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Can Financial Engineering Cure Cancer, Solve the Energy Crisis, and Stop Global Warming?

Lessons from the financial crisis could lead to solutions far afield of financial markets. Andrew Lo will provide an overview of the crisis, describe the role mathematics played, and suggest how a deeper understanding of human nature may allow us to focus the power of global financial markets on key societal challenges.

14 Jul 2011

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Conflict to Sustainable Development: The Complexities of a Way Forward in Afghanistan

Afghanistan is etched in most peoples’ minds as a country fraught with corruption, oppressive insecurity, devastating poverty, and inept governance. But Afghans want change, and positive change in this complex environment is under way. SFI Diplomat in Residence William Frej discusses new approaches to countering the ongoing insurgency in Afghanistan and explains how the science of complexity can help policy makers choose a new way forward. For more, watch Frej's online video interview at www.santafe.edu.

1hr 1min

10 Mar 2011

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