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#michED Podcast 10: Striking a Balance

Does Twitter matter for education? Should it count for professional development? Have we become TOO connected? Listen in as several Michigan educators give their testimony on the impact that the social network, which gave rise to this community, has had. http://miched.net/wp-content/uploads/2015/01/010-Striking-a-Balance.m4a Download podcast to your device: 010 Striking a Balance Connect with Theresa Stager @PrincipalStager and see her work at principalstager.com Connect with Todd Bloch @blocht574 and see his work at sweattoinspire.com Connect with Ben Curran @EngagingEd and see his work at engagingeducators.com Connect with John Bernia @MrBernia and see his work at mrbernia.com Connect with Ben Rimes @techsavvyed and see his work at techsavvyed.net Brad Wilson on Twitter: @dreambition MichEd on Twitter: @MichEdChat CC Music from Jamendo: Doubs by Hasenchat Waiting by Kristian Vuljar Spheres by Robbero Submit an idea for the show!

4 Jan 2015

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#michED Podcast 9: Origins

In which Ben Rimes (accompanied by some beats) takes us on a journey that explains why #michED exists. http://miched.net/wp-content/uploads/2014/09/009-Origins.m4a Download podcast to your device: 009 Origins Connect with Ben Rimes @techsavvyed and view his work at techsavvyed.net Brad Wilson on Twitter: @dreambition MichEd on Twitter: @MichEdChat CC Music from DJ Vadim: Game Tight CC Music from ccMixter: I Want to Love You by Robbero Submit an idea for the show!

2 Sep 2014

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#MichED Podcast 8: PD By The People

Unconference? On a Saturday?? Dive into the movement that is Edcamp and hear how this disruption is changing professional learning for teachers in Michigan. http://miched.net/wp-content/uploads/2014/04/PD-By-The-People.m4a Download podcast to your device: 008 PD By The People Subscribe in iTunes!  #MichED Month links: What’s great about education in Michigan? What’s a memorable moment from this school year? Record your stories for the show! Share your class or school projects and celebrations…submit a YouTube link for the #MichED Video Challenge! Show Notes: edcamp.wikispaces.com Edcamp Foundation: edcamp.org  Edcamp Radio on the BAM Radio Network Edcamp video 1 (from True Life Media) Edcamp video 2 (from Bill Selak) Michigan Edcamps who have websites: Edcamp Detroit Edcamp Bluewater (Port Huron) Edcamp Grand Rapids Edcamp Northern Michigan (Traverse City) Edcamp OAISD (Holland) Edcamp Greater Lansing Some photos/videos from Brad’s Edcamp experiences People from the Show: Stacey Schuh: Blog or @sschuhtech Nick Provenzano: Blog or @thenerdyteacher Kelly Moore:  Blog or @KellyMooreTK Walt Fitzpatrick: @GPTrombley Kristen Swanson: Blog or @kristenswanson Andrew Steinman: Blog or @steinman Michelle Gaydash: @michellegaydash Ryan Horne: Blog or @ryanhorne0076 Steve Chisnell: @schisnell Eureka McCormick: @4thgrdteacher Bill Martin: @bill_m_4 Carol Tinney: @k12edtech Jason Sproule: @jlsproule Brad Wilson on Twitter: @dreambition MichEd on Twitter: @MichEdChat CC Music from ccMixter: Drops of H20 by djlang59, I dunno by Grapes, Urbana Metronica by jlbrock44 CC Music from AudioFarm: Escape to Wonder by Dealazer, Farewell by naturalbody Submit an idea for the show!

24 Apr 2014

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#MichED Podcast 7: Voices from the Community

The Power of the PLN in Your Own Backyard- Featuring the #MichED Panel at the 2014 MACUL Conference. http://miched.net/wp-content/uploads/2014/03/007-Voices-from-the-Community.m4a Download podcast to your device: 007 Voices from the Community Subscribe in iTunes! Show Notes: The very first #michED panel conversation was held at the 2014 MACUL Annual Conference in Grand Rapids, MI on Thursday, March 13th. Moderated by Ben Rimes (@techsavvyed), the panel was comprised of Jeff Bush (@BushJMS), Rebecca Wildman (@RebeccaWildman), Todd Bloch (@blocht574), Tara Maynard (@tmaynard5), Brad Wilson (@dreambition), and Erin Mastin (@erinmastin). MichEd on Twitter: @MichEdChat CC Music from Blues Agent & Pitx on CC Mixter Submit your ideas to participate in the podcast!

