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-A student-led press rights organization advocating against the practice of prior review and restraint in Texas schools.-In this podcast, we will post our interviews with our guests speakers!!!

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Introducing to Amplify a New Voices of Texas podcast

In this episode, we go through what Amplify a New Voices of Texas podcast is about in more depth and provide further information. In addition, we'll introduce our officers and advisor! Jessica Gil | Regional Organizer & Podcast Editor (East TX: 4-8) | jessica.6il1578@gmail.com | Connect with me @jessica.gil3 on Instagram, Carey Beth Wooley | Legislative Officer | cbjanewooley@gmail.com , Catharine Li | Communications Officer | catharinexli@gmail.com | Connect with me @catharinexli on Twitter, Keana Saberi | Education Officer | ksaberi2019@gmail.com | Connect with me @keanasaberi on Twitter, MaKalie Farmer | Club Development & Regional Organizer (West TX: 14-19) | mkbeals@icloud.com , Amoli Agarwal | Regional Organizer (Central and South TX: 1, 2, 3, 12, 13, and 20) | amoli1agarwal@gmail.com , Kate Knauff | Regional Organizer (North TX: 9-11) | kateknauff@gmail.com , David Doerr | Adviser | doerr.david@gmail.com Thank you very much for taking the time to listen and for your ongoing support. Stay tuned for new episodes!!! New Voices of Texas Website https://newvoicestx.com/leadership/ New Voices of Texas Instagram @newvoicestx New Voices of Texas Twitterer @VoicesTexas New Voices Texas Email Sign-up Form 


12 Aug 2021

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