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DE 014 – Making money from artisanal wine in South America

I love a good bottle of wine as much as the next guy, so I was thrilled to finally find someone like Peter Toot, an American who has started boutique vineyards in Argentina and Uruguay. Peter arrived in Latin America with passable Spanish, and a certificate from a beginner's course in winemaking. Ten years later, he can safely say he has become a pro at making money from boutique wine.


18 Oct 2014

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DE 013: How researching your business idea can save years of your life, and get you some nice cow horn!

Doing research on your business idea sounds kind of boring, but it can save you years of your life and maybe even hundreds of thousands of dollars. It’s something that almost everybody overlooks when they start their first business, yet it is the simplest, cheapest insurance policy you can take out on your own success.


17 Sep 2014

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DE 012: 18 countries for $0, and a fashion label that Michelle Obama will wear

Maryanne paid for her backpacking trip around 18 countries by selling small collections of clothing she made with local fabrics in each of those countries. She used that experience to start a fashion label in Ghana.


24 Aug 2014

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DE 011: Breakups and startups. How dating advice can help you set up shop overseas

What do dating and starting a business have in common? Fear and unrealistic expectations. Thankfully, some techniques used in the dating world can help you take your first steps towards starting a business.


10 Aug 2014

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DE 010: Can you afford it? Living overseas comfortably, for $1000 per month

You can live overseas for less than you currently pay in rent. But only if you make some smart decisions early on.


27 Jul 2014

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DE 009: Making a niche business idea work

China and punk rock vinyl are not two things you typically associate with each other. Despite this, Nevin has figured out how to combine his passion for both into a viable business. His story is a fantastic example that whatever niche idea you are thinking of pursuing, it is absolutely possible if you approach it in the right way.


30 Jun 2014

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DE 008: The rockstar who lost everything and is making it back as a destination entrepreneur

Sometimes, success does not equal happiness. In this episode we explore what happens when the career and life you always thought you wanted, is something you realize is not for you. Edmund Lowman's story of being a guitarist in a wildly successful rock band, only to find out it was making him miserable, is a great example of this.


16 Jun 2014

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DE 007: Funding your dream business overseas using other people’s money

A perceived barrier to entry for aspiring destination entrepreneurs is money. This podcast, featuring Jodi Wu of Global Cycle Solutions in Tanzania, is focused on ways you can get other people to pay for the costs of pursuing your dream business overseas.


1 Jun 2014

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DE 006: Using an unusual passion to fund a meaningful life

Bradley has built a brand name for himself as ‘the guy’ who helps governments figure out bike sharing programs in developing countries and has mastered the art of using a consulting business to pay for his life abroad. He currently lives in Laos, doing it tough in a french era cabin overlooking the Mekong.


18 May 2014

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DE 005: Buying a business in a developing country, and living to tell the tale

In need of big changes in her life, Bonnie decided to move to Costa Rica and buy a small bar– undeterred by the fact she didn’t speak Spanish, had never run a business and had never lived abroad!

4 May 2014

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