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Johanna Draconis - The Deconstruction Of C-PTSD

In this podcast I am trying to teach how to heal or even cure yourself from C-PTSD, like I managed to do it on my own, by taking it apart, explaining how it works and how you can defeat your demons.Also I will try to answer any questions and give additional information if asked.I want to give people the tools needed to be finally free of those demons and that they live a life worth living.You can visit my homepage for more information and you also find all transcripts there: https://www.johannadraconis.com/podcast/NOTE: If I say PTSD podcast, I mean everything, including C-PTSD. I just say PTSD to be more inclusive.

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Ep03 - Trauma

This time we go into the heart of PTSD, which is the trauma. It's the root for everything. We get into the many factors that influence the extent of the trauma and see what we can do to get rid of it.Transcript: https://www.johannadraconis.com/podcast/episode-1-5/episode-3/Transcript file: https://www.johannadraconis.com/app/download/12485728126/Ep+3+Trauma+Transcript.rtf


25 Jun 2019

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Ep31 - Rewrite your brain (change yourself)

In this episode we learn to rewrite our brains or how to change yourself or how to change your habits or the like.As one can imagine, this is useful beyond (C-)PTSD and can help you in many aspects of your  life. This episode just explains the process and how it works. Deeper dives might happen in the future.Transcript: https://www.johannadraconis.com/podcast/episode-31-35/episode-31Contact: contactme@johannadraconis.com 


7 Jan 2020

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Ep40 - Am I still me?

Am I still me? A question many ask who are hit with great challenges in their lives. During that time a lot of change happens and sometimes people wonder if they are still themselves.This applies to people who suffer from tragic losses, mental illnesses, being handicapped, suddenly loosing everything and so on and so forth.But I noticed a lot of people seem to think that a mental illness is like a transformation that will turn you into something you are not. Like a werewolf. Which is one of the reason to fear admit they need help and/or talk about it.So let us talk about it and shed some light on the whole thing, shall we?Transcript: https://www.johannadraconis.com/podcast/episode-36-45/episode-40/Contact: contactme@johannadraconis.com


10 Mar 2020

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Ep42 - My Corona COVID-19 Story

In this episode we talk about how I experience my Corona. Since there a lot of questions going around and people are scared and confused, I thought it might be helpful if I share my insights.Sadly I am still in a strong grip by this illness, but I hope I be back to the regular topic next week. I am pretty optimistic about it.


24 Mar 2020

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Ep06 - Why triggers are helpful

In this episode I explain why we can use triggers to help us defeat PTSD.And how we get life quality back this way.Next week we get into the how.Transcript: https://www.johannadraconis.com/podcast/episode-6-10/episode-6/https://www.johannadraconis.com/app/download/12494752826/Ep6+Why+triggers+are+helpful.rtf?t=1563314965


16 Jul 2019

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Ep38 - The void within you

Do you feel sometimes empty inside? Or do you have regularly pain in your chest? Which kind of feels like a constant heart break?Is the emptiness inside you make oyu feel hollow? Empty? Your life empty?This might help you against that.Transcript: https://www.johannadraconis.com/podcast/episode-36-45/episode-38/Contact: contactme@johannadraconis.com


25 Feb 2020

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Ep32 - Why breaks are important

In this episode we talk about why breaks are important, though not only for PTSD. We first talk a bit why breaks are generally a good thing, then we talk about how breaks help our brain sort things out and then we talk about how it helps with our PTSD especially.Transcript: https://www.johannadraconis.com/podcast/episode-31-35/episode-32Contact: contactme@johannadraconis.com


14 Jan 2020

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Ep13 - Communicating PTSD with family, etc. II

In this episode we talk once again about something many people struggle:About how to explain the illness itself, the healing process and some of its symtoms.It is difficult to find the proper words when facing something like PTSD and communicate it to ones family.Transcript: https://www.johannadraconis.com/podcast/episode-11-15/episode-13/ https://www.johannadraconis.com/app/download/12522238726/Ep13+Communicating+PTSD+with+family%2C+etc+II.rtf?t=1567563047


3 Sep 2019

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Ep12 - Communicating PTSD with family, etc. I

In this episode we talk once again about something many people struggle:About how to break to your family you have PTSD and how to respond to questions.It is difficult to find the proper words when facing something like PTSD and communicate it to ones family.Transcript: https://www.johannadraconis.com/podcast/episode-11-15/episode-12/ https://www.johannadraconis.com/app/download/12519574526/Ep12+Communicating+PTSD+with+family%2C+etc.rtf?t=1566949482


27 Aug 2019

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Ep09 - How to hunt down tiggers

