an abortion case next term and debate in Congress over HR 1, also known as the "Corrupt Politicians Act."  They also talk about the record number of "no hitters" pitched so far and Israel's continuing response to Hamas attacks.


20 May 2021

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