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I am back with a New Podcast!

Hey all! I am back with a brand new Podcast that I hope you will love! Click here for the iTunes link https://itunes.apple.com/ca/podcast/grey-matters-with-steve-dotto/id1445594874 This podcast is very important to me! So many of us need to understand the social media and online space better, in order to remain relevant, open the doors to new opportunities and make a difference. Have a listen, and I hop you get excited about it as well! Steve


13 Dec 2018

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Dotto Tech App Wednesday 2.9

A fun yet productive episode of Dotto Tech's App Wednesday


20 Dec 2015

Rank #2

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Dotto Tech App Wednesday 2.8

Another eventful App Wednesday, our first Dotto's Angels with all female guests. Dotto Tech's very own Jen Butler was on the panel along with, The LinkedIn Expert, Viveka Von Rosen, and our defending champ Tarah Ferguson.

1hr 8mins

30 Oct 2015

Rank #3

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Dotto Tech App Wednesday 2.7

Steve Dotto hosts another App Wednesday on Blab with guests Todd Maffin, Tara Ferguson and Jen Butler.

1hr 2mins

23 Oct 2015

Rank #4

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Dotto Tech App Wednesday 2.6

Erik Fisher, Jen Butler, David Hathaway and host, Steve Dotto share their most fun, useless, and sometimes productive apps for a head to head competition of the crowds favor!

1hr 4mins

19 Oct 2015

Rank #5

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App Wednesday 2.4 Gift Giving, 3D Scanning and Mamickry

John BiehlerViveka Von Rosen and the Chanp,Tarah FergusonJoin me for an hour of laughs and some cool apps.

1hr 8mins

17 Sep 2015

Rank #6

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App Wednesday 2.3

From September 10With:John BiehlerDavid hathawyaTarah Fergusonand a cameo bu Jen Butler


11 Sep 2015

Rank #7

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App Wednesday 2.2 Sept 2 2015

this week on App Wednesday John Bieler, tarah Ferguson and david Hathaway duke it out.....dating apps, even sone hardware is thrown into the mix!


3 Sep 2015

Rank #8

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App Wednesday 2.1

The return of App WednesdayWith : John BiehlerJen ButlerTod Maffinand Steve Dotto

1hr 3mins

27 Aug 2015

Rank #9

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Ask Dotto Detch #1

The premier of a new feature here on Dotto TechAsk Dotto TechGmail Inbox preview panesGoglePhotosback up to local hard DriveHow I create my screencasts?https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jHUJgHyixB8https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_TBazwfahYwSign up for my Free (Recorded) Screencasting Secrets Webinar.http://www.dottotech.com/screencasting-sectrets-webinar-opt-in-page/


1 Aug 2015

Rank #10