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This is a Podcast for the visually impaired and their families and friends, but also for the sighted community to help them understand us better.I have RP and cataracts and is for me a pleasure to do this show, listen and enjoy!

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Voice Recorder HD, accessible app for mobile phones

eFusion Business Development Associate, Nabid Hassan talks to us about their apps, especially the Voice Recorder HD, a accessible recording app for mobile devices. eFusion is interested in making their apps accessible for people who are blind or have low vision.


14 Jun 2015

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Some of what is needed to have an equal society

By listeners requests, here are my thoughts about some of what is needed to have a fully inclusive society.


31 May 2015

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FREE Scanning app for iPhone for the v.i and blind (Voice)

Shalin Shah, a high-school kid has developed Voice, a FREE Scanning app that has the potential of becoming the BEST Scanning app for the visually impaired and blind! Download link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/voice-take-picture-have-it/id903772588?mt=8


24 May 2015

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Where does v.i and blind people live and how is life there? New episode!

Luke Sam Sowden a british guy who is visually impaired talks about what is like to live where he does in the UK!


17 May 2015

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How is life for the V.I and Blind where they live? Episode 3

Learn how is like to live in a small town in Michigan, USA, being blind, Kristen Kelling, a young lady tells us all.


10 May 2015

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Legally blind, with hearing loss and in NY for 3 months!

Here is my NY trip in words...


3 May 2015

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How is life for the V.I and Blind where they live? Episode 2

Meet Tim Zingermann, a legally blind man who lives in a small town near Atlanta, GA in the United States. In this talk he tells us how is life for him being legally blind in this area of the world, don't miss it!


26 Apr 2015

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How is life for the v.i and blind where they live? Episode 1

Tiffany Korin, an American girl from North Carolina talks to us about what is like for her, being visually impaired to live in a small town in North Carolina.


19 Apr 2015

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Interview with Indoo.rs a company that developes indoors navigation systems for the visually impaired, blind and the general public

Stephanie Urbanski who works at Indoo.rs, a Austrian company now with offices in California, explained in great detail how their technology is being tested at the San Francisco International Airport and aims to help visually impaired and blind individualsnavigate an airport Terminal using their iPhone or Android phone, this is a MUST LISTEN for all my dear listeners!!!


12 Apr 2015

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Interview with the Be My Eyes App Creator, Hans Jørgen Wiberg

Be My Eyes is a FREE App on iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch that allows visually impaired and totally blind individuals to have a sighted person 24/7 when needed who can connect with you using the camera of your device and can help you see what the camera of the device is looking at, it has helped already over 5,000 blind people worldwide. The app will be available for Android users soon...


29 Mar 2015

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