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Virtual Fitness Wii FAB (For Absolute Beginners)

Virtual Fitness Wii FAB (For Absolute Beginners) describes step by step how you can use your Wii for fun AND fitness. Virtual Fitness Wii FAB professionals are needed. Are you willing to lead?

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Video gaming for exergamers: What you need to know

Featured guest: Ray BoldenGreetings!What do you know about the video gaming world? Do you wonder what game your child is playing? Do you feel clueless about the video gaming world? You're not alone. Many of us judged video gaming as bad without ever really knowing why. Ray has been a gamer for a number of years. We met when I was running an summer camp circa 2008. In my ignorance and arrogance, I was trying to open up more songs. My friend brought her son over, (Ray) and he opened up DanceDanceRevolution Hottest Party for the Wii for mii! He did it quickly, effortlessly and with amazing rhythm and grace. We could only hope to be as good some day.DanceDanceRevolution is the gold standard of exergames. It also happens to be a game changer for the fitness industry, if we have anything to do with it. You heard it here first...Tune in. Hopefully you will learn something. Questions? Contact Wii Fitness Examiner on Facebook!Respect to all gamers!Penda, Goddess of Virtual Fitness Wii FAB (VFF)Penda and daughters DDR


11 Jul 2018

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2016 update for Virtual Fitness Wii FAB (For Absolute Beginners)

Call me crazy, and you wouldn't be alone, but I've been at this Wii exergaming business since 2007. That's, well, I have to go get my calculater, but that's a long time. Yes, the Wii U is out and yes, no one is talking about the Wii console, and yes, I know you have one that is sadly collecting dust. Why else would you be tuning into this show? PendaGoddess turned 60 years old and is still flying high and kicking butt. Virtual Fitness Wii FAB, a comprehensive program of Wii exergaming, is still evolving and refining techniques and training curricula.I'm going to talk about some new games I purchased recently. Tune in to find out which ones or I guess you can just look at the slide show. If this is your first time listening in, welcome. This show is geared to group fitness professionals and is an ongoing effort to inform and recruit fitness instructors to train in Wii exergaming.Make money training Wii exergaming teams! Yay!


21 Jan 2016

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Wii Balance Board on the blink and what I have to do next

Greetings!If you've been following the saga of the Wii Balance Board then you will want to tune in to this segment. I actually speak to a Nintendo Customer Service representatitive.And I sneeze; I need to learn how to edit a show for real...Questions asked and answeredDoes Nintendo repair Balance Boards?How much does it cost?What's the process?What did I miss when I was troubleshooting the Balance Board?What happens if your Balance Board cannot be repaired?How to spell my name and my email address.Even though I'm disappointed that my Balance Board has to be repaired, I'm okay with packaging the Balance Board and sending it in. Will, of course, keep you posted.In case you are wondering, I purchased the Wii Fit Plus Balance Board accessory package at Burlington Coat Factory. Less than $20!Connect with me:@pendagoddessWii Fitness Examiner on Facebook


16 Dec 2014

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Wii Fit Plus - Troubleshooting Balance Board

Since yesterday, I have been unable to get my Balance Board working correctly. Have you ever tried to weigh yourself and kept getting an error code telling you to just stand still? I kept getting these messages as I tried to weigh myself. This short segment describes how I tried to correct the problem and didn't succeed. Yet, I still managed to get my workout done yesterday and today with a malfunctioning Balance Board.This show includes:steps to troubleshoot your Balance Boardsuggestions for workouts with Wii Fit Plus even when your Balance Board is not working properly.In the podcast I mention that I will include several links:Virtual Fitness Wii FAB steppingVirtual Fitness Wii FAB runningVirtual Fitness Wii FAB hula hoopDon't judge me. I'm not a professional videographer; I'm sure you get the point of the exercise though. Go ahead and try these techniques and let me know how they work for you. My dream is to get a group of us together with Balance Boards and have a little fun!Visit my FaceBook page Wii Fitness Examiner for more tips and to connect with mii. Thanks!Contact mii at: rainacasarez@gmail.com


