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Sparked by engaging and entertaining everyday conversation, The Lunch Table Podcast serves as a platform for talented individuals to tell the World their story. The Lunch Table hosts – Jeff, Rich & Jamaal – take pride in serving as the bridge between like-minded individuals excelling in their respective fields. From amateur rap battles to roasting friends, from fist fights to finally asking out your high school crush, boys become men at The Lunch Table.

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Episode 6 - Dinnerland's Shake

On Episode 6 of The Lunch Table Podcast, the crew sits down with Shake, Creative Director of the Dinner Land Network, to discuss Hip Hop & Entertainment culture, starting a network from scratch, and what it means to "do it for the culture."

1hr 24mins

11 Apr 2017

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Episode 61 - Policing The Police

On Episode 61, the crew is joined by Police Officer, Robert Johnson. With the social media boom, police perception in the eye of the public has taken a dangerous turn. We felt that this was the perfect time to bring in a Police Officer to speak in depth about what happens within the Police Force. Officer Johnson is an officer of the law but a black man before anything. He's ingrained in the black community of his city and doesn’t ignore issues such as police brutality and unfair discrimination against black people and minorities. We touch on important topics such as holding policemen accountable, the conversations within the walls of the police department, bias vs ignorance, knowing your rights during police encounters, Systematic and systemic racism, the Blue Wall of Silence, Black Lives Matter, and so much more!Intro Music: Sonny Brew - We Just Still

1hr 29mins

11 Jun 2019

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Episode 43 - Cuffin White Women

On the latest episode of The Lunch Table Podcast, the group tackles the highly controversial yet ever prevalent question of why black men, especially successful black men, are settling down with white women at an increased rate. We discuss whether black men or black women are more to blame for this and we touch on the perceived pros, cons, and stereotypes of this topic. Per usual some interesting, thought-provoking and extremely controversial points were stated in the making of this episode, so tune in!Intro Music: Ian Smith & Kenny Shane - Chasin’

1hr 7mins

27 Aug 2018

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Episode 42 - Sam Whiteout

On Episode 42, the crew is joined by world-renowned activist Sam Whiteout. Despite being a white man, Sam devotes his life to standing up against racial injustices, even though these injustices often times do not directly affect him. Sam walks us through his journey from suburbia to activism, and how his racially-charged experiences at Villanova University helped put him on this unique path. We discuss racism, sexism, Black Lives Matter, the NFL protests, the 2016 election, and the current state of America's racial inequality.Intro Music: Talent Harris - Chef Boy R Tee (featuring Free Goodes & K'Vaun)

1hr 23mins

13 Aug 2018

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Episode 3 - Brutha Mike X

On Episode 3 of The Lunch Table Podcast we deliver a special Black History Month edition as we get enlightened by the presence and wisdom of Black Activist and YouTube sensation Brutha Mike X. We discuss a myriad of topics from black wealth, the long-term effects of Slavery & Jim Crow and what we all can do to help Black America heal and progress. Tune in!

2hr 3mins

11 Apr 2017

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Episode 8 - Shae Moodie

On Episode 8 of The Lunch Table Podcast, the crew is joined by Shae Moodie, former contributor to Def Jam Records, BET & Global Grind, and currently a Hip-Hop writer at The Fader. Shae breaks down the sometimes harsh reality of being a woman in the entertainment industry and how that becomes exponentially more difficult being a black woman.Intro Song: Qung Xav - Peter Plantz

1hr 24mins

24 Apr 2017

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Episode 58 - Return Of The Pond

On Episode 58, the crew is re-visited by former Hot97 and WBLS employee, Jameer Pond. Jameer speaks about life after Hot97, the great times, the rough times, but most importantly the lasting life-long relationships he built and the invaluable lessons he learned. We also discuss his new beginnings in the media and entertainment world, as he starts a new journey with Build Series TV. Naturally the convo is heavily geared towards the current state of Hip-Hop Music and Culture, and how things have changed over the years with the boom of social media. Jameer, per usual, comes with some hilarious and flaming hot takes on some of your favorite rap artists. Tune in!

