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Join us as we discuss all the things you can do to make your product's users more successful and happy.

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Special Announcement And Getting Started With UX

Samuel and Robert discuss an important announcement and detail how best to start with UX.


15 Oct 2014

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Dos or Don'ts For Explainer Videos with Lee LeFever


1 Oct 2014

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UX and Security by Listener Request

Samuel and Robert discuss a variety of topics about UX and Security. Cartoon dogs & the unique speech patterns thereof This episode is a dance that Robert leads A tale of Two-Factor (Auth) Robert has a dandruff problem Samuel makes you money MailChimp seems to live their values Super smooth segue™ A porch, cold ones, the sunset, and Passwords The ultimate password: pizza, pizza, praying hands, crying, throw a chair Tell us your password rules! Samuel puts himself on The Hot Seat™ Public information makes for bad security questions Robert's wife hacked the cops! Samuel has a funny story Robert knows all about living a lie Saying your crappy password out loud Nightmare birth city names Timing you out like a human Robert uses Seinfeld as a human shield Let people in for non-critical tasks! https://alteregoapp.com/discount http://xkcd.com/327/ http://xkcd.com/936/ http://shoptalkshow.com/episodes/special-one-one-hacker/


25 Sep 2014

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9 Dos or Don'ts For Knowledge Centers

Samuel and Robert talk Knowledge Center tips with our inaugural guest, Jeff Vincent. Notes Samuel regrets to inform you we are back. Jeff Vincent, Head of Customer Success at Wistia, joins us. 5 Star Review! Thanks! Jeff defines Knowledge Centering Tips arrive. Robert nails it. Battleships are sunk. How can you force people to look at your documentation? Apparently, we like search. Jeff delivers a killer way to unlock customer language. Samuel asks Jeff all the questions. Samuel sinks a Battleship. Learning Centers are not Knowledge Centers Non-controversial Controversy is Instigated Rage quit your computer Intense Disagreement, Strife, No Documentation Documentation as Marketing? Wistia is awesome. Resources of the Week: Thinking with Type Your Brain At Work Teach the support team to fish Mindful Asana What is a whip-around?


17 Sep 2014

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10 Dos or Don'ts for A/B Testing and UX

Samuel and Robert share tips about how best to use A/B tests for UX. Play-by-Play Samuel cares about Robert, but Robert is all business Other people care about us too! Crushing SERP Dopplegangers vs Living in their shadow Do we endeavor to make podcast history? (Spoiler: We don't) Announcing the topic! The pronunciation of bouillabaisse Pranks for digital natives The difference between A/B testing, split testing, and multivariate testing More bouillabaisse breakdown A radical shift to the episode format? What defines a significant split test? Samuel cautions against boiling the A/B ocean How you can align A/B testing with your users' success Things that are like jazz (e.g. this podcast) The ins & outs of hypotheses On the segmenting & cohort-ing of test subjects Robert Graham: The People's Champion Samuel gets controversial with a "controversial do" A brief history of the hill climbing metaphor & local maxima Out comes The Hot Seat™!! Hilbert: A star is born Robert advises not to throw the baby out with the bathwater Samuel questions whether the bathwater even needs to be thrown out in the first place On measuring and inspiration and the relation thereof Radical format change: The Tomb of the Unknown Tip! User Onboarding: the perfect place for A/B suckers Samuel gets his science tips from children's television Links http://mcfunley.com/design-for-continuous-experimentation https://medium.com/designing-for-results/in-defense-of-the-humble-local-maximum-2e53e61301df https://medium.com/designing-for-results/dont-blame-the-tool-aadbe3465dc4 http://engineering.indeed.com/blog/2013/05/indeedeng-data-driven-product-design-slides-video/ PBS, Dinosaurs, and a Hypothesis -- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r0CGhy6cNJE


10 Sep 2014

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9 Dos or Don'ts For Successful Live Chat

##Samuel and Robert trot out their best ideas to make the most of live chat on your site.


3 Sep 2014

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8 Dos or Don'ts For Lifecycle Emails

Samuel and Robert put lifecycle emails on the hot seat. Ever want to combine advanced UX chatter with advanced football analysis? This is your episode.


27 Aug 2014

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Our Favorite Design Books...Mostly

Samuel and Robert chat about the design and the not-so design books that influenced them the most. We know we've missed getting an episode out on time the last couple weeks and we apologize. We went to great lengths to avoid it, but above all we want to offer you guys a quality listen.


20 Aug 2014

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Our 10 Favorite Cognitive Biases

Samuel and Robert reveal their ten favorite cognitive biases and how they can be leveraged with product design. Notes The Drunken User Casino Games and Cognitive Biases Semmelweis's story is tremendously sadder than we thought. Read at your peril.

1hr 16mins

29 Jul 2014

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10 Dos or Don'ts For Successfully Planning A New Feature

Samuel and Robert share their best tips for planning a new feature. Notes Thanks, Mr. Mavis. Vinny Testaverde played some football or something. Backcasting is key to planning. Extra Credits on the create contribution of a player to a video game. Fake Doors and quantitative approaches to feature demand. Ignite - Lean Startup - Polyvore Minion Rush was an example of a not so great startup experience (Android). World of Tanks was an example of a great tutorial and onboarding experience (iPad).


23 Jul 2014

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