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Yonder Lies: Unpacking the Myths of Jackson Hole

Few places have come to symbolize the rapidly-changing American West quite like the valley of Jackson Hole, Wyoming—grizzlies still graze by the roadside, elk eat farm-raised grass, and, all the while, service workers, ranchers, ski bums, and billionaires also jostle to find their piece of paradise.For millennia, the human and non-human residents of Jackson Hole have co-existed in a complex struggle for the good life. But what is the state of this balance these days? And how have these relationships been shaped by recent changes in resources, demographics, and priorities of our communities?Yonder Lies, a new podcast from KHOL 89.1 and Northern Rockies Conservation Cooperative Researchers, is your invitation to dive into the nitty-gritty of Jackson Hole. Hosted by writers and researchers Hannah Habermann and Jesse Bryant, Yonder Lies shares intimate stories of the people, conflicts, and institutions that have made this place what it is today.Subscribe now to join us, as we help sort fact from fiction and wonder what the future may hold for this beloved American landscape.

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"Not Waving but Drowning" : Speculative Fiction & Embodied Drought

There's no doubt that water, and its absence, is an issue deeply stitched into the fabric and conflicts of the American West – and when you start looking into a future where megadroughts are the norm, it gets spooky quick. It's easy to get lost in the science and projections around climate change – so, how can fiction and art help us to better imagine a landscape and way of life drastically different from our present? How can stories create empathy and invoke action in the present? In this episode, Hannah shares an excerpt from her senior thesis The Space is Not Empty, exploring how a West without water would feel, be experienced by a woman named Theresa – by a body, by somebody with memories and family and dreams and sorrows. When a change is so all-encompassing, sometimes it's all we can talk about.


12 May 2020

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Rock Climbing Conflict in Ten Sleep, Wyoming: A Reading

Jesse spent the summer of 2018 living in Ten Sleep, WY looking at the ways in which the explosion of rock climbing was affecting the small ranching town. In this episode, Jesse reads a piece he recently published in Sage Magazine about the American rock climbing community, identity, and socioenvironmental conflict and change in the rural West.


19 Apr 2020

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BONUS: These Wild TImes

Jesse and Hannah talk through some of the implications of COVID-19 on the community in Jackson, Wyoming.


5 Apr 2020

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The Richest County in America (feat. Dr. Justin Farrell)

Today we are joined by Dr. Justin Farrell of the Yale School of the Environment to discuss wealth in Jackson Hole, and his new book Billionaire Wilderness: The Ultrawealthy and the Remaking of the American West from Princeton Press. Over the course, we try to understand the conditions that have made Teton County, Wyoming the wealthiest county in America and this means for the Jackson community. We also wonder if this is good, and if so, for who?


22 Mar 2020

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Chronic Wasting Disease & The National Elk Refuge

This one should resonate with everyone, given our current global situation with COVID-19. Today we look at the decades-long policy debate over how to best deal with Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) in Wyoming, and specifically, on the National Elk Refuge, and even more specifically: in regards to the century-old program of feeding wild elk throughout the winter.  Hang on. It's going to be a wild ride. A cataclysm awaits! Feeding the Problem


3 May 2020

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Stranded Sheep, Gutted Goats, and Flying Firing Squads

More than half a century ago, Idaho Fish and Game decided they wanted to hunt mountain goats so they captured some near Coeur d'Alene and released them into the Snake River Range. Fifty years later, these goats are threatening the extinction of the Teton Bighorn Sheep.  Between the recording and when you'll hear this, nearly 100 mountain goats will be killed by helicopter gunners in Grand Teton National Park. In this episode, we try to understand how it came to this. More info: Working Group Assessment


23 Feb 2020

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Ski Bums & Sustainability

In this episode, we explore how ski resorts impact the people and land around them. What's behind the mythology of the ski bum? How do tourist economies impact local labor? And how have places like Jackson Hole Mountain Resort and Snow King tried to mitigate their environmental impacts as a changing climate threatens the future of winter? We'll also hear from Phil Cameron, Executive Director of Energy Conservation Works, and his perspectives on Jackson's efforts to switch to greener energy sources.


8 Mar 2020

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INTERVIEW: Dr. Justin Farrell and Billionaire Wilderness

In this interview, Jesse talks with Dr. Justin Farrell of the Yale School of the Environment about wealth in Jackson, Wyoming and his new book Billionaire Wilderness: The Ultrawealthy and the Remaking of the American West.

1hr 2mins

29 Mar 2020

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Indigenous Pasts and Presents (Pt.2)

In this episode, we hear the perspectives of three influential leaders from three different tribes: Jason Baldes (Eastern Shoshone), Lynnette Grey Bull (Northern Arapahoe & Hunkpapa Lakota), and Len Necefer (Navajo). Each will offer their perspective on the through-line from past to present and into the future. We will notice that in many ways this line finds its way following efforts of education, coalition building, and healing. We hope that after hearing this episode listeners will be inspired to get involved with indigenous issues in communities near where they live! For more info on our three guests, visit our website: yonderlies.com!


9 Feb 2020

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INTERVIEW: Len Necefer, Founder of Natives Outdoors

Content from this interview with Len Necefer, Founder of Natives Outdoors, was used in Episode 3: Indigenous Presents. We hope you enjoy the full conversation!


15 Mar 2020

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