10 Dec 2014

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Wii exergaming for Federal employees play day

Greetings!Recently I was asked to provide interactive entertainment for a Destress Recess day. A range of activities offered included massages, a movie theater to watch old sitcoms while eating popcorn,  a golfing instruction station, a room to play board games and more.Because Virtual Fitness Wii FAB is not widely known, I took this opportunity to educate the participants about Wii exergaming protocol, techniques and becoming a professional WEE.Tune it to hear how I planned, practiced and prepared for the event. I'd love to hear your feedback!WEE on my way out the door


7 Aug 2014

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Review: Teach Math with the Wii

Greetings all!Hope you have gotten your Wii on today. I sure have. I wanted to share a review I wrote on a book I received: Teach Math with the Wii. There is so little educational Wii literature that this book is a welcome addition.The authors love technology and they wish to engage students in the math classroom at the highest level. How to get a greater buy-in? Why, bring the Wii into the classroom, of course.Imagine the students response when they see a Wii in the classroom!What about you? Do you play the Wii seriously and professionally? Please, we'd love to share your story. Contact Raina at wiifitnessexaminer@gmail.com. Let's schedule an interview on BlogTalk Radio. For more Wii Exergaming Expert information please click on the links belowNational Wii Fitness ExaminerWii Fitness Examiner Facebook@Penda on Twitter


22 Jul 2014

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Join Wii Exergaming book club

We're going to start a Wii Exergaming book club exergamers. Are you ready? It's not every day that I find a book dedicated to using the Wii with innovative programming. Similar to Virtual Fitness Wii FAB which was developed by a professional fitness instructor, (yours truly),  this book is written by a mathematician and educators. Meghan Hearn, to quote the back cover briefly is "a mathematics educator and specialist" and Matthew C. Winner a teacher librarian, former elemetary educator holding a BS in elementary education and MS in school library media. Disclaimer: I did request and receive a Not for Sale/Preview Copy Uncorrected Sample copy of the book in the mail. The book is available in a number of formats on Amazon.com. Please order through the Wii Fitness Supply Store .Links mentioned in broadcast:Khan AcademyisteMusic by JaBig can be found on YouTubeFollow mii onFacebook - Wii Fitness ExaminerExaminer.com - National Wii Fitness ExaminerTwitter - @pendagoddessSupport WEE's everywhere!


16 Apr 2014

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Update on the business of Wii Exergaming

Greetings! The Wii is the best tool that is underused around the world. Listen in and perhaps you will be inspired to dust off your Wii and get playing again, seriously. Some topics we'll chat about today include:Wii Exergaming ExpertWiihabilitationSeniors and Wii exergamingWii Exergaming teams;You can always talk exergaming with us:Facebook: Wii Fitness ExaminerTwitter: @pendagoddessExaminer.com: Raina Casarez, National Wii Fitness Examiner


8 Apr 2014

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Virtual Fitness Wii FAB feat Wii Fit Plus

Greetings, Everyone! Today's show will be a presentation of sorts. Penda, Goddess of Virtual Fitness Wii FAB (For Absolute Beginners) will be taking you on a tour of her Wii charts and workouts for Wii Fit Plus. Wii Fit Plus highlights include:Lotus Focus (uses Balance Board)Penda's Calendar statisticsMy Routine Leaderboards revealing Penda's most played games to least played Yeah, over here, we take playing Wii seriously!Join the Virtual Fitness Wii FAB community. We'd love to hear from you. Facebook: Wii Fitness ExaminerTwitter: @PendaGoddess Examiner.com: National Wii Fitness ExaminerWebsite: MindBody Group Fitness Artsemail: raina [at] mindbodyfitness [dot] ws


10 Nov 2013

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Review: Zumba Fitness out the box

Zumba Fitness for Wii is an effective workout and definitely will be added to the lineup of games for Virtual Fitness Wii FAB.  Join Penda, Goddess of Virtual Fitness Wii FAB (For Absolute Beginners) as she rants about how fun this game is and gives you tips and tricks so you can get your groove on!Rating: 5 stars!


28 Dec 2011

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