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The Strategic Growth Concepts for Small Business show provides discussion, tips, and expert advice from SGC associates, as well as many outside experts, on ways to grow your business.Strategic Growth Concepts provides Consulting and Training in the areas of Marketing, Operations, HR and Strategic Planning for Start-up, Small & Mid-sized Businesses.SGC's network of highly-experienced business growth professionals are ready to help you grow your business and position it for on-going success in today's competitive marketplace. We'll help you clarify the challenges currently facing your business, identify a plan of growth-oriented solutions, develop methods of implementing the plan to your firm's best advantage, and then assist you in achieving that successful implementation if that is your preference.Utilize this show, and participation in the groups linked below, to find all the resources you need to help you achieve business growth and success.

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Virtual Trade Shows: The New Networking Forum for Small Business

Trade shows - you know what they are, a major element in business development and networking. Whether they be community events sponsored by the local chamber of commerce, or national events sponsored by an national professional/trade association; any business attempting to gain new customers is going to participate in some way.Some companies feel it's imperative to have a booth, others want to attend the educational seminars (or present at them), still others would rather 'make the rounds' and do extensive networking.One thing they all have in common is cost, including: booth rental, display development, staffing, travel costs such as hotel & airlines, and all the materials to distribute - frankly the list can be endless. And recent studies have shown - not necessarily productive enough to be worth all that time and expense, particularly in today's economy.So what options does a small business have? It turns out, more than you might think! Welcome to the world of VIRTUAL TRADE SHOWS. Our panel of industry experts, including: 6Connex CEO, Kevin Carbone; Unisfair VP of Channels, Brent Arslaner; and InXpo Executive VP/Co-founder, Rich Hawkinson will educate us on how virtual trade shows work, what they cost to host and/or participate in, how to maximize their benefit, who's doing it, and how your company can get involved. Learn how your small business can put this technology to work for your company!


25 Aug 2009

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Franchising & Social Media: Integrated To Improve The Bottom Line

You've heard the talk about them: Twitter, FaceBook, LinkedIN, MySpace, blogs and many other social media opportunities. Or maybe you've even participated yourself on a personal level. But have you thought about the benefit that these incredible tools can bring to you as a franchisor - and to your franchisees? Listen in as Franchising Expert, Paul Segreto of FranchisEssentials discusses the multitude of ways that the franchising community can embrace and utilize social media to increase bottom line profitability at all levels.

1hr 3mins

16 Jun 2009

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What are Investors Looking for in a Business Plan, and How Do I Find Them?

Does your company need investment capital to expand? Are you currently searching for investors? How do you know you're ready? What will it take to qualify. How do you find potential investors? Our panel of experts will walk you thru the process from A to Z to help you determine if outside investors are an option for your company. Our expert panel includes: Sheri Orlowitz, Principal at SLOCO Consulting Group; and David Bloom, Principal at Capital Idea Group;

1hr 3mins

28 Apr 2009

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What is Video Marketing and How Can it Help Grow My Business

In today's Web 2.0 marketplace small business owners are learning to take advantage of every new technology tool they can find to grow their business. One of the least understood tools is Video Marketing. In this episode, our panel of experts will explain how you can utilize Video marketing to grow your business, and how you can achieve this extremely cost-effectively. If you're seeking new ways to market your business in the Web 2.0 environment, this is the show for you. Our panel of experts includes: Tim Tevlin, President of Local Business Videos Online; Greg George, Founder of iVideo Makers; and Bob Sullivan, Development Director of Think Creative Media Works.

1hr 9mins

21 Apr 2009

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Mobile Marketing - What is it and can it help you grow your business?

Advertising on cell phones - is it really possible? And can it be done in such a way to benefit your business? How does it work? And will customers really react positively to it? Explore the latest method of targeting your best customers right when they're ready to buy, and learn how your business can benefit. Our panel of experts will tell you how its done! Our panel includes: Kim Dushinski, President/Founder of Mobile Marketing Profits and Author of 'The Mobile Marketing Handbook'; Kim Graham Lee, CEO of Vontoo; Matt Silk, Sr. VP of Waterfall Mobile; and Michael Becker, Co-founder/VP Mobile Strategies of iLoop Mobile, Inc. and co-author of 'Mobile Internet for Dummies' and 'Web Marketing All-in-One for Dummies'

1hr 4mins

14 Apr 2009

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Using Public Relations to Grow Your Business

What exactly is Public Relations and how can it be used to grow your business? Can you do it yourself or do you need to hire a firm to do it for you? Learn the tips and tricks to using PR to grow your business. Our expert panel includes: Gail Kent, Managing Director at The Buzz Factory; Jennifer Fortney, President at Cascade Communications and Publisher of SmallBizPRMadeEasy.com; and Melissa Cassera, President at Cassera Communications.

1hr 24mins

7 Apr 2009

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The Legal Aspects of Starting a Business - How to Prevent Pain & Expense in the Future

So you're starting a new business and you can't wait to get started - but have you covered yourself legally? Do you know the differences between a corporation, a partnership, or a sole proprietorship? Which one gives you the best advantages? Which one will best protect you and the business down the road? Which one can save you from over-paying your taxes? If you can't answer these questions on your own - and be absolutely certain of the answers, then this episode of Strategic Growth Concepts for Small Business is for you! Our expert will provide this information and more to help you make these decisions, and prevent losses down the road. Our panel includes: Rebecca Turner, an attorney with Maddin, Hauser, Wartell, Roth & Heller, P.C.; Bernie O'Meara, Partner with Principal Financial Services; and James Voigt, an attorney with Lavelle Law Ltd.

1hr 6mins

24 Mar 2009

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The Basics of Social Media - How to Use it to Grow Your Business

Are you new to the idea of social media? Does the thought of putting your name, your personal information, and your company information out in cyberspace make your heart start to beat faster and your brain to shut down? If so, this episode of Strategic Growth Concepts for Small Business is the one for you. In this episode we'll explore the topic of social media: what it is, how to use it, how much risk is it really, and how it can benefit your business. If you're seeking new ways to promote your company - on a budget - then this is the show for you! Our panel members include: LJ Jones of Studeo, a social media strategist and featured blogger on Social Media Today; Derek Mehraban, CEO of Ingenex Digital Media, a blogger at The Digital Bus and instructor at Michigan State University; and Kevin Green, Director of Social Media Marketing at Digital Influence Group.


17 Mar 2009

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Franchising - What is it, and is it right for you?

For those that are intersted in owning their own business, but not necessarily ready to do it on their own, Franchising is an excellent alternative. In this episode our panel of franchising experts will explore the concept of franchising, how it works, who should participate, and how to be successful at it. Join us to see if franchising is right for you!Our Expert guests will be:Paul Segreto, CEO of franchisEssentials and 21st Century Franchise Coach; Jackie Adams, President of JA Adams & Associates, dba FranChoice; Dave Keegan, Franchise Operations Specialist Associate, Strategic Growth Concepts


10 Mar 2009

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