17 Mar 2014

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#MichED Podcast 6: Creating, Doing, Making

Exploring the world of Project-Based Learning and the Maker culture in three Michigan schools and beyond. http://miched.net/wp-content/uploads/2014/01/Creating-Doing-Making.m4a Download podcast to your device: 006 Creating, Doing Making Subscribe in iTunes! #MichED Chat 11/20/13: The Maker Movement in the Classroom Show Notes: Heritage Elementary (Stockbridge Public Schools): Exploratory Academy on Facebook Dreambition’s blog reflection from the visit. Photos from Brad’s visit! Click to view slideshow. Birmingham Covington School (Birmingham Public Schools): Roy McCloud’s Engage Class On Twitter: @RoyBPS Photos from Brad’s visit!Click to view slideshow. EdCamp Novi: See Brad’s photos & videos of the MakerBot Dale Rogers on Twitter: @MisterRog Honey Creek Community School: www.honeycreekschool.org Bill VanLoo: www.billvanloo.com On Twitter: @billvanlooteach HYPE Maker Space: www.detroitpubliclibrary.org/hype Valerie Sobczak on Twitter: @valerieclaires First Robotics in Michigan Jacktown Vectors (featured at the State of the State!) Brad Wilson on Twitter: @dreambition MichEd on Twitter: @MichEdChat CC Music from oglsdl on AudioFarm Submit your ideas to participate in the podcast!

22 Jan 2014

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#MichED Podcast 5: Music and Mentoring

Dive into the world of music teacher Joe Vercellino, who is using hip-hop to change lives both in and out of the classroom. http://miched.net/wp-content/uploads/2013/12/005-Music-and-Mentoring.m4a Download podcast to your device: 005 Music and Mentoring Subscribe in iTunes!  Submit your ideas to participate in the podcast! Show Notes: Joe Vercellino: On Twitter: @JoeVercellino YouTube Channel Teaching in Detroit blog Beasts of the Beat: Click to watch! Click for iTunes link! Dropbox link: Download “Bully” .mp3, lyrics and album artwork. Brad Wilson on Twitter: @dreambition MichEd on Twitter: @MichEdChat Most of the music featured in this episode is from Joe’s classroom or from Beasts of the Beat. Other CC Music included: AudioFarm Drum Beats by Tim Russell Sinema Beats

1 Dec 2013

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#MichED Podcast 4: Gameful Learning

Elementary teacher Tim Saunders describes his classroom experiences using a gameful and playful approach to teaching and learning in 4th grade. http://miched.net/wp-content/uploads/2013/09/004-Gameful-Learning.m4a Download podcast to your device: 004 Gameful Learning Subscribe on iTunes! Submit your ideas to participate in the podcast! Show Notes: Tim Saunders Twitter: @TimSaunders41 Coalition for Gameful Learning Gameful Pedagogy wiki: University of Michigan- Flint: Educational Technology Masters program  “School as a puzzle” was inspired by the work of Jeff Kupermann, Ph.D. Brad Wilson on Twitter: @dreambition CC Music: Purple Planet Robotik Incompetech (Kevin MacLeod) Theme for Harold MichEd on Twitter: @MichEdChat

