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Tannis Island

In this podiobook: Debra Karin Hillgrave is faced with a dilemma; she has first hand experienced an epic discovery, and one greater than any other in mans history, but something has gone very wrong. The world of man is now in grave danger. Debra is not a skilled writer, and she knows it, but she must tell her story to the world. Her tale is hap-hazard, and confusing at first, but she knows this story may save the world from destruction, or possibly it will guarantee it. Debra must reveal everything in her own words, as she remembers the events, her own mistakes, and those of her father. The tale leads them to many parts of the world, and many long lost places. The Discovery of a place and a people man has not seen in over ten thousand years is only the beginning of the disaster that awaits mankind. Debra's plight becomes a race against time, and a fight against not only this lost civilization, but also against man himself. In the end, a choice must be made... live together in peace with them, or choose which race will die in war?

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Chapter 3 - Tannis Island

-In this episode: The excavation in the Sudan begins, but feelings of concern are felt, âIs this the right place?â Feelings of love, and feelings of fear, but a discovery is made 300 feet below the sand. The ancient temple built by unknown hands, the mummy and the a


3 Feb 2006

Rank #1

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Chapter 4 - Tannis Island

-In this episode: Forced to return home without evidence, Debra and her father loose faith in ever learning the truth. Suffering at the hands of our own greed. The package from the Sudan hotel and the finding of the amulet resumes the search for truth. A map on the ce

1hr 3mins

4 Feb 2006

Rank #2

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Chapter 6 - Tannis Island

-In this episode: The unknown form and the realization of the mistakes they have made sends fear though the hearts of them all, but an act of mutiny sets a coarse for disaster. Some plans are just meant to fail. The storm and the days spent adrift at sea teach many le


6 Feb 2006

Rank #3

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Chapter 5 - Tannis Island

-In this episode: The passage is opened, but where does it lead? A landmass exists where no land should be. Debraâs father and others go ashore to a place no man has ever been, or seen? Many mistakes are made and a grave error seals the fate of the future. Revelation


5 Feb 2006

Rank #4

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Chapter 8 - Tannis Island

-In this episode: At What Cost -- Sorrow and pain, the loss of close friends, Debraâs lament for her actions and the mistakes they have made, the conspiracy of dangerous men. Run, Debra, Run!


8 Feb 2006

Rank #5