In this episode we learn how we can track down other trigger.There are several methods to do it and how they work.Basically part 3 of the removing triggers episodes.Transcript: https://www.johannadraconis.com/podcast/episode-6-10/episode-9/https://www.johannadraconis.com/app/download/12507992426/Ep9+How+to+hunt+down+tiggers+TS.rtf


6 Aug 2019

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Ep07 - How to remove Triggers I

This week we get into part 1 on how to remove triggers from your life.Triggers are indeed completely removeable and doing so, greatly improves your life quality.This is a rather broadly approach, so that as many people as possible can use it.Transcript: https://www.johannadraconis.com/podcast/episode-6-10/episode-7/https://www.johannadraconis.com/app/download/12497183726/Ep7+How+to+remove+triggers+I+TS.rtf?t=1563929209


23 Jul 2019

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Ep43 - Coronavirus skipping Episode (II)

Hello my dears,sadly the Corona Virus returned. I had no control over the factors causing itI should be fine next week, but I was in no position to record a full episode.So I hope to see you next week.Watch yourselves and take care! 

31 Mar 2020

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Ep05 - (Daily) Counter Measures

In this episode I explain what you can do everyday to keep your PTSD as low as possible and give your brain the energy it needs to combat PTSD.It can help you to know, what you can do in your everyday life to improve your situation and what is helpful against PTSD.Transcript: https://www.johannadraconis.com/podcast/episode-1-5/episode-5/https://www.johannadraconis.com/app/download/12491570926/Ep5+%28Daily%29+counter+measures.rtf?t=1562723271


9 Jul 2019

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Ep11 - How to deal with: Too many choices/lost in the dark/overwhelming

Today we talk about something, many people I help with struggle.They are lost, don't know where to turn to and are overwhelmed.So we are taking it step by step to get out of that situation.Transcript: https://www.johannadraconis.com/podcast/episode-11-15/episode-11/ https://www.johannadraconis.com/app/download/12517349026/Ep+11+How+to+deal+with+Too+many+choices%2C+lost+in+the+dark%2C+overwhelming.rtf


20 Aug 2019

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Ep39 - (Dealing with) The monster inside of you

Are you sometimes feeling there is something dark inside of you? Somethings that makes you uncomfortable? Or sometimes you react in a situation that is really unlike you?There is something inside of you and we talk about how to deal with it in this episode.Transcript: https://www.johannadraconis.com/podcast/episode-36-45/episode-39/Contact: contactme@johannadraconis.com


3 Mar 2020

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Ep34 - Could I have a trauma?

Many are unsure if what they went through is really a trauma. Especially if it didn't was this one big time event. There are obvious traumas, the more gray ones and there is a nice trick you can use to try to find them.So in this episode we try to shed a bit of light on that.Transcript: https://www.johannadraconis.com/podcast/episode-31-35/episode-34Contact: contactme@johannadraconis.com


28 Jan 2020

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Ep04 - In case of an emergency

This episode it about what to do in case you get a phase/episode/triggered/etc. and what helps reduce its symptoms.It is a basic 4 step plan what to in such situations and of course what you can to preventive methods.Transcript: https://www.johannadraconis.com/podcast/episode-1-5/episode-4/https://www.johannadraconis.com/app/download/12487384326/EP+4+In+case+of+an+emergency+TS.rtf


2 Jul 2019

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Ep08 - How to remove Triggers II

This is the second part on how to remove triggers once and for all.Triggers are indeed completely removeable and doing so, greatly improves your life quality.This is a rather broadly approach, so that as many people as possible can use it.Transcript: https://www.johannadraconis.com/podcast/episode-6-10/episode-8/https://www.johannadraconis.com/app/download/12504223826/Ep8+How+to+remove+triggers+II+TS.rtf?t=1564540320


30 Jul 2019

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Ep10 - The plan of my therapy (podcast)

This time I explain the plan or roadmap for my therapy/podcast.Since my therapy isn't as linear as I thought it to be, I realized it is about time I properly explain how the therapy plans out.Transcript: https://www.johannadraconis.com/podcast/episode-6-10/episode-10/https://www.johannadraconis.com/app/download/12514701426/Ep10+-+The+plan+of+my+therapy+%28podcast%29+TS.rtf


13 Aug 2019

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Ep14 - PTSD therapy methods and abuse I

In this episode we examine the first 3 of the more common therapy methods, we examine what they are, for which form of PTSD they are useful and their downsides.In this case the methods are Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT),  Cognitive Processing Therapy (CPT) and Prolonged Exposure Therapy (PE or PET).The rest will be up next week.Transcript: https://www.johannadraconis.com/podcast/episode-11-15/episode-14/ https://www.johannadraconis.com/app/download/12529425126/Ep14+PTSD+therapy+methods+and+abuse+I.rtf


10 Sep 2019

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