7 Sep 2013

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#MichEd Podcast 3: Changes

High School teacher David Theune talks with four of his students about the changes he made to his classroom and, more importantly, how those changes affected their learning.[audio http://miched.net/wp-content/uploads/2013/06/Miched-Podcast-003-Changes.m4a]Download podcast to your device: Miched Podcast 003 Changes Subscribe on iTunes! Submit your ideas to participate in the podcast! Show Notes: David Theune Spring Lake Public Schools, 10-year teacher of English/Language Arts and Drama Twitter: @DavidTheune Blog: www.educationaltransformer.blogspot.com Email: dtheune [at] springlakeschools.org Link to YouTube Playlists: David Theune’s Class Playlists Shelby K I am going to be a 2014 graduate at Spring Lake High School and am eagerly awaiting the path of endless opportunity that lies ahead. My interests include writing, reading, being outside, and making other people smile. Wherever my life may lead the only thing I want to find in a career is passion. My inspiration for everything I do is fueled by people not afraid to make mistakes whose adrenaline rushing through their veins is simply derived from their enthusiasm for the potential of life. My all time favorite quote is from Maya Angelou, “I’ve learned people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” Poem: Shelby’s Poem Elena W I am going into my senior year of high school. I’m a ballerina, a band geek, and I plan on studying marine biology or pre-med. Personal Narrative- Elena’s Digital Personal Narrative Collin R I am attending Spring Lake High School and will be a Senior in the fall and will graduate in 2014. I am looking at going to Michigan State University and studying some sort of physical sciences such as Chemistry or Physics or maybe even Astronomy. Essay: Collin’s Descriptive Essay Mirela K I am going to be a senior at Spring Lake. This year has been life changing for me. I have really stepped out of my comfort zone and done things I would have never done before. In the future, I would like to be a prosecuting attorney and I would also like to give the Air Force 6 to 8 years. After that, I would live to settle down in Ireland. I have big dreams but I am so excited for the future. Personal Narrative: Mirela’s Digital Personal Narrative Brad Wilson on Twitter: @dreambition CC Music: Audionautix.com Definitely Not My Kind of Snake Audiofarm.org Essence 2 MichEd on Twitter: @MichEdChat

26 Jun 2013

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#MichEd Podcast 2: Designing Learning Spaces

In this episode we explore how the design of classrooms and schools can impact student learning. Brad interviews educators, students and an architect to dig deeper into ways that schools can make a space more engaging. Listen below on the site or through SoundCloud. [audio http://miched.net/wp-content/uploads/2013/03/002-Designing-Learning-Spaces.m4a] Download podcast to your device: 002 Designing Learning Spaces Subscribe on iTunes! Show Notes: MichEd on Twitter: @MichEdChat Brad Wilson on Twitter: @dreambition Terrie Morrow: YouTube Channel Stephen Heppell’s website Kit Hard: Website Idea Paint Derk Oosting: Blog On Twitter: @doosting Jodi Sikma’s classroom tour On Twitter: @jsikma James Seaman: Fielding Nair International ————– Brad’s Classroom Design Inspiration pins Brad’s Classroom Makeover Follow the #EdDesign hashtag on Twitter 21innovate.com CC Music: Purple Planet Rise and Shine Simon Says Macroform I’m Still Here Shopping Season Abscondo Instrumental Instrumental #2 by Neal Schmitt Instrumental #2


18 Mar 2013

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#MichEd Podcast 1: Student Views of School

For our first episode we interview students and ask them how they feel about school…What makes learning fun? What do good teachers do? What is their dream school like? [audio http://miched.net/wp-content/uploads/2013/01/001-Student-Views-of-School.m4a] Download podcast to your device: 001 Student Views of School To listen on your mobile devices, make sure you have iTunes U installed: Then subscribe to the show! We are part of MI Learning: Collections. (tell people to simply search for #MichEd) SHOW NOTES: MichEd on Twitter: @MichEdChat Craig Steenstra on Twitter: @csteenst Brad Wilson on Twitter: @dreambition Brad’s reflection post from the Tech Showcase (including links to specific schools & projects) MACUL Student Technology Showcase: http://www.macul.org/otherevents/studenttechnologyshowcase/ Michigan Virtual High School http://www.mivhs.org/ Crossroads Middle School http://www.nvps.net/crossroads/ Kent Intermediate School District Jackson County ISD Ed Tech CC Music: Air by Mike Andrews (Craig’s segment) http://audiofarm.org/audiofiles/18535 Instrumental #2 by Neal Schmitt http://audiofarm.org/audiofiles/4583 Flow by Mike Andrews http://audiofarm.org/audiofiles/3991 80s Flick by Neal Schmitt http://audiofarm.org/audiofiles/2362 Sausage is Ready by Macroform http://opsound.org/artist/macroform/

17 Jan 2013

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