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Resources discussed:Codependent No More by Melody BeattieMarshall Burtcher on Instagram. @healingcodependencyandtrauma


1 Apr 2020

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Re-Parenting Yourself

What is re-parenting and how do we do it?


29 Aug 2019

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Jasmine and Mo go beyond just talking about the history of Juneteenth. They discuss how slavery still exists today, how to talk to your kids about Juneteenth, and the resiliency of Black folks.


20 Jun 2019

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more info can be found at www.cwsworkshop.org/PARCsiteB/dr-culture.html


15 Feb 2019

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Either/Or Thinking

Lots of baby sounds in this episode. It was bring your kid to work day. In this episode we define what either/or thinking is, how it is related to anti-black racism, capitalism, and the patriarchy, and we discuss how we try and avoid it in our personal lives as well as in our parenting.


5 Aug 2019

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Fear of Conflict

In this episode, we discuss why having fear of conflict, especially public conflict, is a tool of white supremacy. This episode is a continuation of our series about the characteristics and habits of white supremacy culture.We dabble in a little bit of ASMR in this episode…


27 Jun 2019

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Right to Comfort

Jasmine and Mo continue the series on the characteristics of white supremacy culture. We discuss how those with power often put their right to comfort above all else. We encourage listeners to dig deeper in their analysis around their different identities—whether or not those identities give you privilege or not. Growth happens in discomfort. Don’t be mad at the ones who are teaching you. Talk to your kids about the real impact of anti-black racism. They can handle it.Become a subscriber


23 Oct 2019

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Kitchen Table Talk: Mental Health

CW: this episode contains multiple mentions of suicide, sexual assault, transphobia, and homophobia.


15 Aug 2019

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Tasha Sowels Interview

Pay Black women for their work and emotional labor. https://www.paypal.com/paypalme2/LatashaPortley


7 Nov 2019

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Tune in to hear Jasmine and Mo answer questions from listeners. We answer questions about how to have constructive and meaningful conversations with folks you want to see making different parenting choice, what it’s like to be cut off from biological family, and gendering (or ungendering) our kids (what even is gender??) If you have questions you would like to hear answered on the podcast, email me at contact@parentingispolitical.org or DM me on Instagram @parentingispolitical


2 Oct 2019

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Quantity Over Quality



22 Aug 2019

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The 'Rona

Jasmine and Mo discuss how to practice community care during the COVID-19 pandemic. Also discussed: how to talk to your kids about the pandemic.


16 Mar 2020

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Danielle Slaughter of Mamademics

Follow Danielle hereBlog: www.mamademics.com Facebook: www.facebook.com/mamademics Twitter: www.twitter.com/mamademics Instagram: www. instagram.com/mamademics Classes: www.bitly.com/mamademicsacademy


4 Jul 2019

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Syard Evans on Childless Parenting

Syard and I sit down to talk about childless parenting, how one defines family, and the harms of white supremacy.Follow Syard on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/syard


18 Jul 2019

Rank #14

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Happy Birthday PIP!

A year in review and a preview of what's to come


24 Aug 2019

Rank #15