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This podcast will make you high. Paradigm shifting, thought provoking social commentary from Jo, your one black friend. Here we explore the nature of our Simulated Reality Matrix through Philosophy, Psychology, Spirituality, Quantum Physics, Theology, History and Current Events.(Open-Minded, Critical Free Thinkers, welcome!We have Non-GMO gluten free cookies.)

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The World as Will and Idea

Thinking deeply about the fact that we all refer to ourselves as “i” as though this is a subtle but collective reminder that we are all one entity, simultaneously manifesting itself in various forms/personas in this construct we call “Reality.”


10 Apr 2020

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Could Earth be another world’s heaven?

Life is a simulation; let’s explore what sort of civilization would simulate this world. Could Earth be another world’s “heaven?”


27 May 2020

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Live. Die. Repeat.

Citing Cosmological, philosophical, theoretical and mathematical proofs that supports the Holographic and Simulated Nature of Our Reality.


11 May 2020

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Trust your own perceptions.

How society stigmatises free thinkers with disparaging labels. Form a “Mastermind Group of Free Thinkers” comprised of at least one other conscious individual you know.


29 Apr 2020

Rank #4

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“Hell Is Other People.”

Is This World A Simulation of A Heaven or A Hell? A School Or A Prison? Discussing Psychological Alchemy by Consciously Neutralising Negativity.

1hr 12mins

24 Apr 2020

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For Every Reincarnation...

...There Was An Equal An Opposite Incarnation. Revisiting The Law Of Karma.


17 Apr 2020

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All is mind (Wake Up, You’re Dreaming.)

Life as a Lucid Dream with your higher self as the dreamer, accessing The Dreamworld, and consciously constructing a beautiful symphony out of the darkness of our present situation.

1hr 10mins

25 Mar 2020

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Aliens Aren’t From Outerspace

Discussing recent UFO activities during the Corona Crisis, along with unconventional theories about where UFOs actually come from (hint: not outerspace. Aliens part starts at the 20 minute mark.)


18 Mar 2020

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The Cost of Immortality

Many want to live forever, but few give real thought to what the cost of immortality would be, to them and to the human race. Let’s say your wish for immortality is granted. What does life look like in a world of immortals? Everything costs.

1hr 13mins

17 Mar 2020

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Just A Puppet That Sees The Strings.

“So long as we can be made to think that death is a bad thing we can be ruled”- Alan Watts. It’s the end of the world—as we know it. Not in an Armageddon sense, but, everything will be different from now on. What we are experiencing is a social experiment, thats demonstrating just how easily the entire world’s population can be corralled and herded into a panic using smart phones and mass media.Stay conscious my friends.


15 Mar 2020

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Fear, Reactivity and Pain

Further discussions on the media utilising the Coronavirus to trigger unconscious reactivity en masse, the conscious exercise of free will, and using the mind as a tool to master pain.

1hr 12mins

9 Mar 2020

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Becoming No One

Grappling with The Illusions of individuality, Identities and Free Will and what it means to really “Know Thyself.”


3 Mar 2020

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A sort of feedback loop through time.

If time is relative then perhaps not everyone experiences time chronologically. What if some people can somehow communicate with future versions of themselves. What if your future self can affect your present behaviour? This episode was created literally in the midst of such an even happening to me. It was just as trippy recording it as it will be listening to it. And I’m still slightly tripped out.


8 Feb 2020

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Life and Death Across The Multiverse

Simulation hypothesis and the Many Worlds Interpretation to discuss the passing of Kobe.


31 Jan 2020

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War is an archaic institution that is a product of primitive times and we as a race should’ve evolved from this practice a long time ago. The year JUST started! Can we at least have some time to our Christmas trees away before attempting to drag us into WW3?!


9 Jan 2020

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Ozymandias and the Frailty of Genius.

“Why do you take pleasure in being praised by men whom you yourself cannot praise?” Discussing Adrian Veidt’s fatal flaw, loneliness and the humanity of gods, and why the biblical god felt compelled to create humans after his experience with angels.


15 Dec 2019

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Dr Manhattan’s Achilles Heel.

Just finished watching WATCHMAN Season 1, Episode 7. While watching it, it dawned on me that Dr Manhattan, the big blue god, suffers from the same weakness that plagues the rest of us: a lack of free will...


15 Dec 2019

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Still doing ‘Black Face,’ huh? Go for it.

It’s about to be 2020 and there are people out here still doing black face like we in 1920. You know what? Go for it.


14 Dec 2019

Rank #18