1hr 46mins

9 Apr 2019

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Episode 48 - The OG Blackman

On Episode 48, the crew is joined by none other than The Original Black Man himself, Reek, host of the HeManWomanHaters Podcast. We discuss a myriad of topics, including self discipline translating into self-love, learning how to navigate in different circles of life, closing the deal with women, TRUMP, and partnering with the infamous Mouse Jones to give birth to the legendary HeManWomanHatersClub Podcast.Intro Song: Smarts - Call Me

2hr 25mins

6 Nov 2018

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Episode 47 - Maurice Watson

On the latest episode of The Lunch Table Podcast, the Table gets a surprise visit from star basketball player, Maurice Watson Jr. Having led Creighton to the Number 7 rank in the NCAA with a 17-1 record, Maurice tragically tore his ACL in the 19th game of his final collegiate season. From there, it all went south for Maurice as he suddenly found himself being accused of sexually assaulting a fellow student at Creighton. We explore Maurice's trials and tribulations during his return from injury, falsified sexual assault accusations, and countless other set backs. Maurice provides us insight into the raw details of his rough upbringing in Philly, his split collegiate basketball career at both Boston University and Creighton, his road to recovery, and his painful and eye-opening experiences dealing with the US Justice System during the apex of the #MeToo Movement. Maurice highlights the importance of concrete friendships, his family, and an unwavering faith in God. He is now playing professional basketball in the FIBA Europe Cup League and still maintains his childhood dream of playing in the NBA. The Maurice Watson Story has only been told to The Lunch Table Podcast, so tune in for this rollercoaster ride of emotions!Intro Song: Prince Lifeguard- Daily

1hr 55mins

22 Oct 2018

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Episode 56 - Growing Up Gay

On the latest episode of The Lunch Table Podcast, the crew is joined by Deshaun – a friend of the podcast and a homosexual black man with a gigantic personality and a tear-jerking life story to tell. Deshaun's willingness to speak truthfully about his life-long personal battles with his sexuality gave the crew an inside perspective of what it was like growing up gay and black in the 90s. Deshaun shared detailed personal truths about coming to terms with his sexuality at the age of five, what it was like hiding his sexuality from his family for 30+ years, having to fight regularly at school and on the streets, protecting his homosexual younger brother from the harsh realities of growing up gay and black, and learning to accept himself and find happiness and pride in who he is. Aside from his personal experiences Deshaun also discussed the plight of homosexuals, the health dangers of keeping one's feelings pent up, interacting publicly and privately with homosexual peers living a double life, discrimination in the workplace, and providing an atmosphere for friends and family to be comfortable enough to reveal their truth. This episode gets deep and painful at times but the crew hits on topics that the World needs to become more comfortable discussing. Tune in!Intro Song: Fil - Fuck Ya Product ft. Talent Harris

1hr 32mins

25 Feb 2019

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Episode 59 - Hoops Talk

On Episode 59 of The Lunch Table Podcast, we have a special episode for the Basketball Fans out there just in time for the NBA Playoffs. The crew is joined by several Division 1 & 2 basketball players to discuss a myriad of basketball topics. We discussed the current Top Point Guards in the NBA, comparing great players across eras, KDs move to Golden State and how it differed from LeBron's move to Miami, Kyrie being overrated, Testimonies vs Advanced Stats vs The Eye Test, and so much more. Great content and hilarious insight is spread out across this episode. If you like hoops talk, this one is for you!Intro Music: Talent Harris - The Procrastinator

2hr 45mins

17 Apr 2019

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Episode 54 - The Return Of Lowkey

On the latest episode of The Lunch Table Podcast, the crew reunites with old friend of the table, Lowkey! The conversation gets spicy right out the gate, as they reflect on the impact of Kanye's infamous Social Media rants. We discuss whether or not it's acceptable for Kanye to have such an influential, wide-reaching platform while continuing to speak from a place of ignorance on such important topics. From there, Low breaks down the birth, progress, and evolution of the infamous Trap Kareoke series - originating from a local bar in NYC, reaching all the way to Beijing, and even to the 2016 NBA All Star Weekend in Toronto where Lebron, Amber Rose, Fabolous & Kevin Hart took the the mic by storm. We also touch on the Trap Karaoke entrepreneurs leveraging business with international brands such as Roc Nation, Jordan Brand, Apple, & Converse, while maintaining their unapologetically black approach.Intro Song: Talent Harris - Pivotal featuring Rapp Boii

1hr 44mins

30 Jan 2019

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Episode 63 - NFL Safety Jordan Lucas

On the latest episode of The Lunch Table Podcast, the crew breaks bread with Westchester County’s own & Kansas City Chiefs Safety, Jordan Lucas. We discuss everything under the sun from rising up through the New Rochelle sports system, being forced to choose his sports path at a young age, surviving prep school, & thriving in Penn State's Football Program right in the wake of the Sandusky pedophilia debacle. We also discuss understanding the value of self education, financial literacy, parenting, and keeping your circle tight when money and fame become a brand new issue. Of course we discuss NFL topics such as the drastic differences between Miami & Kansas City, the top players at each position, solidifying on-field confidence, and faith in God. You don't want to miss this one, so grab your trays and come get some food for thought on The Lunch Table Podcast!Intro Music: Free Goodes - Big Ticket

1hr 52mins

12 Aug 2019

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Episode 52 - DaCompany

On the latest episode of The Lunch Table Podcast, the crew sits down with Hip-Hop artists, Alex and Diduric Of DaCompany. These two artists chronicle their grind from solo rappers at Howard University to becoming a tight-knit duo and going on tours around the country. Since then, the duo has taken a short hiatus to hone and perfect the other elements of their craft - working on production for MTV/BET/VH1 and various media outlets. This has led to epic songs and visuals for their singles “Andale” and “Switch Up.” Tune in as they give us insight on missteps, regrets, wins, losses, lessons learned, and what they have in store for 2019.

