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Q-Dragon and Jack of Brainstorm Science News on Youtube talk even more about science. More news, random thoughts and occasionally interesting guests. http://www.youtube.com/user/qdragon1337

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23andMe vs FDA

Andrew Maynard from the riskbites channel returns to the podcasts to discuss the recent situation with the FDA asking 23andMe to cease-and-desist operations. There is also discussion of candied yams.


3 Dec 2013

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This Week In Blood Pasta

Still miss us?


19 Nov 2013

Rank #2

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We Don't Even Know

Things get ready weird really fast.


14 Oct 2013

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Steampunk Einstein

You’re stuck with another lone hostful episode...


6 Oct 2013

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Amoebas Are Up To Something

We’re back! Q took a week off due to sickness but everything should be back on track. All the weirdness and science news you could want.


30 Sep 2013

Rank #5

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MIND CONTROL With Andrea Stocco

Amazing Guest! Andrea Stocco is a researcher from the University of Washington and was recently involved in the first human brain-brain interface. He talks to us about the experiment, getting his movement controlled by another person, and the future of this amazing technology.


16 Sep 2013

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Physicist Club, With Blackjack, And Hookers

HOSTFUL+ Again we are joined by The Gentleman Physicist to talk about science news. It’s less creepy than last week’s episode, but not really by much.


8 Sep 2013

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Citation Fluffers

HOSTFUL+ We’re just talking about news, as we do. But this week joined by The Gentleman Physicist for additional craziness.


1 Sep 2013

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Enjoy the Random Music

Three hostful episodes in a row, this is getting ridiculous...

25 Aug 2013

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Yuppies, Hippies, and Walmart People

Two hostful episodes in a row! Sorry.


18 Aug 2013

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