1hr 21mins

7 Jan 2019

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Episode 60 - Ayesha Gets Her Groove Back

On the latest episode of The Lunch Table Podcast, the crew sits down to discuss Ayesha Curry’s statements from her guest appearance on the Red Table Talk. How do her feelings relate to common expectations of long-term relationships? Is she wrong for feeling this way? Is this a form of jealousy or envy? How many other women feel this way? Is this the fate of every man who is in a long-term relationship regardless of how well the relationship is going? We discuss these hot topics from a man's perspective and also discuss how men go through similar struggles with their own confidence. A lot of food for thought was served and both ladies and men will find valuable nuggets in this episode! Like, subscribe, share and tune into the latest episode of The Lunch Table Podcast!Intro Music: Talent Harris - Ride Or Die

1hr 7mins

14 May 2019

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Episode 57 - Sex Ed

On the latest episode of The Lunch Table Podcast, friend of the podcast Becky Mills joins the table for some thought-provoking conversation and enlightenment on sex, gender, and the many sub topics that are associated with them. Naturally we touch on a myriad of topics including Prostitution, Sex through Capitalism, Misogny, understanding Gender vs Sex, the many identities that make up the LGBTQ community, Colorism, Classism, Double Standards, Gender Norms, and of course being polically correct vs. being overly sensitive. There is so much food for thought here and, per usual, everyone can get a plate! So grab your headphones, turn up your speakers, like, subscribe, share, and tune in to The Lunch Table Podcast!Intro Song: Talent Harris ft Ritz the Lioness) - Nympho

1hr 37mins

25 Mar 2019

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Episode 10 - Settling In Life

On Episode 10 of The Lunch Table Podcast, the crew sits down to discuss settling in relationships, careers, and life as a whole, and how the idea of settling has changed in the Social Media & Internet era.Intro Song: K'Vaun - Habibs


22 May 2017

Rank #17

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Episode 53 - Muting The Pied Piper

On Episode 53, the crew sits down to discuss their reactions to the new Lifetime documentary, Surviving RKelly. The crew touches on moments that shocked them, how he was able to continue with this behavior for decades, how he avoided conviction, how he was able to trick and "train" these women, who else besides RKelly should be held accountable, the ability of music fans to separate the art from the artist, and many other subtopics within this messy story.

1hr 28mins

14 Jan 2019

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Episode 9 - Erin Simon

On Episode 9 of The Lunch Table Podcast, the crew sits down with Erin Ashley Simon, Social Media Producer at Revolt TV and COO of HypeFresh Magazine. Erin gives us detailed insight into what it's like to pick the brains of celebrity athletes and also the everyday struggle of being a black woman in a corporate atmosphere.Intro Song: Qung Xav - Hip-Hop Ft. Talent Harris

1hr 56mins

8 May 2017

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Episode 55 - Alicia Gooding

On the latest episode of The Lunch Table Podcast, the crew is joined by established Publicist, Brand Marketer, Entrepreneur, Promoter, Founder of The Code of NYC, and Reality TV Star of BET's own "Hustle In BK," Ms. Alicia Gooding! Alicia educates us on her history within the industry and what separates her from everyone else in her field. Alicia has done business with huge names and brands including Nike, K-Mart, Pepsi, BET, Alamo Records, Smoke Purp, Hood Rich Pablo, Amber Rose, ASAP Ferg, Kenneth Faried, Brianna Perry, Roc Nation, and Casanova just to name a few. In this sit down the crew hits a myriad of topics ranging from marketing, understanding the values of sales, entrepreneurship, taking risks, social justice, prison reform, working with demanding celebrities, and so much more. Alicia has great experience and insight on a myriad of topics and she knows her worth. She gives us insight into what it's like dealing with her newfound fame from Reality TV after playing the background for so many years. We also discuss what it takes for women to become assets within the industry and how selling herself sexually has never been a thought in her mind. Most importantly, we touch on how prison reform is truly a passion of hers and how she will use her celebrity, resume, and connections to focus on the agenda and contribute to the cause.Intro Music: Steely One - Soul Food

1hr 18mins

11 Feb 2019

Rank #20